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Change your way of link building with seo brisbane

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Latest techniques of Link building which is acceptable by Google penguin and your website will not be hit by Google’s new algorithm. http://www.onlinespecialists.com.au

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Change your way of link building with seo brisbane

  1. 1. Change your way of Link Building with SEO BrisbaneEvery SEO Professional is aware about the latest Google Algorithm which is known as Google Penguin, Ithits most of the websites who are doing over optimization of their websites and make the links in hugequantity. The SEO guys who are building too much links by forums posting, Article Marketing, BlogCommenting and Blog posting with exact match of anchor text had faced problems after latest update.The reason behind it is over optimization of exact anchor text and it looks spamming. The Link Buildingtechniques which we are using is not good quality so Today I am going to discuss latest techniques ofLink building which is acceptable by Google penguin and your website will not be hit by Google’s newalgorithm.You may don’t know why your website is hit by Google’s new algorithms? The one of the mostimportant reason behind it is: you may not follow the guidelines and rules of Google. Search enginesdisplay only those websites on Top results who have qualified all the criteria of them.Search engines checks various points while displaying any website on top results. First of all, they verifythe website has relevant content which the user is searching for, how many people are referring thiswebsite and how many quality links that website has? In this manner, search checks any website beforedisplaying them on top results.Now the most important thing is Links. Which kinds of links you have to make for your website so that itis not hit by any Google’s new algorithm. 1) Links with Link Diversity 2) Become More Social 3) Use Web 3.0 properties 4) Use Unique Content In Link Diversity, you have to make links from many types like some links from Blog comments, Web 3.0, Video Sharing, Social Bookmarking. Each links should be of low quantity. Keep Focus on Quality rather than Quantity. When you make one quality link then it is equal to 10 UN quality links and if search engines find one type of links for your website then it seems to be spamming and over optimization. So always avoid these things while doing Link Building. There are many companies who are offering SEO services, but Online Specialist is one of the best leading companies of SEO Brisbane who are offering their services from many years. Their Professionals do work according to latest technologies which will be beneficial for all sized business. http://www.onlinespecialists.com.au