Ruidoso Malinois

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Choose from a wide range of imported and trained police dogs with Ruidoso Malinois;s training center. All of them have intense working ability.

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Ruidoso Malinois

  1. 1. Ruidoso Malínoís Police K-9's/ green Dogs/ Family Companion/ Puppies L k' f 1 ' dd f h . v Ruigloslcllll/ iclllncoisrccltzznatls inogaiflgil/ sotioçegduílfàgs
  2. 2. Ruidoso Malinois is a speci list. aimed at breeding, raising and training high-breed ogs fbr your protection with advanced techniques and skills.
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  4. 4. a e our o socia an rien - ui oso ainois noton e Mky dg 'l_df'dly_R'd Ml" lyhlp you prepare your dog with appropriate behaviors, but also hiÊlp t em o learn socialism. T is is i portant for your dog to learn to ehave when they encounter other ogs on every occasion. ? tmn er bond with the owner- An aggressive and irritating dog m y ose_t e bond with the owner. HovÉever with required training, ui oso Malinois helps strengthening the ond with your dog. Safety-With a required training, a dog can lo er the riskfor himself than any untrained dog. With our customize bag behavior training grogram, you get to control your dog at anywhere-road. park or home y voice controlling over your dog. Easily manageable do - A well-trained dog is quite easily manageable than any other dogs. ith some basic cqmmandcf, you can marêfige your dog more easily. All you have to do is to or r the dog an e will obey your commands.
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  6. 6. Contact Us Ruidoso Malinois P_O Box 1781 Capitan, NM 88316 Phone: (505) 400-9234 Fax: (575) 354-4344 E-mailz_ _ info@ruidosomalinois. com