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Collaborative Enterprise Planning – Enterprise Planning Works Best Using a Collaborative Approach

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Find out how Collaborative Enterprise Planning helps to evolve to more effective planning processes.

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Collaborative Enterprise Planning – Enterprise Planning Works Best Using a Collaborative Approach

  1. 1. 52% of midsize and larger organizations say they collaborate effectively in planning and budgeting. Just 10% say they collaborate very effectively. 85% of organizations that collaborate effectively or very effectively said their process is managed well. Only 11% that collaborate only somewhat effectively or not at all said the same. 48% of organizations that collaborate effectively have budgets that remain relevant throughout their planning period. That’s true of just 18% of those that do not. 63% of organizations say linking plans directly is important or very important for improving performance. A common planning platform makes it easy to link plans. Direct links get better results: 66% of organizations that link plans directly have a planning process that works well. Only 25% of those that have little or no linkage between plans say that. While 78% of organizations that plan using direct links say they are satisfied with their planning process, only half (50%) of those that use summarized information report that they are satisfied with their budgeting process. A majority of organizations use spreadsheets to support a range of planning activities. 80% use them for supply chain planning, 65% for budgeting and 63% for sales forecasting. 62% of those that use dedicated applications say that it’s easy or very easy to link plans. Only 29% of those that use spreadsheets say that. 59% of organizations that use dedicated applications drill down into details within two hours of a review meeting. That’s true of only 36% of those that use spreadsheets. versus 29% 52% 85% 48% 63% 78% 66% 62% 80% 65% 63% Use a Common Planning Platform Dedicated Planning Software Helps Collaborative Planning and Budgeting Works Better Learn more about Collaborative Enterprise Planning at http://bit.ly/VR-SAP-CEP-WP COLLABORATIVE ENTERPRISE PLANNING Collaborative Enterprise Planning connects all planning activities of an organization. • It uses technology to rapidly assemble, analyze and report on plans and budgets. • Business units can address the “things” that matter to executives and managers (e.g., units sold and headcounts) as well as their money impacts. • A dedicated planning platform removes silos that prevent effective collaboration. • It supports rapid planning cycles that promote operational agility. Enterprise Planning Works Best Using a Collaborative Approach Source: Ventana Research Next-Generation Business Planning Benchmark Research Sponsored By: www.ventanaresearch.com 59% versus 36%