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Measuring What Matters

  1. Measuring What Matters Chris Tuttle, Tuttle Communications @ChrisTuttle #SM4NP
  2. Why Should We Care About Metrics Drive By Metrics As we use social channels, drive by metrics help us spot emerging trends and potential problems.
  3. Why Should We Care About Metrics Monthly Metrics Tracking monthly metrics help us learn what content, and types of content, our constituents most engage with and how. They also help us forecast seasonal trends.
  4. Why Should We Care About Metrics Demographic Metrics Learn who our constituents are in order to create more engaging content, use in targeted campaigns, and find areas to improve.
  5. Why Should We Care About Metrics Campaign Metrics Learn how constituents engage with our social campaigns and improve future campaigns.
  6. Today’s Focus: Social Media Metrics 1. Facebook Insights 2. Twitter Analytics 3. Social Media Dashboard via Google Analytics
  7. What Complicates Metrics Analysis Overwhelming Amount of Data Time Consuming Unsure what they mean Unrelated to Goals Unsure how to react Cost Prohibitive
  9. Simplifying Social Media Metrics 1. Daily: Drive By Metrics 2. Monthly: Page & Post Metrics 3. Quarterly: Demographic Metrics 4. As Needed: Campaign Metrics 5. Automate Where Possible
  10. Drive By (Daily) Page & Post Level (Monthly) Demographic (Quarterly) Campaign (As Needed) Facebook Insights
  11. Page Likes Post Likes Net Likes Unlikes Paid Likes Organic Likes Likes from Page Likes from Suggests Likes from Mobile Likes from Posts Likes from Other Post Reach Paid Reach Organic Reach Comments Shares Hides of Post Hide All Posts Page Visits Photo Tab Visits Timeline Visits Custom Tab Visits Info Tab Visits Mentions Others Posts on Page External Visits Day of Week Fans Online Post Time of Day Post Day of Week People Gender Age Group Facebook vs Fans Country City Language
  12. Monthly - Posts What type of posts are most engaging? Which posts are most engaging?
  13. Monthly - Posts Exclude Targeted Posts to see if engagement by Post Type differ.
  14. Quarterly: Demographics Knowing where your fans are helps to better engage them. Knowing who your fans are helps to better engage them.
  15. Campaign: Demographic Opps Knowing where you have reach can show opportunities to reach new fans.
  16. Historic, Monthly - Page Level Use spreadsheets to maintain most important monthly metrics from Page Level Facebook Insights. (source = Facebook Insights export column label)
  17. Drive By (Daily) Profile & Post Level (Monthly) Demographic (Quarterly) Twitter Analytics
  18. Twitter Analytics Step 1: Provide a credit card in payment methods to gain access to free metrics. No ad purchases are necessary.
  19. Twitter Analytics Step 2: View tweet activity under “Analytics”
  20. Monthly: Profile & Post Analytics Determine what content your users most often engage with by sorting tweets by “best” and review reach and engagement.
  21. Monthly: Profile & Post Analytics Download tweets to quickly calculate historical data, such as total RTs, Faves & Replies
  22. Quarterly: Demographics Learn about your followers interests, locations, gender, and others they likely follow.
  23. Historic, Monthly - Profile Level Use spreadsheets to maintain most important monthly metrics from Profile Level Twitter Analytics. (source = website and CSV calculation)
  24. Social Metrics (Monthly) Automate Google Analytics
  25. Create a Social Media Dashboard Create a New Dashboard and build your own, or choose from shared templates by clicking “Import from Gallery.”
  26. Monthly: Social Metrics Remove or add widgets to customize the dashboard. Learn whether social is driving new or returning traffic, from which social networks, and dive into key social mentions that drove high traffic. Get advanced metrics with custom Goals and Funnels to track conversations.
  27. Automate Monthly Metrics Set frequency and make active for 12 months. Create calendar reminder to renew.
  28. Quick Tips To Measure Better 1. Schedule 1 hour monthly to review analytics 2. Schedule 1 hour monthly to improve measurements with Goals, Funnels, Social Sharing, etc 3. Schedule 1 hour quarterly to review in-depth analytics 4. Learn more:
  29. Measuring What Matters Download at Chris Tuttle - Tuttle Communications 518-288-8853 @ChrisTuttle