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  1. FME Server and Linux: 0-60
  2. 20 22 FME User Conference Richard Mosley, FME Server Support Specialist Richard has worked at Safe Software for nearly 7 years. Starting as a live chat specialist and moving on to the FME Server Team, where he focuses on integrating FME Server into customer environments. He is excited about the enterprise direction FME Server is headed and looks forward to discussing the ways in which FME Server can help and how we can make FME better. Merline George, FME Server Support Specialist Merline joined Safe Software in Oct 2021 on the Server Support Team and has prior experience as System Analyst on SDLC projects. Presenters
  3. 20 22 FME User Conference 5 years ago it was 35% 50% of FME Server Downloads are now Linux (excluding docker)
  4. 20 22 FME User Conference Performance Tests Suite Linux: 5h25m Windows: 6h55m 22% Performance Gain (Safe Software Performance Suite FME 2022.1)
  5. 20 22 FME User Conference FME Server isn’t limited to Windows installations and you can have a stable, easily maintained system with the same functionality on a Linux installation with performance gains
  6. 20 22 FME User Conference Agenda 1. Format Integration 2. Pre-installation Considerations 3. Installation and Upgrade 4. Customization 5. Common Questions
  7. 20 22 FME User Conference A Guide to FME Server On Linux
  8. 20 22 FME User Conference Format Integrations
  9. 20 22 FME User Conference Format Integration ● The biggest consideration for organizations is the use of Geodatabase SDE and other ArcGIS formats that require an ESRI license. ● You can find a full list here:
  10. 20 22 FME User Conference ArcGIS / Format Options: 1) Mixed OS-Systems 2) FME has ArcGIS Online Portal Readers / Writers and Transformers to easily connect with content on ArcGIS Online 3) FME Support Shapefiles, File Geodatabase (limited functions)
  11. 20 22 FME User Conference Pre Install Considerations
  12. 20 22 FME User Conference Pre-installation Considerations Data Accessibility • Where is your workspace data stored ? FME Desktop Integration • Can I publish from a Windows Desktop ? • What about Python Compatibility ?
  13. 20 22 FME User Conference Data Accessibility 1) Network-based resource- Mounting the remote file share to the linux machine and then referencing it as an FME Server Network Resource Common Mounting protocols- ● NFS- used in UNIX and LINUX-based systems ● CIFS- used to mount Windows shares on Linux systems 2) Cloud-based resource- Connecting the data hosted on an online repository like the AWS S3 Buckets More Flexible as compared to Network-based resource Article - Mounting File Share on Linux FME Server
  14. 20 22 FME User Conference FME Desktop Integration ● You can publish workspaces from a Windows, Linux or Mac hosted FME Desktop to a Linux hosted FME Server Compatibility Matrix- Matrix View of FME Integrations Gallery ● Does your Server and Desktop share access to your local or network drive? ○ Use Published Parameter in workspaces to provide access to workspace data once pushed to FME Server ● Adding Custom Python Modules into FME is done the same way as Windows Documentation - Using Python with FME Server
  15. 20 22 FME User Conference Installation and Upgrade
  16. 20 22 FME User Conference Installation and Upgrade ● NGINX Reverse Proxy ● Online Installations ● Offline Installation ● Uninstalling
  17. 20 22 FME User Conference FME Server Web Application and NGINX Starting in 2022.0 FME Server includes and NGINX reverse proxy Benefits: ● Allows for use of ports under 1024 without having to give the Web Application root privileges, which can cause permissions conflicts. ● Allows for easier HTTPS configuration ○ No more keytool commands ○ Less files to configure ○ Easy to drop in new certificates and keys ● Improved Security ○ protection from DDoS attacks
  18. 20 22 FME User Conference Online Installation We have created a checklist ( to help ensure your linux deployment goes as planned. Confirm if the machine has any additional security or if it has been used for other purposes.
