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Black hat code make money online 2022

Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008
Blackhat Code
Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008
All rights reserved.
This guide must not be produced, reproduced, copied or ...
Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008
Blackhat Code
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Black hat code make money online 2022

  1. 1. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Presents Blackhat Code
  2. 2. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 All rights reserved. This guide must not be produced, reproduced, copied or passed on without the prior consent of the author. There is no guarantee on how much money you will make with the claims laid out in this guide.
  3. 3. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Blackhat Code
  4. 4. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Thankyou for purchasing BlackhatCode– basically this is my most controversial productin the history of whatI havelaunched beforeon the Internet. This is quite simply something that you will never ever come across before. People might starteven hating mefor revealing the secrets when I could havekept them for myself but I believe in honesty and integrity and one of the reasons I am launching this is becauseof the fact that people are always being forced to buy junk “get rich” products on the Internet. Therefore, this guide is not your typical “e-book” or “making money course” - no. This is quite simply Blackhat Code and when I say “Blackhat” I really do mean blackhat. Before I get into this let me firstclear a few myths aboutthis term and as to what it really means. If you ever come across people that say “Blackhat techniques” are illegal then you should not listen to them becausegurus and successfulmarketers and copyrighters havebeen doing blackhatmarketing for years. So how would I define Blackhatmarketing? Quite simply – Blackhat marketing iswhen you do something that might be considered unethical or that might “bend therules” but is within theboundaries. In other words BlackhatMarketing is not about“breaking rules” but twisting them and carrying outsomething that might be regarded as “cheating”.
  5. 5. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Blackhat hatmarketing is not for everyone but if something works and can generate you income then why would you want to turn away from Blackhat? (I mean just look at those innocent eyes on that cat!) In this guide I will shareall my techniques and secrets thatI haveapplied and used to generate thousands of dollars with blackhattechniques. These methods are not rehearsed methods butmethods that I haveused myself and that work. I willalso go into some great detail on the bestAffiliate Networks to join and how to get approved with Affiliate Networks. This is going to be a completestep-by-step blueprint on Blackhat Marketing and after finishing this guide you will make money so fast you will end up thanking me. But if you do not want to take action – Quit now.
  6. 6. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Anyway,sothats justa basic definition of BlackhatMarketing withoutconfusingyou and using the jargon that mostguys do. I am now going to introduce myself. My name is Imran Naseemand I havebeen online since the age of 17 in the late 1990s. I am only 27 rightnow (stillyoung) butmy firsttime online was in 1998 when I started exploring the world wide web and my only fascination back then was video games and chat rooms!(We all been there!). The one year that I began to take a keen interest in online marketing was the year 2004 when I boughtmy firstever domain and sold it for $1000 a year letter. After the years 2005 and 2006 I began to explorethe secrets of online marketing, I began to buy productafter product, I got scammed, spentliterally thousands of my hard earned money on these “get rich schemes” but nothing was working. I got into debt in 2005, depression hitmeand I thought“life was justa pain in the ass”. After finishing University I was quiteliterally broke– after working fora few sales job I simply did not want to work for anyoneanymore. I got sacked and walked out of my last sales job in 2007 when everything kinda changed for me. That's when I thought enough was enough and thats when I took a serious interestinto the wonderfulworld of Internet Marketing and combined it with Blackhat methods to make my “living” off the Internetto pay those bills..
  7. 7. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Many people like me, but not everyonereally likes me becauseI justtell it like it is. I am one of those guys who are laid back but who justdoes not hold back. I will not be hesitant to shareany of secrets because life is too shortto keep secrets. I started exploring blackhat methods in late 2007 and thats when I started generating $100a day.I began to puttwists and usingcreative waysI generated thousands of dollars in a month with blackhat marketing. 2008 was my serious year as you can seefrom thesescreenshots below from just ONE of many affiliate networks using the Blackhat Code strategies. As you can see from justthis account I havegenerated a total of $5385 injust 4 months with just Blackhat Code techniques! Considering I only spent an 1 hour a day on most of these methods anddid not do this on a full time basis you can see how powerful these methods are..
