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  1. G U S T A Date : 31 Maret 2023 (GET, USE, SAVE, TRHOW AWAY) arranged by : RULI NURUL APRIANA - XII PHARMACY
  2. “ “ Drugs are objects or substances that can be used to treat disease, relieve symptoms, or change chemical processes in the body.
  4. Part 01 GET
  5. Get Make sure we get the medicine in a place where the quality is guaranteed (original and efficacious medicine). The safest places in Indonesia are Pharmacies and Pharmacy Installations in hospitals. In addition to safer drugs, in that place we also get detailed information about the drugs we will consume from practicing pharmacists. To support getting the best service, make sure the pharmacy is licensed and has pharmacists who are ready to serve.
  6. Part 02 USE
  7. Use Make sure the drug is used correctly according to the label stated or according to the instructions of the doctor and pharmacist. If it's unclear, ask about the drug, what are its properties, how to use it or side effects.
  8. Medication is taken with water (unless there are other instructions such as sucking, chewing, placing it under the tongue, or gargling), and for those of you who cannot take tablets, pills or capsules directly, you can use another method by consuming bread or fruit together so that the bitter taste of the drug can be overcome · Pay attention to the time of taking according to what is stated on the brochure or medicine packaging or medicine label (before, together or after eating). If you are taking syrup medicine, it is best to shake it first and use a measuring spoon to make it easier to take the medicine and for the correct dosage or rules for taking medicine. Oral Medicine • Wash hands first then dry. • Apply the drug thinly and evenly on the affected part according to the hours of use Skin Medication 1) Wash hands first. 2) Tilt your head to facilitate administration of the drug. 3) Drop the medicine in the nostrils (according to the instructions for use). 4) Hold your head position for a few minutes. 5) Do not use this medicine with more than one person to avoid spreading infection. Nasal Drops 1) Wash your hands first. 2) Tilt your head or lie down. 3) Pull the earlobe up and down (adults) or towards the back (children), so that the ear canal looks clear and straight. 4) Drop the medicine in your ear canal as needed or as directed by the doctor and leave it for about 3 minutes. 5) After use, dry the tip of the container using a clean tissue. Eardrops
  9. 01 02 03 04 Tablets, pills, capsules, powder or syrup. Examples of oral medicine BREATHY is a nasal drop used to moisten the nasal (nose) membranes that are dry and inflamed due to colds, allergies, low humidity, and other nasal irritations. Examples of nasal drops Ointments, creams, gels or pastes. Examples of skin medication OTOPAIN is a drug used to treat inflammation of the ear caused by bacteria. This drug contains the ingredient lidocaine which functions to relieve pain in the ear. Examples of eardrops
  10. Part 03 Save
  11. Save In order for the drug to be used until its expiration date, we must store it according to the proper storage instructions. Store in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, dry and not damp. It should also be noted that the storage area is far from the reach of children. Most drug packages include the ideal storage conditions for each drug. Store the medicine according to the original packaging and make sure the medicine is tightly closed to avoid contamination.
  12. Part 03 Throw Away
  13. Throw Away One of the things that people pay less attention to is the process of disposing of expired drugs. The characteristics of an expired drug are that it has passed its expiration date and the taste, smell and color of the drug have changed. Expired drugs should not be disposed of carelessly because of the risk of being misused or accidentally ingested by people. Therefore, the drug should be opened first, then crushed and then thrown into the trash.
  14. Thank You Before ending, let me say that we all have something in common. You guys don't understand what I just presented and neither do I. (Sebelum mengakhiri, izinkan aku mengatakan bahwa kita semua memiliki kesamaan. Kalian tidak mengerti apa yang baru saja kupresentasikan dan aku pun sama.)