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Leading with Genuine Customer Experiences

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Captured during an engaging webinar series about creating genuine customer experiences with guest speakers from ADP and Storyworks1. Together they provided a fresh look into the customer experience and uncovered the keys to building a genuine human connection, regardless of external factors.


A new understanding of today’s customer experience

Breakdown of the real components behind genuine connections

How to create meaningful messages that break through the clutter

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Leading with Genuine Customer Experiences

  1. 1. Leading with Genuine Customer Experiences
  2. 2. Meet the experts ADP + Storyworks1 Beth Zampieri Division VP, Client Experience & Innovation,ADP Jeff Fritz Founder & CEO, Storyworks1
  3. 3. Biggest changes in the customer experience? #cx
  4. 4. o Customers expecta better experience: o Betteraccuracy,response time,relevance and omni-channel integration o 90% of customers want a self-service experience o More than 30% of customers would rather clean a toilet than call a customer service rep Biggest changes according to customers #cx
  5. 5. What has not changed? #cx
  6. 6. o Customerswant to be treated well o Experiencemust be consultative and consistent o Companies must accelerate resolution while clients focuson priorities Remains the same according to customers #cx
  7. 7. What role does technology play? #cx
  8. 8. o Technologyhelps us understand the full customerprofile o Digital experiences provide information aboutpreferences o Technologyempowers customer relationships o Touch points providea continuous learning experience Technology impact and the customer experience #cx
  9. 9. Does mobile help or hurt? #cx
  10. 10. o Mobile acceleratesthe customer experience o Changes the game for response times o At a recent Salesforce conference,we learned that customersexpect an answer within an hour o Customersbecome ambassadors within online communities Mobile impact and the customer experience #cx
  11. 11. #cx How is ADP improving the customer experience?
  12. 12. o Voice of the Client CX Program via partnership with Medallia o Developing a unified and standardized service model o Clientsexperience “one ADP” o Mobile has become a leadingchannel for ADP clients o New ADP apps o ADP Marketplace How ADP is evolving their customer experience #cx
  13. 13. More questions? @bethzampieri @jefffritz Tweet us! #cx
  14. 14. Thank you! Let’s get social #cx storyworks1.com fb.me/storyworks1 @storyworks1app Storyworks1