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Benzophenone Photo-Initiator

  1. BENZOPHENONE FREE UV COATINGS Ink and Coating Application By: Sugeng Endarsiwi (Printing Ink Manufacturer)
  2. • key component • cost driver Photoinitiators (PIs): for UV curing products.
  3. PI’s Capability to: Initiating or starting a photoreaction This occurs when a PI absorbs radiation energy, from light exposure to produce highly reactive free radicals
  4. • These have the capability of catalyzing or starting chemical reactions, or changes in certain formulated materials. • One such photo initiator is Benzophenone.
  5. • Benzophenone (BP) or Benzo, has been generally recognized as the most used PI globally. • It is known for its effectiveness as: • an initiator • its relative low cost.
  6. • The European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) has published a listing of PIs used in: • coatings, inks and varnishes for the non-contact side of food packaging. • These are listed as Group 1-For all packaging types. • 1A-low migration potential with toxicological data. • 1B-low migration potential and/or high molecular weight, awaiting evaluation. • 1C-evaluated with a migration limit in accordance with EU RG. No. 10/2011, and/or Swiss Ord. 817.023.21. • The 1C list includes Benzophen-one and derivatives.
  7. Group 2-lists PIs not fully evaluated specifying use only with a metal barrier. This has resulted in packaging specifiers requesting that certain PIs with migration potential not be used on their (in-direct contact) food packaging products.
  8. By replacing: low molecular weight high migration potential PIs. As a result: benzophenone Free ITX free formulations have been made available. Printing ink and coating manufacturers have responded:
  9. In other moves, raw material suppliers continue to develop: • Self-curing resin solutions • New large molecule • Low migration • Low odor polymeric photoinitiators (PPIs) • Co initiators. Significantly, these changes have become price drivers for UV curing products.
  10. • Endarsiwi, Sugeng is a Printing & Ink Technology Expert with a passion for observed and sharing information on technical topics. He has over 20 years of industry experience in Printing, including Printing industrial and Printing Ink technology. • Graduated School Business & Management (EMBA), JUC, Malaysia. • Registered as Professional Engineer (Ir.) at The Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII). • Holds Chartered Management Association as CMA-HK SAR, Hong Kong • Study Postgraduate: Leadership & Public Policy Program (MAP) at UEU, Jakarta