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Recomendaciones para que inviertan en tu startup (The Pitch Deck)

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Recomendaciones para que inviertan en tu startup (The Pitch Deck)

  1. 1. CONFERENCIA: ! Recomendaciones para que inviertan en tu proyecto digital - Deck para presentar a inversionistas - /StartupStudioMX hello@startupstudio.mx www.startupstudio.mx@StartupStudioMX
  2. 2. No sólo se “pichea” a Inversionistas para conseguir capital y apoyo…
  3. 3. Se hace pitching en empresas para lanzar nuevos P&S…
  4. 4. …para vender!
  5. 5. …también se hace pitching para conseguir cofundadores, empleados, proveedores y/o aliados.
  6. 6. …y para presentar “vender” tu startup
  7. 7. Pillars of great pitch delivery SIMPLICITY CLARITY PASSION PRACTICE DECK Un “Investor Deck” o “Pitch Deck” es el documento que uIliza un emprendedor para describir su proyecto/startup. Generalmente hay una versión resumida que uIliza como soporte grafico cuando se da un pitch, y otra versión mas extensa que es la que se manda a un inversionista para que conozca el startup.
  8. 8. The Deck
  9. 9. •  DocSend with Harvard Business School. •  Studied more than 200 pitch decks (raised $360M dls). •  To figure out the perfect deck for investors. What did they find?
  10. 10. ¿Qué encontro el estudio? Que el tiempo promedio que un inversionista le dedica a leer/revisar un Deck que recibe es muy poco!!! Menos de 4 minutos. Es por ello la gran imprtancia de diseñar el mejor Deck posible (claro, simple, memorable).
  11. 11. What Your Pitch Deck Is For… The purpose of your Deck is not to answer all possible questions, nor close immediate investment.
  12. 12. What Your Pitch Deck Is For… It is to open investors minds to your vision and get them excited to know more.
  13. 13. What Your Pitch Deck Is For… The story you craft in your Deck gets them engaged…
  14. 14. Tips… You want to give enough information to grab their interest, but not too much as to overwhelm them.1
  15. 15. Tips… Give them enough to get excited about, but leave them wanting more.2
  16. 16. Tips… Your Deck should be able to stand on its own, without your presentation.3
  17. 17. Tips… Compelling Decks are concise, tell a story, are visual, 10-13 slides.4
  18. 18. Errores más comunes en un Deck...
  19. 19. •  Too many slides, too much information.
  20. 20. “Wordy slides” To avoid, follow Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Rule of Power Point for slide design.
  21. 21. Too many product details, or too many financial details.
  22. 22. •  Belittling competitors. •  False confidence or arrogance. •  False and/or silly assumptions you can’t back up or don’t have data on.
  23. 23. By Startup Studio Based in Sequoia Capital, Crowdfunder, LinkedIn, Greylock and Tech Stars recommendations for Investors Pith Decks.
  24. 24. Deck content Secciones recomendadas que debe incluir un Deck… 1.  Company Intro 2.  Problem 3.  Solution 4.  Market Opportunity 5.  The Product 6.  Unique Value Proposition & Competition 7.  Business Model 8.  Market Approach (Customer Acquisition Strategy) 9.  Team (& Key Stakeholders) 10.  Momentum & Traction 11.  Financials 12.  Investment
  25. 25. Company Intro •  A quick one-liner summary that combines your vision/product and the mission of your company •  Keep it short and memorable.
  26. 26. The Problem •  Define the real problem/need you’re solving, and for who. •  List current solutions •  Who else is already doing this…
  27. 27. Solution •  Explain your solution… •  Tell the story of your customer and how customers use/value your solution.
  28. 28. Market Opportunity •  Define Your Market: What business/ space you are in •  Total Market Size: $, Your Place/Niche •  Customers: who you serve •  Macro Trends & Insights
  29. 29. Product •  Images and visuals are better than lots of text: show don’t tell. •  DEMO of your product
  30. 30. Unique Value Proposition & Competition •  Where do you exist in the larger overall Market Space? •  What are your Advantages? •  Who are the competitors?
  31. 31. Business Model •  Who is your primary customer & how do you make money •  What is the pricing / model •  Life-time value of an average Customer (How many months, how many dollars?)
  32. 32. Market Approach (Customer Acquisition Strategy) •  Where are your customers looking today and finding help? •  Where will you get in front of them? •  Target growth rates? •  Unique channels to find customers?
  33. 33. Team •  Highlight key team members and their prior positions, successes, domain expertise. •  Which roles are the keys to success in your company/space? •  List your advisors.
  34. 34. Team slide example
  35. 35. Momentum & Traction •  Show your timeline and milestones to date •  Growth metrics are key at early stage •  Revenue and # of customers to date •  Highlight press, partnerships, accolades •  Customer success stories and/or testimonials
  36. 36. Financials •  Cash flow / burn rate •  Include 3-5 years of financial projections •  Mention key & critical assumptions in your model of expenses, customer conversion, market penetration % •  Highlight each of these Yearly for at least 3 years: Total Customers I Total Revenue I Total Expense I EBITDA
  37. 37. Investment •  State how much Capital you are raising, and with Terms: Equity, Debt, Convertible Note •  What is the timing of your Capital raise? •  Who are your existing & notable investors, if any? •  What are your key Use of Proceeds
  38. 38. /StartupStudioMX hello@startupstudio.mx www.startupstudio.mx @StartupStudioMX ¡gracias!