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GST Registration Process under government of india

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This is all about GST Registration Process of firms . and those firm who have turnover above 20 lac . only those Business mandatory for enroll in this process . slide describes each & Every point of registration process.

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GST Registration Process under government of india

  1. 1. GST (Goods & Service Taxes) Presented By:- Sudarshan Tiwari Enroll No:-15BBA00095 BBA Final Year
  2. 2. Content  Objective  Introduction  Research Methodology  Frame Work  Key Learnings and findings References
  3. 3. Objectives • To Learn about Direct and Indirect Taxes. • To Learn about Enrollment of firms in GST. • To Learn about Registration Process of GST. • To overcome or solve the problems occurring in GST Registration. • To understand the process of paying Taxes through E-filing Procedure
  4. 4. Introduction Direct Taxes: Direct Taxes are taxes that are directly paid to the government by the taxpayer. e.g.:- Income tax, corporation tax, wealth tax. Indirect Taxes: Indirect Taxes that are indirectly paid to the government by the consumers. e.g.:-Sales tax, service tax ,Exercise duty etc. GST:-Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination- based tax that will be levied on every value addition. Under GST there are three applicable taxes:- 1.CGST 2.SGST 3.IGST
  5. 5. Research Methodology • Type of the Research: Exploratory. • Collection of data: • The study is based on Secondary data collected from the published records of Govt. i.e. Articles about GST, etc. • Further, tax filing done as a part of on the job training provided first hand information about the tax filing procedures and problems faced. • Period of study: The data was collected during the period of 1June 2017 to 30 June 2017
  6. 6. Framework Registration Process of GST Those Firms who have a turnover above 20 lacs.
  7. 7. First Tab: Business Detail Second Tab: Promoter & Partners Detail
  8. 8. Third Tab: Authorised Signatory
  9. 9. Fourth Tab: Authorized Representative Fifth Tab: Addition place of Business
  10. 10. Sixth tab: Goods & service Goods Services
  11. 11. Seventh Tab: Bank Accounts details
  12. 12. Eighth Tab: State Specific tax Information Ninth Tab : Verfication
  13. 13. Income Tax computation Rupees I Income From Salary 384,519 II Income from House Property Self Occupied Interest Paid (Upto Rs 150000) - Let Out Property Rent Received Less: Municipal Taxes GAV - Less:30% deduction - Less: Interest paid (No limit) - - Performa Of Computation Of Income
  14. 14. Key Learnings and Findings • Computation of Individual Income • Filing of ITR • E filing of Income Tax and sales Tax • Statement of Financial Transaction • Enrollment of Firms In GST • Linking Aadhar with Pan card • Based on my experience and the direct interaction with the clients, it was observed that the firms faced several difficulties in enrolling for GST such as Digital Signature process, confirmation of provisional ID of GST etc.
  15. 15. Refrences • www.Gst.gov.in • www.Cleartax.com • www.Incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
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