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Unleashing the Power of OpenAI GPT-3 in FME Data Integration Workflows

  1. Unleashing the Power of OpenAI GPT-3 in FME Data Integration
  2. Meet the Presenters Christian Berger Support Specialist, Customer Solutions Don Murray Co-Founder Dale Lutz Co-Founder
  3. Welcome to Livestorm! A few ways to engage with us during the webinar: Audio issues? Click this for 4 simple troubleshooting steps. *Weʼll also bring up a poll on your screen during the webinar.
  4. How to download slides 1. Hover over the slide deck in the webinar room 2. Click this button
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  6. Poll: How Much Has Affected Your Life?
  8. Source: Andrej Karpathy June 18, 2020 Tweet
  9. Source: Shubhro Saha Oct 31, 2022 Tweet
  10. Generative-AI technology can revolutionize workflows. FME makes it easy to apply the power of OpenAI GPT-3 AI to your data assets.
  11. FME® Enterprise Integration Platform FME Desktop Build & Run Data Workflows FME Server Automate Data Workflows FME Mobile Deliver the Power of FME to Mobile The only Enterprise Integration Solution with comprehensive support for Spatial Data Powering your dataflows on premises, in the cloud, and on mobile FME Cloud FME Server in the cloud
  12. Unrivaled Data Support Remember this! You will see why this is key for Open AI
  13. ● AI research and deployment company ● Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. ○ Third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. ○ OpenAIʼs API (available NOW) enables users to build next-gen apps with models like GPT-3, DALL-E, and more… New to APIʼs? Check out our Getting Started with APIʼs tutorial
  14. Image Generation API (DALL-E)
  15. Demo
  16. Text Generation ● Given a prompt, the model will return one or more predicted completions, and can also return the probabilities of alternative tokens at each position. ○ Model sets like GPT-3 (i.e. Davinci, Ada, etc.), Codex, and Content filter ● Examples include: ○ General: Q&A, TL;DR, Summarize for a 2nd Grader, Create Instructions, etc. ○ Technical: Text to Command line/REGEX, SQL Translate
  17. GPT Address Validation The Goal Validate Address Information using an OpenAI GPT Model to provide a complete dataset. The Obstacles Addresses can be written in numerous formats or have missing components making it hard to parse. The Solution Leverage the power of REST based AI services to cleanse incomplete data. The Result Complete datasets in the data format your team requires.
  18. Demo
  19. Open AI for Geocoding OpenAI isnʼt a dedicated geocoding service but it is fully capable and cost effective Can handle addresses with missing: - Postal code - City - State
  20. FME, OpenAI, and Salesforce
  21. Salesforce Lead Generation with AI The Goal Collect valuable intel about prospective customers. The Obstacles Itʼs time consuming, repetitive, and often neglected. The Solution Trigger a workspace that gathers valuable information whenever a new record is created via webhooks. The Result Stakeholders have all the necessary information to act on new leads in near real time.
  22. Demo
  23. Automated Lead Generation FME Server Automations enable real time workflows to be fully event driven from any business system that supports webhooks, or other triggers, like Salesforce Apex Triggers
  24. Interactive FME Demo
  25. To Participate ● This demo will email personalized thank you notes to all attendees who send the message “Opt in” in the chat. This is completely voluntary participation based on attendee interest. Note: by sending Opt in, you consent to your first name and company name being used in an OpenAI prompt to generate a personalized thank you.
  26. How it Works ● FME will connect to the Livestorm, our webinar platform, via the REST API ○ Livestorm returns list of attendees and chat history ○ FME is used to join attendees to their chat messages, if the message “opt in” is sent, generate an OpenAI thank you message ● Email the OpenAI generated thank you message to the email you signed up for the webinar with
  27. Demo
  28. Additional Use Cases ● Generate summaries for automated reporting, notifying key stakeholders, etc. ○ Automate predictive modelling, analytics and knowledge management ● Automate survey result classification from systems like Survey123 or Field Maps ● Quickly identify trends or parse unstructured data across your organization using an FME Server Workspace App Resource: OpenAI Examples
  29. Market Research
  30. Email Draft Creation
  31. Address Extraction
  32. Address Extraction
  33. Address Extraction
  34. Address Extraction
  35. Tips & Tricks Keep the temperature down Increase the number of tokens to use ($) Ask for an answer in a specific format ● Numeric characters only, two letter abbreviations, pipe delimited, etc. Always, always, always verify your results
  36. Tips & Tricks (continued) ● Decelerator will help you stay within rate limits ○ Potentially paid accounts do this too... ● Donʼt be afraid to use more than 1 API Key ○ Weʼve seen some hiccups when reusing the same one ● RE: Copyright of created images and text ○ OpenAI Terms of Use says: ○ OpenAI hereby assigns to you all its right, title and interest in and to Output
  37. Try it for Yourself! Download the OpenAICompletionsConnector and/or OpenAIImageGenerator from the FME Hub Sign up for an OpenAI account - free $18 credit Get your API Key(s) Resources for handling the response: ● Getting Started with JSON ● Transforming JSON using the JSONExtractor, JSONFlattener, and JSONFragmenter
  38. OpenAI Integration Made Easy FME can connect to over 450 systems natively and any system, like OpenAI, via an API. Automated no-code API to API workflows are also possible and easy to achieve.
  39. The Future of OpenAI & FME
  40. Regular Expressions
  41. Regular Expressions
  42. Quick Add: The Next Generation
  43. Quick Add: The Next Generation
  44. GPT-4 Speculation(*) Source: DataChazGPT Nov 22, 2022 Tweet
  45. Is Search Dead?
  46. Limited Only by Imagination
  47. FME connects you to all your data. OpenAI gives you new insights.
  48. FME and OpenAI - Unrivaled Potential
  49. Summary
  50. You can achieve more with your data using GPT-3 and FME... NOW
  51. Next Steps - Current User Download FME 2022.2 & the webinar workspaces Apply the workspaces to your own data to manage changes Upgrade Contact us. We would love to chat with you about anything data
  52. Next Steps - New To FME Free 90 minute workshop Contact us We would love to chat with you about anything data Learn to maximize data, minimize efforts with FME
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