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SLA-Ready Common Reference Model

Ruben Trapero (TUDA) @ SLA-Ready Workshop in Madrid, Spain (15 November 2016, Madrid, Spain)
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SLA-Ready Common Reference Model

  1. 1. SLA-Ready Common Reference Model Ruben Trapero Technical University of Darmstadt CONETIC 15 November 2016
  2. 2. SLAs and the Cloud Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are key components defining cloud services, but….. SLAs are the least understood cloud attributes Complex language and terms of service (technical and legal) Lack of widely accepted standard frameworks, vocabularies Uncertainties as to what is regulated, who is responsible and which laws actually apply 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 2 Diminish trust in cloud services and limit its uptake
  3. 3. SLA-Ready Common Reference Model (CRM) CRM is a reference specification for building Cloud SLAs Compiles: Standards & Best practices Research activities Analysis of economical, sociological and legal domains 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 3
  4. 4. SLA-Ready CRM: Inception 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 4 EU projects Standardization bodies Industry SPECS A4Cloud Cumulus ISO/IEC 19086-1 Legal practices Market feedback Technical perspective Legal and governance perspective Economic perspective Sociological perspective CRM SLALOM EC SMART ETSI TR 103 125 EC C-SIG CSCC
  5. 5. SLA-Ready CRM hierarchy: elements General Freshness Readability Support Credits Changes Reporting SLO & Metrics 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 5 SLA URL Findable Choice of Law Roles and responsibilities Cloud SLA Definitions Revision date Update Frequency Previous versions and revisions SLA Duration SLA Language Machine-readable format Number of pages Contact support Contact availability Service Credit Service credit assignment Max. Service credits provided SLA change notifications Unilateral change Service levels reporting Service level continuous reporting Feasibility of specials and customizations General carve-outs Groups (8) CRM Elements (30) Specified SLO metrics General SLOs Performance Reliability Data Mgmnt. Security PDP
  6. 6. SLA-Ready CRM: Elements and components of the SLO & Metrics group 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready GM - Darmstadt 6
  7. 7. CRM Using the CRM 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 7 Readiness index Evaluation techniques Repository Comparisons Ranking Analysis Recommendation
  8. 8. CRM Using the CRM 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 8 Readiness index Evaluation techniques Repository Comparisons Ranking Analysis Recommendation
  9. 9. Recommendation based on the CRM Problem: SME wants to offer/use cloud services What SLA to offer? What elements to include? Solution: recommendation based on the CRM Result: Level of importance of every element of the CRM based on the type of business case Easy: Requires just a high level description of the business case Precise: Technique based on machine learning 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 9
  10. 10. Recommendation methodology 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 10 Recommender Use cases studied High level description of a business case CRM Recommendation A company will provide cloud services to hospitals for genetic testing on its patients, by combining public and private cloud applications Red: high importance. Yellow: medium importance. Green: low importance
  11. 11. CRM Using the CRM 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 11 Readiness index Evaluation techniques Repository Comparisons Ranking Analysis Recommendation
  12. 12. CSP evaluation based on the CRM Inputs available: Surveys to CSPs about the adoption of the CRM Self assessment of CSPs based on the CRM using: Publicly available information (i.e., Web site) SLA repositories (i.e., CSA STAR repository) Assessment technique used: QHP (Quantitative Hierarchy Process) Developed in DEEDS (TUDA) for security assessment Adapted to use the CRM as input Allows to evaluate at any level of the CRM 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 12
  13. 13. Results of CSP evaluation 11/17/2016 SLA-Ready 13 Evaluation at group level Evaluation at the SLO & Metrics group Global score
  14. 14. Thank you!