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Maximizing Business Efficiency and Reducing Waste with Data Integration

  1. Maximizing Business Efficiency and Reducing Waste with Data Integration
  2. Meet the Presenters Jon Hawkins GIS Project Lead Waterford City and County Council Dale Lutz Co-Founder Safe Software
  3. Welcome to Livestorm! A few ways to engage with us during the webinar: Audio issues? Click this for 4 simple troubleshooting steps. *Weʼll also bring up a poll on your screen during the webinar.
  4. Agenda ● Introduction ● Jonʼs FME use case ○ Old way of improving things using FME ○ New way, to make genuine & sustained improvements to your organisation using FME ● Resources ● Q&A
  5. Time for a Poll…
  6. Years of solving data challenges 29+ 16,000+ Organizations trusting us worldwide Global partners delivering FME Services 190+ 128 Countries with FME customers Safe Software Company Profile Users active in FME Community 20,000+
  7. FME® Enterprise Integration Platform FME Desktop Build & Run Data Workflows FME Server Automate Data Workflows FME Mobile Deliver the Power of FME to Mobile The only Enterprise Integration Solution with comprehensive support for Spatial Data Powering your dataflows on premises, in the cloud, and on mobile FME Cloud FME Server in the cloud
  8. Unrivaled Data Support
  9. Jon Hawkins GIS Project Lead Waterford City and County Council, Ireland Over 20 years’ experience of implementing, managing, and utilising GIS in the public sector in both the UK and Ireland. Certified FME Professional since 2013. Recently completed a Masters in Business Administration (eMBA). Swimming in the sea helps me come up with new ways to use FME.
  10. Are your workspaces really delivering what your customers need?
  11. Could they be doing more to make your colleagues lives easier, and to deliver better services
  12. Agenda ● The old way of improving things using FME ● A new way, to make genuine and sustained improvements to your organisation using FME
  13. The old way
  14. Process improvement using FME
  15. Identify Customers and Specify Value Create Flow by eliminating waste Identify and map the Stream Respond to Customer Pull Pursue Perfection Maximising the Value using Lean Principles and Methods Continuous Improvement Cycle
  16. So what does this look like and what can it achieve
  17. Staff identified the value, together we mapped the entire process and identified areas that could be improved. We carried out a time and motion study on the areas identified to reveal the hidden workings and waste. Developed an FME Workspaces to remove waste, knowing exactly what was required and what could be done to help improve the entire process. Process lacking a standardised assessment format for producing final decisions, and more consistency required. Also, time being wasted on producing non-standard documentation. Planners Report 1 2 3
  18. Planners Report Site Visit
  19. Allocation of Applications and Monitoring
  20. Time and motion study
  21. 95+ mouse clicks 35 times opening and closing browser windows 4 to 6 minutes spent copying, pasting and reformatting text Under-utilisation of resources 50 seconds spent working around a problem that could be fixed Value-Add Analysis 3 Planners: • 3 ways of working • 3 templates • 3 sets of wording
  22. Before and After
  23. Reading and formatting textual data - Before
  24. Reading and formatting textual data - After 40+ MS Word Transformers Thanks to: Jan Bliki - European Environment Agency,
  25. Spatial Analysis - Before 60+ policy and constraint layers to consider
  26. Spatial Analysis - After 22+ Feature Reader Transformers
  27. New one best way
  28. After 8 clicks of the mouse, and a wait of 20 seconds, the draft report is ready for the planner to review and add value On demand, standard, systematic, and without waste
  29. 39% Before Value-Add Activities
  30. 86% After Value-Add Activities
  31. Thanks to 300+ transformers Planners now spend 47% more of their time on value adding activities, and are experiencing time savings of 41%+ during this stage of the overall process.
  32. But we didn’t stop there…
  33. Allocation of Applications and Monitoring • Dashboard for oversight and allocation • Date calculator transformers help create meaningful live statistics, through the creation of additional date fields
  34. Site Visit App • Data written to AGOL daily • Replacing post it notes on maps and lat lngs written on case files Links to launch SatNav in car
  35. To really improve a process we should take our passion for FME and visit where the value is added, the “Gemba”
  36. Here you will find infinite opportunities to use FME transformers to improve processes, make the lives of your colleagues easier, and in turn deliver better public services.
  37. Local government sector in Ireland provides 1,000+ public services That’s a lot of processes that FME could help improve Source:
  38. Thank You, Jon! Reminder: get your questions in… T-2 minutes til Q&A.
  39. Next Steps Download FME 2022.2 & the webinar workspaces Apply the workspaces to your own data to manage changes Free Trial | Upgrade Contact us. We would love to chat with you about anything data
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  43. Super Early Bird Registration is Open! The Peak of Data Integration 2023 Europe UC September 5-7, 2023 | Bonn, Germany
  44. Q&A
  45. Thank you! Download FME Free Trial | Upgrade Chat with us Connect with us in the Community Please share your feedback with us through the webinar survey!