  8. 8. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 So was I able to generate so much money in a shortspaceof time? I mean there weredays when I was averaging $600in a singleday! Is thatcrazy? Yes it is and its insane. Itgot to a point whereI was shocked as to how easy it was to make monopoly money using Blackhat techniques. I am not here to bullshit you or lie to you because thats not my style. I am simply going to shareALL of the methods, all of the tricks I havelearnt with Blackhat Code and this is going to be one of the mostdetailed guides that will just shock you and amazeyou on you can make $400- $500 aday with Blackhat Code using my techniques. However, beforeI go into this let me firstplease adviseyou that if you are happy with Blackhat techniques then you made a great decision purchasing this guide because the information contained here might be considered “unethical” but ALL the techniques I show you can makeyou money easily if you follow this. In factyou might be familiar with someof the methods but I have my own little twists and creativity (updated for 2008) on how to make these methods work for you. Before I begin to teach you thesemethods I am firstgoing to briefly go through CPA and then go through the popular Affiliate Networks you can join (which is a must) and how to get approved. So without further adieu let's begin!
  9. 9. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 What is CPA???!!! Let me firstly go through whatCPA means and why it is one of the bestmethods of making money on the Internet. CPA is basically shortfor “Cost Per Action” which basically means companies pay you commission if you direct traffic for them in the form of your online marketing techniques. So for example, let's say a hugeFinance company is going to push a big campaign and wants to generate a lot of leads. This financial company willapproach a huge affiliate marketing network which deals with things like advertising and affiliates. This company agrees to pay $17.00 per lead for anyonewho can direct traffic to their “landing page” and get people to sign up. And that's all it is basically. You are generating leads for companies and in turn you are being rewarded. This has to be one of the mosteasiestways to make money and is being used by Blackhatters like me to exploit. Face it – if you find a loophole then you can make a lot of money from it. More and morepeople are making up to $1000 a day with CPA easily with Blackhat methods. If someonetells you their methods are “not Blackhat” then they are lying. In fact I once spoketo a major guru (I am not going to reveal his names) and he admitted he has used several blackhat techniques with CPA.. Anyway, enough aboutthatso that is CPA in a nutshell. We arenow going to look at CPAAffiliateMarketingcompanies.
  10. 10. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CPAAffiliateMarketing This is quite an importantsection so please pay attention. This is wherepeople tend to get confused and ask a lot of questions. CPA Affiliate Marketing companies are those huge millionaire marketing companies which you guys aregoing to join. These companies act as the middle man and in turn pay you to generate leads for their clients. There arelots of CPA affiliate marketing companies and personallyI am a member of severalnetworks justin caseone day I wakeup and find myself banned for no apparentreason. So its best you spread your wings and join rightnow. Hereis a brief summary of the ones I highly recommend.
  11. 11. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CX Digital Media This is a really cool network although sometimes it takes a few days to be approved I like the friendly layout of this network and they always haveCPA offers you can promote on a daily basis. I also like the way they pay – this company pays every 2 weeks! Imaginemaking $500 a day and knowing that you aregoing to be paid every 2 weeks! Payment method:First 2 payments haveto beby cheque and then you can opt for BANKTransfer (which is what I have done) Clickbooth Another one that I highly recommend is Clickbooth. This has high pay out rates. It might be a bit difficult to get accepted but I will show you how to get accepted later on in this guide. Clickbooth has severalleading high paying programs and the customer serviceis excellent fromthese guys. Payment Method:Chequeor Wire(Monthly)
  12. 12. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 NeverblueAds This is another popular affiliate network I havejoined and their payoutand customer serviceis extremely good. I also like the payouts and the different options available to the person. The affiliate managers for this company are very professionaland always answer your email in a timely manner. Payment Method:Cheque Max Bounty Another affiliate network that I am a member of is Maxbounty. This is another company which has very high payouts and again customer serviceis good. Also the wide variety of programs offered areexcellent and constantly change. Affiliate managers are very fastto respond to you if you have any problems. Payment Method:Cheque There are lots of other Affiliate Networks. Thesearejustseveral. Below is a complete list of the one's I am aware of. There is simply no time to put a review on each one! But as long as you can find a good one which has good customer serviceand has high payouts then you should not havea problem.
