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API Frenzy: API Strategy 101

Sachin Agarwal, SOA Software VP of Product Marketing, explains the frenzy around the mass development and adoption of APIs. In this presentation, he describes the business and technology implications of developing an API stratgy.

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API Frenzy: API Strategy 101

  1. 1. API Strategy 101 Sachin Agarwal VP Product Marketing @sachinagarwal
  2. 2. API Frenzy?
  3. 3. API Frenzy 15B+ API calls a day 10B+ API calls a day 7B+ API calls a day API Growth Rate Source: Programmable Web 1B+ API calls a day 1B+ API calls a day 1.5B+ API calls a day
  4. 4. What is an API? Your Customers Your API Your Application
  5. 5. What is causing this Frenzy?
  6. 6. By 2017, 74% of US population will own Smartphones
  7. 7. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices
  8. 8. There are more than 20M developers
  9. 9. Extend the Reach of your Business
  10. 10. Capture new Opportunities with APIs  Drive Innovation  Increase Reach  Support New Devices  Discover New Business Models  Increase Partner Network
  11. 11. API Best Practices
  12. 12. APIs: The Path to Digital Transformation
  13. 13. Accelerate Digital Channels • Delight customers with an engaging experience on any channel or device, at any moment – Mobile-enable your enterprise, externalize your products and services as APIs, and stay ahead of consumer trends. – Accelerate time to market and reduce TCO by leveraging existing applications Capabilities • Orchestration • Mediation • Scripting • Caching/Paging • Security
  14. 14. Drive Partner Adoption • Engage business partners and get developers up and running quickly – Launch a secure online portal to quickly onboard business partners and establish interactive online social channels with them. – Drive partner adoption with updated documentation and developer community. Connect with developers, inspire them, and drive your API usage. Capabilities • Portal • Social • Documentation • Groups • Search
  15. 15. Monetize Digital Assets • Package, market and license your assets to maximize revenue – Transform any application, service or asset into elegant and simple APIs. – Productize you data, create customized packages and tailored plans, and license them accordingly. Capabilities • Licensing • Rate Limiting • Provisioning • Documentation
  16. 16. Analyze your Business • Get instant insights into your business and optimize the delivery and value of APIs – Maximize your revenue by gaining complete visibility into how your partners and customers leverage your data. – Monitor activity for a specific partner, app or developer and evaluate their impact on your business. Capabilities • Business Analytics • Operational Insights • App and Developer Metrics
  17. 17. An Unified API & SOA Platform API Producers API Consumers Transform & Secure Dev. Publish Monetize Adoption API SOAP to REST Mobile- Optimization OAuth Mediation Analytics API Documentation Applications and Services Apps
  18. 18. API Platform Capabilities Platform Licensing Quota Mgmt. Partner Mgmt. PCI Compliance Provisioning Policy Mgmt. Monitoring OAuth Federation Analytics Lifecycle API/Services Application User Compliance Integrations Gateway Security Authentication Protection IAM Integration Encryption Mediation Quality of Service Paging/Caching Orchestration Scripting API Portal Search Documentation Groups Social
  19. 19. API Recommendations  Establish your digital strategy  Think how you can leverage digital ecosystems with APIs  Build upon your SOA investments  Adopt an unified platform strategy for APIs and SOA  Drive Developer and Partner Adoption  Restructure your organization to align with the different API roles
  20. 20. API Resources and API University • Resource Center – http://resource.soa.com/ • Follow us on: www.facebook.com/soasoftware www.linkedin.com/company/soasoftware @soasoftwareinc