  19. 20 22 FME User Conference Offline Installations Key points: ● The FME Server installer auto-downloads third party dependencies/ packages for the server and engine components during the installation process. ● Lack of network connection affects these downloads and they need to be identified and manually downloaded sudo apt install <package-name> To find dependencies for engine component, the installer is extracted and Debian Package Manager is run to show information of .deb or .rpm engine package Packages change with FME Server version and its best to check each time you install. ● For the FME Server component - zip, unzip, perl and postgresql packages need to be installed See article for more details.
  20. 20 22 FME User Conference Silent Installations Take advantage of silent install parameters, and deploy and limit human error, or enabled them on a bootstraps. Useful Silent Parameters ● FIRSTLOGINCHANGEPASSWORD ● ADMINUSERNAME ● ADMINUSERPASSWORD
  21. 20 22 FME User Conference Uninstalls ● Postgres and NGINX are not uninstalled. However they will be re-used in a subsequent installation and no intervention is needed. ● If you want though you can remove these parts and install new Postgres and NGINX package then you can remove these components in-between installations.
  22. 20 22 FME User Conference Customization
  23. 20 22 FME User Conference Customization FME Server can be adjusted to match the needs of your organization. Common customization options include- ● Changing the FME Server user ● Disabling FME Server’s NGINX reverse proxy in favor of your own. ● Moving the Engines to a different location ● Setting up the FME Server processes as services
  24. 20 22 FME User Conference Can I run the FME System Services Under a Different Account ? Why ? Distributed installation- Data hosted in multiple hosts,using Multiple Engines Have a specific account created to access data across a network ? Need to manage account with your enterprise IAM ? Default service account on Linux is the “fmeserver” account How? 1. Change the owner of all Logs files and folders to new account that has read/write rights to the FME Server FileShare and the install directory 2. Edit the and script to replace all the super user “su” references to the said account Optionally, if Systemd scripts or SysV scripts are configured to run at system start-up - Change file ownership and super user references to the said account.
  25. 20 22 FME User Conference Can I disable the NGINX reverse proxy? Why ? Native reverse proxy already setup Installing more proxies than CPU cores on a machine may increase load/response times. Additional proxy increases complexity / number of points of failure How? 1. Remove reference of loopback address from tomcat server.xml file to allow traffic from outside of the machine and replace it with the wildcard character * . Optionally, replace Connector port="8080" to 80/any port number if required. 2. Stop, uninstall NGINX and remove the related configuration files and from the system 3. Reboot the host.
  26. 20 22 FME User Conference Can I move the Engines to a new directory ? Why ? In some cases, you might want to specify the directory to install FME Engines. FME Server engines can’t be installed to a different directory directly. However, it is possible to move the engines to a new directory after installation. How? 1. Install FME Server with Engine 2. Stop FME Server 3. Move Engine directory to its new location and remove old Engine directory 4. Under the Admin section of the processMonitorConfigEngines.txt file, ● Add the following line: NODE_OVERWRITE = true ● Change TEMPLATE_START_ENGINE component to use the new directory. 5. Start FME Server
  27. 20 22 FME User Conference Can I setup the FME Server Process as a service ? Why ? For starting the FME Server on boot or restart a FME Server in the event of a system failure Add custom variables such as FME_TEMP Change the owner user account starting the services How? Edit the systemmd script and the sysV script provided with the FME Server installer package. Documentation- Configuring FME Server as a System Service (Linux)
  28. 20 22 FME User Conference Common Questions 1. Are you supporting CentOS Steam, Red Hat 7 and Centos 7? 2. What Mix and Match (Win / Linux) options are available ? 3. Does Windows IWA / SAML/ Azure AD work on FME Server? 4. Do readers or workspace connections with IWA work? 5. I have postgres already installed on my machine, will an express version work?
  29. 20 22 FME User Conference Troubleshooting Visit our article for more information and troubleshooting tips. A Guide to FME Server on Linux
  30. 20 22 FME User Conference FME Server on Linux is a fast, stable, customizable installation you can fearlessly embrace.
  31. 20 22 FME User Conference Resources Jump on the community and share your successes Test out your Architecture with a Free Trial Licence Check out our Linux and FME Server Article
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