  13. 13. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Complete List of Affiliate Networks RocketProfit Maxbounty Hydra Azoogle Linkshare InstantDollarz Clickbooth CPA Empire ClickXchange Revenue Gateway Revenue Allies ShareaSale CJ.com LinkMo SearchCactus Market Leverage AdFish AdReporting AdterActive AffiliateCop Affiliateer AffiliateFuture AffiliateWindow AzoogleAds BulletAds CheckMyStats ClickBooth ClixGalore CommissionJunction CommissionSoup CPAEmpire CPAJunction CPAStorm
  14. 14. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CyberBounty DarkBlue eAdvertising FiliNet FineClicks FloppyBank FluxAds HydraMedia LeadClick LeaderMarkets LeadHound LinkConnector LinkShare MaxBounty ModernClick OffersQuest PaidOnResults Performics PrimaryAds RevenueGateway RevenueLoop RexTopia RocketProfit ShareASale ShareResults Turn2Offers CX Digital/Incentaclick Pepperjam Network
  15. 15. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Imran wtf man, how do I get accepted to an Affiliate Network?” “... okaythey rejected myaccount,please reply tome or I will be mad..” “..They rejected my account 3 times, how do I get accepted”? How to get accepted to an Affiliate Network I havemany people always emailing me the following type of comments : - There is no magic secretin getting accepted to an affiliate account. But whatyou
  16. 16. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 need to do beforeyou join one is to makesureyou have the following things ready. Anexisting website To be accepted on an Affiliate network youhave to showthem you are seriousabout promoting their products therefore, you need to havea websitewhich has adverts, good content and a niche. For example, a website on dogs or any blog about something specific with good content and a bunch of adverts is a good indicator to them that you will promote their publishers ads on your websitewith good intention. If your websiteis ugly and does not have good content and is considered to be inappropriatethen you will not be accepted. For the purposeof these blackhattechniques you need to make sure your website is sensible and does not break any terms and conditions. Remember you need to showthe Affiliate managers thatyou intend to promote their products using your website and other techniques. Never EVER revealyour Blackhattechniques to ANY affiliate company or you will be banned immediately. Onceyou have decided on a specific website and have registered the domain name (you can even buy a cheap .info name for 99 cents from Godaddy to be accepted) it is time to put down your Affiliate techniques. For example, 99% of all registration pages for Affiliate companies always a question
  17. 17. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Hi, I intend to promoteyour ads using a rangeof onlinemarketing techniques. I am an onlinemarketing expert and I will be using email marketing, article marketing and social network marketing to promotetheproducts. Furthermore, I will be promoting your productson my blog and my website [URL name] and will generatetraffic using a range of PPC methodsgeared towardsdifferent niches. I lookforward to work with you and promotemore of your products”. along the lines of .. “How do youintend topromote Publishers products?” And I usually put something like this. This will always get you accepted.. Now the above line tells them you are serious an you are not going to mess them about. This is important because if you do not bother with this partof the registration process then you willmost likely not be accepted. So makesureyou say something like above! Once you have submitted your information you might either get accepted on the same day, or they might call you to confirm a few things with you over the phone. Usually if they call you they will ask you the samequestions “How do you intend to promote our products” - always make sureyou repeat what I justsaid above...and you should be alright :) Onceyou are happy it is now time to get started with Blackhat Code techniques. Please note the following techniques areblackhat and you will need to understand
  18. 18. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 that if you consider any of the methods unethical then please stop reading this guide and quit. However, if you are serious aboutmaking someserious money with Blackhat Techniques then you should put on yourBlack Hat and get ready to be shocked and amazed on the most revealing Blackhat secrets which I have personally used to generated thousands of dollars... Blackhat Code Begins... Please continue to the next page..
  19. 19. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Blackhat Code Method 1 – Are you sick of this method? - E-Date Method I am firstgoing to startoff with one of the oldest methods I firstdiscovered in 2007. This method has been kinda saturated to death but I can still easily make$200-$300 a day with this with my easy simple strategy. I call this method – the e-date method becausequite simply it involves the dating niche. This method is simply trying to target “men” and get them to sign up to an affiliate link offer. In this method I will also show you which offers are the best “converting”ones and howyou can useyour creativity to makeeven moremoney with this method. Now before I begin if you are thinking “oh no, not this method again”, well you should reconsider because whatI am going to show you is a powerful, provenblackhat system that actually works each time you try it. Before webegin this method let me find dating-related offersfrom popular Affiliate Networks to see which ones wecan promote. For the purposeof this guide we are going to be looking mainly at USA offers.
  20. 20. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CX Digital Dating Offers The above offers are a snapshottaken from CX Digital Media (Incentaclick) dating offers which areaimed at the USA target market. Whatwe are looking forhere is the offers that pay us per lead, I.e. when a user submits his email and makes a free account to one of the dating websites. Simply select the one that you would feel would convertthe best. I usually select DateTheUK fromCX Digital Media which pays you $4.75 per sign up. Always select offers that pay you anywherefrom $3-$5.00+and is a simply sign up. For example, looking at the above list as you can see SinglesNet (3585) pays $4.00 for an “E-mail submission only” which simply means you haveto direct a user to the page and get him to submithis email address.
