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Social Media 102 For Artists

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Social Media 102 For Artists

  1. 1. Presented by: Taught by:ArtSpan & SOMArts Jess Young Pictured: Cara Rose DeFabio SOCIAL MEDIA 102 FOR ARTISTS
  2. 2. DON’T LET THE WORD STRATEGY SCARE YOU•Have you taken time to reflect on what’s working & what isn’t?•Now that you’re becoming proficient, do you have a plan for how to use social media as strategically?•What do you need to know before you build a social media strategy?
  3. 3. 7 Rules of Effective Social Networking• Think of social as for mass receiving, not mass broadcasting• Interact• Say interesting things & people will become interested in you• Hone your identity: visual & personal• Share to allow others to experience vicariously• You first, your art second• There’s no magic bullet; slow & steady wins the race Adapted from a post by Michael Epstein, 1/19/11, www.musicthinktank.com
  4. 4. DON’T BE “THAT GUY” •1/3 about you & your work •1/3 about your interests using material from an outside source •1/3 just be yourself; ask questions, share, reciprocate Adapted from a post by Amy Guth, The Rule of Thirds in Social Media, 7/5/12 www.chicagotribune.com
  5. 5. VISUAL CONTENT IS KING• Why Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in internet history• Why Facebook’s rollout of Timeline design makes images more prominent (SOMArts’ current cover photo makes use of this)• Why artists are great social media users
  6. 6. GET THE EDGE• Affinity: how “friendly” you are with someone; influenced by page views & interactions• Edge Weight: videos, photos & links over likes, comments; variety is key• Recency: FB has new content favoritism (half life:1 hour & 20 minutes) Adapted from a post by Kevin Newman, Facebook Edgerank: What Marketers Need to Know, 5/3/12, www.econsultancy.com
  8. 8. NERD ALERT•Dashboards can help you monitor your success•Monthly benchmarking can take less than 15 minutes and give you powerful information•Facebook Insights, Qwitter, Simply Measured and other free tools can help
  9. 9. DASHBOARD DO’S• Virility: what type of content sparks engagement & sharing• Reach: organic vs. viral vs. paid advertising• Likes/unlikes: audience size can be broken down demographically; unlikes can give you insights into what’s NOT working• People Talking About This is the number of individual people who have engaged with your Page in a way that it created a story that went out into the newsfeed. Can include commenting, liking, sharing a post or an image, liking the Page, mentioning the Page in a post by tagging your page with the @ symbol, RSVP’ing to one of your events, tagging a photo on your Page, & writing a post on your Page’s wall.• Engaged users measures actions that don’t generate a story (browsing photos, watching a video, clicking a link)
  11. 11. WHO SAYS ARTISTS CAN’T BE ORGANIZED?• Rather than scheduling posts, why not create an editorial calendar? Asana or Google Calendar are free options• Post schedulers like Buffer or Hootsuite can be helpful, but have a downside: you may not be there to engage immediately with people who like/comment/share• People worldwide publish, share save & curate content that relates to your work. Have you tapped into the right sources?• RSS readers like Google Reader and listening tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention or Rowfeeder can help you pull in content to share
  12. 12. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY? Biggest players:Facebook: 7 billionTwitter: 182 millionPinterest: 104 millionLinkedIn: 86 millionTagged: 72 millionGoogle+: 61 million*numbers from Experion referenced inMashable article, 4/7/12Others to watch:Tumblr: home to 64.7 million blogs, but 50%of visitor base is under 25  *numbers from Wikipedia, 7/18/12
  13. 13. TWITTER IN 5 WORDS•Hashtag•DM•@reply•RT•Twitterstream
  14. 14. PINTEREST IN 4 WORDS•Pin•Follow•Board•Bookmarklet
  15. 15. SHOW ME THE MONEY•Does your store produce individual links for products? When you share this link on Facebook, does a thumbnail image appear?•Big Cartel, Shopify & Etsy are popular and optimized options•Use the store’s Facebook app, but don’t expect it to do all the work
  16. 16. NEED A BIGGER MEGAPHONE?•FBads be targeted to interests, demographic, and user behavior•Ave.$0.79 CPC for audience building campaigns (i.e. “like my page”)•Ave. $1.08 CPC for external links (i.e. your online store or website)•New option: promote individual status updates