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Infopraphic: The Metrics That Matter to Drive Sales Converions

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There are so many tools and technologies for companies to leverage, and with them comes a lot of metrics to track and consider. But what metrics matter? Here’s a quick guide to determining the metrics that matter to drive sales conversions.

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Infopraphic: The Metrics That Matter to Drive Sales Converions

  1. 1. The Metrics That Matter To Drive Sales Conversions Sales operations professionals need to provide the sales team with the right information to have productive interactions with prospects. With the right tools and insights, sales operations can help turn more of those opportunities into closed deals. This infographic highlights key stages and major milestones where the right insights can help accelerate deals and improve win rates. 1 Starting At The Top It takes leading companies 237 237 marketing touches to close just one deal vs. 350 350 for companies that are deemed average. 2 Going Back For More One third of businesses send at least 50% of their prospect leads back into their sales system for more nurturing vs. converting them into an opportunity. 3 Harnessing The Power Of Content Only 36% 36% of leading companies are measuring content’s impact on the sales cycle, and that drops to 24% 24% among average companies. 4 Right Resources For The Right Stage The conversion rate of a marketing response to a marketing-qualified lead is 14% for companies that have aligned content with specific funnel stage vs. only 4% for firms that have not aligned by stage. 52% of leading companies have a process to align content with a specific sales funnel stage vs. just 27% for average companies. 5 Presenting The Salesperson With Relevant Information The sales team needs the right resources — content, collateral and coaching — to move buyers along. Since most salespeople use the CRM system as their central point of access during the day, it is a natural hub for all of the resources necessary to accelerate deals. 94% of buyers 52% 94% of buyers said they viewed multiple pieces of content from the vendor they ended up buying from. 52% said the vendor they selected contacted them 4 to 10 times via email, phone and other channels before they made a final decision. 6 Done Deal With careful lead nurturing throughout the process, 21% of leads can be converted to sales – as evidenced by some of today’s top marketers. Sources: Aberdeen Group, Demand Gen Report’s 2012 B2B Buyers Survey, MarketingSherpa, SAVO 21%