  21. 21. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Clickbooth Dating Offers
  22. 22. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see Clickbooth has very high payoutrates for its dating offers.I would seriously recommend this company becauseof its high pay out for its leads compared to other dating offers with other companies.
  23. 23. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Neverblue AdsDating Offers As you can see abovethese are the Neverblue dating offers. Thesearealso high payouts. I usually focus on easy simple page offers that I can promote.
  24. 24. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 The Method Once you have selected your dating offer you wish to promote it is time to pull out your BlackhatCode guide and usemy method. The beauty of this method is that you can be very creative and use your own little twists. I avoid advertising on places like Craigslistbecausethey will simply ban you. I use Gumtreeand other classified sites which I would get a fairly high response. However, the key thing about the e-dating method is that you want people to email you and once you have lots and lots of emails in your account then you are ready to begin. Before I go into this method I recommend you purchasea cheap domain name. Because wewantto keep our costs low I would buy a cheap .info or a cheap .org domain name (unless you can get a .comfor 99 cents). Namecheap is the bestplace to buy a domain name and they are always running special offers for domains. I would purchasea domain name related to the dating niche and what you intend to do. For example, hotgirlsunited.info would be a good domain name. Just pick something that would relate to this niche. Once you have purchased your domain name it is time to redirect your domain name to the affiliate CPA affiliate offer which will “protect” you from getting banned in case your offer has a too high click through rate.
  25. 25. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 How toredirect your domain name toyour Affiliate offer To redirectyour domain name to youraffiliate offerit is simply easy. 1. Log on to your Affiliate Network. 2. Onceyou arelogged on locate yourCPA Dating Affiliate Link. 3. Then log on to your hosting accountuntil you see something like this
  26. 26. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 4. Click the “Redirectslink” untilyou seea screen like this As you can seeabove it is easy to redirect your domain name to your affiliate link. For example, yourdomain.comwillredirect the user to your affiliate link and generally it looks much better. Onceyou have donethat justclick the ADD button and now you are ready to promote your dating offers.
  27. 27. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Gumtree Method –Is this saturated? I don't think so!!! The firstmethod I amgoing to talk about is the Gumtree method. This method has been explained very badly by most blackhatters and I am going to keep this simple. If you arefrom the USA then you might haveproblems posting on Gumtree but you can still try to use UK proxysites to poston Gumtree. However, this conceptapplies to US classified sites so it would not matter that much. People to whom I havesold this method have gone on to make $3000 a month using my strategy. The firstthing to do is head over to Gumtree
  28. 28. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see abovethere is a categoryon Gumtreecalled Friends/Datingcategory. Itis this category we are going to focus on for this method. Click the “Friends/Dating” link. We aregoing to postan Ad on Gumtreeand I will show you exactly the type of email account to use and how you should avoid FREE email accounts. Click “Postan Ad” at the top of your Gumtreepage. (For the purposes of this example weare going to postan Ad on the London section) Click the “Friends/partners/dating” category which should then takeyou to another category.
  29. 29. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 (For the purposes of this example I will do a “LIVE” ad which I willtest and show you on how easy it is to make money with this method). Now there areseveralcategories here “Dating” and “Casualsexrelationships”.I will look at the dating category later on in this guide but for the purposeof this guide I will click on “Casual sex relationships”.
  30. 30. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next click on “girls seeking guys” sincewearegoing to be targeting “men” who will be enticed to sign up to your affiliate page. Next it is time to do an ad. I usually do short, simple ads that would get lots of responses. Here is an example (seebelow)
  31. 31. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 You should notice two things in this ad. Firstly, the ad is shortand sweet and does not give a “suspicion alert”. Also notice the title. Itis straightto the point and the description is simple too. Many people spend far too much time on description and therefore, they end up getting banned or having their ad deleted. However,becauseweare only interested in as many emails as possiblewe justwant lots of emails so even if your ad is deleted after 200-300+emails it does not matter! Now you should havealso noticed another thing in the abovead. The email is not a
  32. 32. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 FREE email address. I would strictly avoid using FREEemail addresses for this method because they will get you banned and would wasteyour time. Instead whatyou need to do is useyour hostemail address. And this is quite simple to add. You firstly need to log on to your control panel host.
  33. 33. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next you need to click the “mail” link which you can find on your Cpanel has shown in your host. Next you should seesomething like this (seebelow) Click the “Add” Accountbutton as shownabove.
