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Mobile CRM Infographic

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India is rapidly advancing in the technological space. With the growing population and increasing smartphone penetration, India is going mobile and digital. Smartphone and internet is not just for the rich and wealthy but more users are becoming informed by getting access of mobile internet. Out of the 1.25 billion people in India, there is huge internet penetration generating a 70% traffic from mobile alone.

This opens up a huge scope for mobile CRM for businesses in India. Why specifically for India? Because in India, businesses happen with a personal touch and not remotely over a webinar or a skype session. Face to face meetings, on site demos and negotiation form the heart of an Indian business and from a small vendor to a large scale enterprise, there will hardly be any deal which will be sealed over the phone. The touch and feel factor is still prevalent in industries.

When businesses are conducted in this model, the salesperson will be required to go often on a client visit to give a demonstration of the product, close the deal or negotiate. It is important hence, in such an environment, that he is constantly updated and enabled with proper tools to help him close the deal.

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Mobile CRM Infographic

  1. 1. 5% works Offline too to give account of opportunities, contacts, etc. A mobile application providing same functionalities as the CRM Equips the mobile sales force with the necessary tools anytime and anywhere Helps in entering in new entries with the aid ofan internetl broadband connection Provides access to critical customer information in real—time Why is it important to start using CR on the smart devices? More than 2 billion using Smartphones currently to run various applications. Almost around Number of Tablet users ((( 0) 2.5 billion using internet 1 connection on smart devices’ mark by the end 34% increase in lead generation through Twitter alone; Social media sites accessible anywhere and anytime on your smart devices. 500% rise in the number of Mobile CRM apps available for download in 2014 More than 74% mobile CRM users report satisfaction in the usage ow does Mobile CRM help? Increased sales and service effectiveness 0n—time delivery performance boosts - — Run reports with full analytics to make informed and better - - business decisions Access vital customer information and get records like email, number, feedback in case - - of any immediate requirement Make instant entries in the CRM about the lead details as soon as it is qualifies Fast yet constructive connection with prospective clients through swift usage ofthe social media - - on the device at any point, location, etc Monitoring made more comprehensive through anytime and anywhere access to CRM details Sales, Marketing, Customer Service teams better informed of every minute details regardless of - - whether they are working together physically or not www. sagesoftware. co. in About Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd With over 30 years of experience and 6 million customers worldwide, we know a thing or two about helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed. We're Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, a distributor of The Sage Group plc. Our offices are across India and we provide software for just about every industry. 0 13003000-1595 }x{ sales@sagesoftware. co. in SMS SAGE to 56767 Sources: emarketer, Gaitner