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Top Tips to Increase Traffic from SEO for E-commerce Websites

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Tips to Increase traffic from SEO for e-commerce websites. Get more traffic with these practical tips to your online shop. Implement these practical SEO tips and make your e-commerce venture more profitable

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Top Tips to Increase Traffic from SEO for E-commerce Websites

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategies www.sweetdigital.co Top Tips to Increase Traffic from SEO for E-commerce Websites
  2. 2. Introduction In the emergent times today a consumer’s experience with a marketplace has become more mobile, social and visually oriented which helps improving the process for a customer however complicating the process for business owners trying to keep up with the newest trends in the e- commerce world as they expand their venture. www.sweetdigital.co
  3. 3. Introduction As the site is built, the plans for marketing it begins, without which chances of succeeding narrow down. It is rather appalling to see e-tailers especially startups today when it comes to attracting traffic. They assume that SEO in addition to a pristine website will automatically generate over millions of rupees as a start. www.sweetdigital.co
  4. 4. Introduction However, not so true to the fact, it is a lot of hard work in this day and age, coupled with a lot of time, money, planning, management and measurement, same as what is needed to run a full-fledged business. www.sweetdigital.co
  5. 5. Introduction E-Commerce websites have a number of innate qualities with duplicate content and large product catalogues to name a few which make it difficult to achieve a high ranking in Google. So if you have an E-Commerce site and your traffic sucks this article will guide you with essential tips for e- Commerce SEO to boost traffic and increase sales. www.sweetdigital.co
  6. 6. Introduction If you have any successful strategies on the same that are not listed here, free to share your comments with us. www.sweetdigital.co
  7. 7. Ready?
  8. 8. Structure your site right www.sweetdigital.co In the initial stages of structuring the site it is important to get the architectural information right from the beginning. During the planning of the architecture of the site it must be kept in mind that the flatter the structure the better it is. Making sure not to overdo the product categories and sub categories is very important, as it influences not only the travel through the pages but also the page rank distribution amongst the pages.
  9. 9. Keep your products close to the homepage www.sweetdigital.co Keeping SEO in mind, the homepage is one of the most significant assets to a website. The homepage is the first page a search engine picks up and is the main source for Page Ranking. Hence the primary goal is focused on keeping every product not more than three clicks away from the home page.
  10. 10. Use Impactful title tags www.sweetdigital.co The title tags on the home page form an essential part of the SEO of the website. While creating title tags it must be kept in mind that these very tags make the search terms to a product. For instance, if you are selling different types of cars, the title tags must reflect the various types of cars the business has for sale. You might have a tag that says “Used cars” and another that says “Luxury cars” and third that says “Rental cars”.
  11. 11. Using Google Adwords keyword tool to enable locating right phrases www.sweetdigital.co To enhance the title tags and the overall e- commerce SEO, initiate with researching keyword phrases with the free Google Adwords keyword tool. To detect the best keywords for the product page, first type in the search phrase that is likely to be used for the page. The keyword tool divulges the competitiveness of the keyword phrase on the bases of which the keywords can be further refined till a significantly low competition is achieved.
  12. 12. Perk up page file names www.sweetdigital.co Most e-Commerce platforms give strange page file names most of which are automated such as www.website.com/?ID=productnumber. Serious measures must be taken in order to change the settings to generate links that include a keyword rich title tag.
  13. 13. Products must be tagged www.sweetdigital.co Appropriate tags that link back to similar products must be added.
  14. 14. Tender article marketing www.sweetdigital.co It is highly appreciated by both customers and search engines if extra resources are offered. For instance, in context with cars example, one free resource can be offered like an article on car safety, for better SEO of those products which is also better known as article marketing as it increases the back links to the website.
  15. 15. Have an active Blog space www.sweetdigital.co Under the same lines as above, a blog space can be created which offers reviews, tips, trivia and everything related to the products on the website. The blog suggests of prospects to publish custom made content containing the intended keywords, thus increasing traffic to the website.
  16. 16. Post press releases www.sweetdigital.co SEO for e-commerce websites is almost the same as SEO for other websites, hence proclaiming the importance for back linking as a success for SEO. Posting what’s new and happening on the website blog and submitting press releases on various PR sites and scattering it elsewhere on the web helps significantly in increasing traffic.
  17. 17. Get reviews of products www.sweetdigital.co Product reviews written by the customers and the owners are a brilliant option to put content on the website with the keyword phrases. Reviews from customers show more credibility thus attracting potential customers and increasing sales and should be encouraged.
  18. 18. Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube www.sweetdigital.co Facebook and twitter are the biggest names in social media and Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google itself. Keeping the fact in mind that people visit these websites more than any other, it is crucial to make the websites presence felt on these universal platforms. A month’s worth of timely posts and videos including the product keyword phrases can be prepared that will drastically increase the traffic on the website.
  19. 19. Use E-Newsletters www.sweetdigital.co After getting started with the Social sites a monthly email flash can be integrated with Facebook and twitter. Many services like VerticalResponse.com, enable the integration with the two at the press of a button.
  20. 20. Make your mark on Stumbleupon, Digg and Technocrati www.sweetdigital.co One very successful social media strategy to an e- commerce website is submitting the best posts and articles to sites listed above which can definitely generate a ton of traffic.
  21. 21. Use right e-commerce platform www.sweetdigital.co It is highly relevant for every e-commerce website to use a content management system to make life easier. Updating products and adding content is effortlessly handled by these systems. Select a suitable platform (Magento, Open Cart etc.) which can make you manage the optimization easy for you.
  22. 22. Produce links within the product description www.sweetdigital.co In context with what was discussed earlier related to keywords, it is a good practice to take those keywords from the product description and make them into links for similar products as Google has an affinity towards keyword-rich links. Also make sure that links like “See more here“ which tend to be more generic must be avoided.
  23. 23. Optimize product images www.sweetdigital.co Another good practice is to have descriptive and captivating images which will by themselves attract additional traffic to the e-commerce website.
  24. 24. Incorporate H1 and H2 tags www.sweetdigital.co Embrace the product keywords in the heading and subheading tags is a must have on every page.
  25. 25. Add dynamic “Top sellers” list www.sweetdigital.co Incorporate an additional code on the website that dynamically generates the frequently searched products prominently on the home page and many such similar lists like categories etc. can be made.
  26. 26. Examine progress on Google Analytics www.sweetdigital.co The Sites traffic can be drastically improved by checking on its progress on Google analytics which helps provide information on how people visit and respond to the site.
  27. 27. Never too late to ask for help www.sweetdigital.co The Final tip of the twenty is the most important one of all. If you are unable to improve the SEO on your ecommerce site do find a company specialized in SEO services and hire them. As they say a stitch in time saves nine, similarly your investment in e-commerce SEO service will definitely pay off tenfold.
  28. 28. At Your Service! www.sweetdigital.co Having said that if you want to improve on your site traffic and see conversions happen or get ranked on the top of the ranking charts all at a reasonable rate Get in Touch with us today! http://sweetdigital.co/landing/e-commerce-seo