  34. 34. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next click “Add Account” until you are taken to a screen like this (seebelow) This is whereyou enter your email. I.e. yournickname@yourdomain.com and then you enter a password for this emailsince you will be accessing this when logging on to Cpanel. Onceyou havedone that click “create” and you should now able to access your email for this method using your host.
  35. 35. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next click “Web mail” to access your email and click The Roundcubeemail. I useRoundcube mail becauseit is fastand does the job. Once you click the link above, activate your ad and then you should get a message from Gumtree which gives you your ad number. This is usually 8 digits and you can use this number to check if your ad is live. If your ad is still there when you key in this number then that means your ad is live. If, however, your ad does not go live then mostlikely it was deleted but 99% of the time I havegood success rates in my ads going live. Onceyour ad goes live your screen should startreceiving emails. Please note that you should not reply to the emails straight away because we needour emails to buildup over time
  36. 36. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Hey!, thanksfor replying, itwas sweet of you too, hope your alright, did you want to see my pic? I have took one butI'm not sure if its showing up, can you help me as I am nottechnical with pcs lol...justgo to [[Your domain name link]] and let me know if it works, my nickname isfluffy_hunny22”. XX Onceyour emails havebuilt up in your inbox, I.e. you haveabout200+300 emails then it is time to reply to your ad. Generally, 99%of the emails guys send you arealways thesame “they are looking for a date or a chat” so here is a typical responseI would give them. A responselike this would easily work becauseit is short and gets straight to the point. I usually justcutand pastemy replies, I do not bother to read whatthey have put down... Now the e-dating method is simple in a nutshellbut there are other twists and creative ways you can do this to your advantage. The example I gaveyou was to advertisein the “casualsex relationships” section of Gumtree. But you can also submityour ad in the following categories and still make money.
  37. 37. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see if you click the “Dating” category this section of the websiteallows you to postYoutube URLS and Pictures for your ad. So for example, when posting your ad you can upload somerealistic looking pictures of girls and a Youtube video which you can direct traffic to using Gumtree.
  38. 38. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Another category which is unsaturated isthe “guys seekingguys” categoryof Gumtree. For this category you can postan ad pretending to be a “gay guy”.I would post something like this. “Hi, if any lads wantto chat to a 23 year old guy from London area then please get in touch. I have a few new pictures of myself. I like to see who I am talking to so please send a pic before I send mine”. Thanks. There area lot of gay dating affiliates you can promotefor this. Somepayouts pay as much as $20 for this! Believe or not the gay market is huge! You mightalso wantto experiment with the “girl looking for girl” category byposting an ad pretending to be a “gay woman” and direct people to a site for homosexual women.
  39. 39. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Featured Ads OnGumtree Perhaps this is one of my closestsecrets but I haveused the “featured” ads section on gumtree to generate 500 + emails at a time! This usually works by paying Gumtreeto haveyour ad rotated at the top of the listings for a limited time. For more information on the Featured ads section go here http://www.gumtree.com/help/help_with_my_featured_ad Please note that this is entirely up to you but this can get you lots of emails in a shortspaceof time and the costis justless than $20.00 Because Gumtree is a UK classified website you might wantto check how much it will costyou to get your ad featured. Below is a snippetof information I havetaken fromthe Gumtree website.
  40. 40. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 The E-dating method works and has proven to work and this method can also be used in chat rooms whereyou can go in as a girl and ask guys to add you on a “fake msn email account”. Please note that the e-dating accountis something that I have personally used myself and it has proven to work. I haveoutlined everything aboveon how to make the e-dating accountwork for you.
  41. 41. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Here areother classified sites you can usefor this method. http://www.vivastreet.co.uk http://www.kijiji.com/ craigslist.org( Usethis at yourown risk!) http://www.inetgiant.co.uk/ http://www.hallolondon.co.uk I will now move on to the next method .
  42. 42. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Method 2 – The Recruitment“Blackhat” Method You will need abit of investment inthismethod but that investment isworth it! This method is very Blackhat and it might be considered unethical but it is also one of my favouritemethods. I have used this method myself to make $500 in just one day easily. The method is simple – you are going to pose as a recruitment consultantand pretend you are going to offer people “jobs”. Now if you have ever noticed on popular classified sites or job sites a lot of recruitment consultants postseveralads posting jobs. Mostrecruitment consultants act as middle men for many firms and therefore take commission. Anyway,themethod involves makingpeoplecomplete asimpleone page form. I will show you how. Head over to Gumtree.com (You can usethis method on other websites but for the purposes of this guideI will use Gumtree) We aregoing to focus on the “Jobs” section.
