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190129 presentatie onder de bomen floris heukelom (smb meeting)

  1. 29 January 2019Floris Heukelom
  2. Accelerating to scale down: Reinventing long term care in The Netherlands
  3. Our Mission: - To structurally increase self sufficiency - Of: individuals with psychiatric and/or intelectual disabilities - Thus: reducing costs of long term care in The Netherlands (WLZ/WMO)
  4. Drivers of our success: - New, intermediate services - Positive Health approach - Detailed and repeated measurements - Just do it
  5. Our challenges: - Funding institutes remain budget driven - Measurement instruments need to be improved - No level playing field
  6. What we look for: - A partner with whom to turn our patchy, incomplete measurement instruments into an evidence based package for long term residential health care in The Netherlands