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Content as Advertisement

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Content as Advertisement

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Content as Advertisement

  1. 1. Content as Advertisement Why Red Bull is Paying People to Jump From Space
  2. 2. Traditionally advertisers would resort to middle men to deliver billboard advertisements. In the digital age these have taken the form of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  3. 3. Targeted advertising exploded across the net, where the average user would come across 1,700 banner ads a month. [1]
  4. 4. Banner advertising lacked the ability to reliably draw customers in, with only 8% of viewers choosing to click on display ads. [1]
  5. 5. By 2011, YouTube and Facebook promotions became cornerstone examples of advertisers failing to connect with the customer. [2] [3] By 2011, YouTube and Facebook promotions became cornerstone examples of advertisers failing to connect with the customer. [2] [3]
  6. 6. Many Social media platforms began to lose active users, while some failed entirely. [2]
  7. 7. The perceived value of traditional advertising methods decreased, and marketers scrambled to improve their advertising process. [4]
  8. 8. “[Advertisers] could pay $600,000 to promote [themselves], and be rewarded with thousands of new likes and follows from bots, spammers and scammers – and no ROI to show for it.” -Sherice Jacob, Web Design Consultant [5]
  9. 9. This change in paradigm is creating massive uncertainty in traditional banner-based targeted advertising.
  10. 10. Uncertainty is bad for investment, Lack of investment is bad for business.
  11. 11. Advertisers are turning to self- published content in a time of increasing uncertainty. Traditionally advertisers would resort to middle men to deliver content. [6]
  12. 12. Meanwhile, some brands experimented with in- house promotion by creating desirable content that users would seek out on their own. [6] [7]
  13. 13. For example, hundreds of applications and games exist for the purpose of passively promoting a brand’s image to a compliant user. [6]
  14. 14. Company-owned advertising cuts out the middle man, saving advertisers money.
  15. 15. Red Bull’s Media Empire has become the envy of the advertising industry, as many describe the company as “a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage”. [8]
  16. 16. “Our goal is to establish a global media network, which covers all individual segments, such as print, TV, mobile, music, and new media. It will be the responsibility of the Red Bull Media House to produce and distribute all the content Red Bull is able to provide.” -Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull CEO [9]
  17. 17. Creative solutions to consumer apathy are being developed. The concept of “blockbuster” advertising is making a comeback.
  18. 18. Red Bull’s Stratos Mission attracted over 8 million viewers on its YouTube Stream alone, and became a popular conversation topic for weeks [10]
  19. 19. Successful advertiser owned content is desirable to consumers because it adds perceived value to their lives, and can act a way to connect with others.
  20. 20. In 2016, Content Marketing is now the go-to method of advertising for brands looking to build recognition, gain conversion, and achieve higher spots on search engine rankings. [11]
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