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EcoRegion This works solutions Summit Ashoka Brussels 2016

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Ecoregio is the Economic Community for organic food.
We have a Question, a successful model, a project and a proposal 
The QUESTION is... what happens if I invest microcapital in organic companies of my region?
If I invest in production, distribution, farmers, shops, restaurants & services. 
but I'm not the only one!
We have a Successful MODEL implanted on Friburg where seven hundred citizens invest 3M€ in 20 companies. They create 150 jobs and build a strong local ecosystem. 
Now We have a PROJECT
We have started to implant EcoRegion in Catalonia, the capital of this region is Barcelona. EcoRegió is supported by the Government of Catalonia, 3 universities, 5 local administrations & 30 collaborators.  
Our PROPOSAL for you it’s a program with 10 local dynamics to impuls EcoRegión in South of the Mediterranean.
This economical community is the best way to protect our political actions with environmental, social and economical impact. 

Are you ready to build this together?

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EcoRegion This works solutions Summit Ashoka Brussels 2016

  1. 1. This Works Solutions: EcoRegion The Economic Community for organic food
  2. 2. Implant a succesful model Citizens invest Participate in regional organic food enterprises Benefits avaluated by 64 indicators Generate Social, Environmental and Economical benefits
  3. 3. Development of Regionalwert AG Freiburg · Germany 600 citizens · 3M€ · 20 companies ·150 jobs
  4. 4. Multiple Benefits of EcoRegion • Connects cities with rural areas • New Local Deal as business purpose • Creates regional independence of agriculture and food • Creates regional value added chains • Strengthens regional relationships • Finances entrepeneurship by contribution of capital • Goal is a profitable regional food independence
  5. 5. Practical approach •Support entrepreneurship – easing of farm succession beyond family structures •Fundraising through public participation in companies with microcapital •Creating value added chains for equalization of values •Regarding social and ecological performance of farms as fiscal values
  6. 6. 64 Indicators to catch social-ecological side effects Enhanced capital accounting • employment structure • wages • employee turnover • job quality • soil fertility (agriculture) • consumption of resources • biodiversity • Implementation of Eu – Bio regulation • distribution of added value • adding regional value • regional commitment • dialogue in value added chain SOCIAL ECONOMICALENVIRONMENTAL
  7. 7. Alianze for EcoRegion Catalonia Promotors: Partners: Accelerated enterprises:
  8. 8. EcoRegió · Local Strategy Local Promotors: Partners: This Works Solutions for Mediterranean:
  9. 9. 10 local dynamics for a major impact of EcoRegion. 1. Local Living Lab: University, Goverment, Enterprise & Consumer . 2. New global tools for managing processes: Organic Thinking, SCRUM. 3. Networking for social biography of the region. 4. Develop Asociative Economy: from individual enterprises to construct the whole value chain. 5. Tecnological platfom: tools for the sustainable economy 2.0, online marketplace, crop planning, crowdfunding
  10. 10. 10 local dynamics 6. Social agriculture: green job, school canteens, labor terapy 7. Formation for a sustainable economy: university program and dual education. 8. 64 indicators of economical, social and environmental development. 9. Local economy promotion program: service of acceleration, coworking, network of local producers, farmers, shops, restaurants and service companies. 10. This economical comunity is the best way to protect our political actions with environmental, social and economical impact. Are you ready to build together?
  11. 11. Oriol Costa Lechuga Phone 0034 972428700 E-mail ecoregio@dynamislab.com Web www.dynamislab.com/ecoregio c. Emili Grahit 91 · Girona c. Comte Salvatierra 5-15 · Barcelona Invest now Let’s build this together?