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BrightonSEO Takeaways September 2017

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What a wonderful day to celebrate the eternal sunshine of the spotless SEO mind! If you weren’t at the conference today or missed something, it’s alright, we’ve got your back - here are the key takeaways from the BrightonSEO September 2017 main stage. Check them out!

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BrightonSEO Takeaways September 2017

  2. 2. #BrightonSEO INCREASE YOUR SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC BY UP TO 200% WITH THIS SIMPLE TRICK "The good, the bad, the ugly. Keep the good, disavow the bad ones, repair the ugly." The secret how to increase the search traffic: - Full link audit & Disavow risky links - Fix broken pages & Win back links CHRISTOPH CEMPER | LINKRESEARCHTOOLS "Are you doing only partial link audits? Don't look at one slice - it's like checking 1 tooth only."
  3. 3. #BrightonSEO A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE ON RANKING FACTORS JO TURNBULL | DANIEL FURCH SEARCHMETRICS Find the top performing articles on your blog and update them. Repurpose what you've already got Tailor your content to the users workflow: explore their intention & topics, understand their funnel stage and needs, find out what their questions & problems are, create content in live-data environment... then measure & optimise! Different ranking factors apply to different niches. A good example: SEO blogs have HTTPS implemented more often, websites with recipes have microdata (schema.org) integrated widely
  4. 4. #BrightonSEO MARKUP, USER DRIVEN CHANGE AND YOUR FUTURE: DO THIS TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW Context will influence content even more. Forcing businesses to learn new ways to be more relevant. DUANE FORRESTER | YEXT What will shake up the industry we all in? Mobile is the most important thing to focus on: 1. If this isn’t your current #1 planned for investment, you are loosing 2. Seeing investments across the board assistants and AI 3. Apps have taken over, consuming 50% of our time on devices How to be useful in voice search: 1. Keyword Research- Focus on long-tail, conversational queries 2. Build detailed answersMark-up your content 3. Make sure your entire website is clean and accessible 4. Mobile friendly matters 5. Secure your site- move to HTTPS
  5. 5. #BrightonSEO TACTICAL, PRACTICAL KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR TODAY'S SEO CAMPAIGNS For the mid to the bottom of the funnel users: analyse reviews for your market leader product. Use word clouds for better visualisation of their inquiries Businesses need to build brand awareness that will let people shopping for your type of the product know that you exist in the market You need to identify triggers for your product for the top of the funnel potential customers. Use shorter and incentivised surveys. Get insights from your sales and customer support teams. Take your most common triggers and work out how people will search when they will be experiencing that What you get out of a tool is only as good as what you put in STACEY MACNAUGHT | TECMARK
  6. 6. #BrightonSEO ANSWERING THE PUBLIC: HOW TO FIND TOP-NOTCH AUDIENCE INSIGHT IN SEARCH DATA AND HOW TO APPLY IT "Using labels to further understand your audience, their lives and where you can help them. Identify Audiences with the «for» branch." "Identify influence with the «like» branch and share your insight beyond your SEO or content team."  SOPHIE COLEY | PROPELLERNET "Audit your audience. Can you serve them well? Don’t default to content. Delight your audience. Make them search for your brand, rather than asking Google for help. " There is the person behind every query. Help them in the most appropriate way. 
  7. 7. #BrightonSEO SCARY SERPS (AND KEYWORD CREEP) Fake news is real, it's often being used in position 0 by Google It would seem that the machine learning is involved in query re-writing in many cases. What you are searching for is not actually what is being searched for on Google Machine learning is a practice of using algorithms to analyse the data, learn from it and make predictions KELVIN NEWMAN | ROUGH AGENDA To optimise a page you need to do more than add keywords. Add all the phrases and words the user would expect. Look for what other websites are writing for them
  8. 8. #BrightonSEO QUICK AND DIRTY SERVER-SIDE TWEAKS TO IMPROVE YOUR SEO "Great optimization is about web server optimization" "Grand optimization you do with network layer optimization" PETER NIKOLOW | MOBILIODEVELOPMENT "Good optimization starts wit database optimization" "Don’t miss the brand new Google protocol QUIC (Quick UPD Internet Connection)"
  9. 9. #BrightonSEO ADVANCED SITE ARCHITECTURE - TESTING ARCHITECTURE & KEYWORD/PAGE GROUPINGS Site architecture is matching up intents to templates and pages, as well as linking and relating those pages so search engines understand the relationship. The second part of the definition is mostly about internal links; it is matching up the intents that we really need to focus on DOMINIC WOODMAN | DISTILLED If you work in SEO or in marketing, information architecture is just as important for you as the architecture is for the engineers. Answer the questions: Who buys your product? What are the steps to buying? How can you reach people in each step? Where search is the answer, get keywords. How to split those KWs into pages?
  10. 10. #BrightonSEO GENERATIONAL CRUFT IN SEO. THERE IS NEVER A 'NEW SITE' WHEN THERE'S HISTORY "The challenge is not in indexing, but in keeping everything indexed up to date. Incremental crawling never ends." "Efficiency is not just about URL scheduling. It’s about near memory storage (e.g CACHING) too." DAWN ANDERSON | MOVE IT MARKETING "Sites are not disposable. In reality … Gone is never gone. No URLS are ever gone." "XML Sitemaps are your friend - they help pass «importance» signal to URLs. But never leave them to just autogenerate without periodically checking «the foundations» underneath the site.  "
  11. 11. #BrightonSEO MARKETING IN 360 DEGREES: PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND VR Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook - these companies investing into VR are only on the tip of the iceberg. It is the job of sales executives to tell users about product features. The job of the marketers is to show customers why they need this product. The audience engagement journey: Status Update -> Photo -> Video -> 360 -> VR JES SCHOLZ | RINGIER EMERGING MARKETS The times of the websites being the primary points of online conversion have come to an end.
  12. 12. #BrightonSEO WHY YOU SHOULD SCRAP YOUR "CONTENT" BUDGET LINE Define the size of the opportunity, define the user intent, align this with the most relevant tactic and then allocate content spend within your channel REBECCA BROWN | BUILTVISIBLE Questions you should ask before allocating budget content: How much traffic will this content send me? How will traffic convert? What is a feasible ranking for my site? How many links will my content need? What are the onsite changes required for me to rank?
  13. 13. #BrightonSEO LINKS, LOG FILES, GSC AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN Do not theorize much - get into the data, understand it and let it drive your actions Log files are something that has been around for a long time. Now they are more and more often recognized as an important part of SEO. Incorporating log file data into a crawl reveals where crawl budget is wasted JON MYERS | DEEPCRAWL When you are using backlinks data with crawl data, you need to consider the following: Backlinks authority distribution Where are the backlinks landing on? Are these backlinks positive or negative? Are they leading to the orphaned pages? Or to broken or non-indexable pages?
  14. 14. #BrightonSEO CHAT ABOUT GOOGLE SEARCH, SEARCH CONSOLE, AND EVERYTHING SEO "There are 2 to 3 changes to Google's  search algorithms every day" "Every single update that we make is about the quality of the site, its content, links, etc." "If you publish high-quality content that is widely cited (not only links  are important but also social media mentions and people talking about the brand), then you're doing great. Some fluctuations in traffic may occur, but it would be weird if they never did" "Most of the time SEO 'weather reports' get it right but remember that we have several updates every day'' GARY ILLYES | GOOGLE SWITZERLAND "We made penguin real time a year ago and then we just let it do its thing."