  43. 43. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see the Gumtree job section is divided into severalcategories. Now as you probably know or if you ever had experience – you will do anything to get a job. I havein the past searched the Internetfor jobs and I have contacted agencies myself to ask them about jobs. And when people are “dying” to get a J.O.Byou need to use their desperation to your advantage. I muststress this is blackhat, this wholeguide is blackhatso if you
  44. 44. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 are notgoing to agree with my tactics then please stop reading this.. For the purposes of this guide I am going to use the “Data/Entry” category. Onceyou click on the category you should click “postan ad” and then come to a screen that looks something like this. Click the “I am an employer link”. Onceyou have donethat you should betaken to a screen which gives you the costof posting the ad – which is about $37.00 (£24.50)
  45. 45. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Here is a typical example of an ad you can do. Notice it is asking for a “data entry person” who has experience in MS Officeand knowledgeof the Internet. For security reasons I would putdown a sparecell phonenumber, I.e. if you can get hold of a cell phone number you do not wish to usethen you can put it down or you can put down an old one or a fake one..the key is to submit your ad and then pay.
  46. 46. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Hi, I read your ad. I am interested in applying for thisposition. Please can you give me an interview or more details”? Onceyou haveclicked “Select paymentmethod” you willbe taken to the payment page where you pay for your ad and after a few minutes it goes live and then you justwait for people to email you. This is whereit gets really exciting. Oncepeople email you and their email will be something along the lines of.. Basically, people will email you becausethey wantthe job!
  47. 47. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 So whatdo you do? How does this method work? Well whatwe are going to do is simply reply to people's ads and ask them to do a quick 2-3 minute routine“security measure” and fill in simple forms. So for example, looking at offers on your Affiliate Network we see that there are lots of offers that pay god payouts for simple one page forms. Here is an example of a simple one page US offer that you can direct people to fill. This offer pays $3.75 butthis is justan example. You can find your own offers. If you arenot based in the USA and would like to see how you view US offers or then you can use a site called http://www.hidemyass.com and pasteyour affiliate link there to see how the offer looks like to Americans. Take a look at the landing page (below) on how easy it is.
  48. 48. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can seethe aboveoffer page is only one page and takes no more than a few minutes for the person to fill. Now this is wherethe blackhatpart comes into play. When you receive a reply from people this is what you can paste...
  49. 49. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 You can use this twiston other areas too but for me this is the bestone sinceit actually “entices” the person to fill the offer. P.S I would buy a domain name or usea domain redirectfeature for your offer.. This is very blackhatmuch can make you lots of money in a very shortspaceof time. The $37.00 you spend on the ad can easily be made with justa few sign ups.. I will now move on to the next Blackhat Code Method.. “Hi, thanksfor your reply for thedata entry position. We have had lots of replies for thisposition. However, we are screen testing all our candidatesand therefore as part of our measures one of theways we test potential candidatesisto test the speed of their typing. So therefore, if you can fill in the offer page at [[URL LINK]] and then reply back to us so we can track how long it took you to fill the page. Thankyou”.
  50. 50. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Method 3 – Using The FREECREDIT Report Method The beauty of Blackhat Techniques is that there are so manyways to makemoney fromit. Take this next example that can be applied to severalniches. The idea of this method is to postlistings of car ads or real estate ads and get someoneto email you asking for enquiries. This is like the recruitmentmethod but with a certain twist. This method can be used with classified websites such as Craigslistor Gumtree and is a very powerfulmethod that I have personally used myself to generate over $100+a day. The firstthing you need to do is head over to Gumtree.com (for the purposes of this example I am going to stick to Gumtree). Weare going to focus on the “cars for sale” category.
  51. 51. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Itis no secret that people who are looking to buy a car arealways looking for a bargain at a very good price so whatI do is click on the “cars” section. I then click on “postad ad” until I come to a page that looks something like this. I then head over to the relevant category for the price-range. Sinceweare going to be posting a “fake” ad for a car I pick a suitable price range which is in the bargain range for the purposeof enquiries.
  52. 52. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 I then head over to somewherelike Ebay and Browsefor old Car Descriptions and justpastethem on my ad. This is extremely blackhatso please be careful. Do notput your phone number on the ad. I use a picture also to get more people to reply to your ad and I always usea car which is 3 years old and use a bargain price.
  53. 53. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Heyman, I am interested in purchasing the car. Isit possible to buy this today or test drive this”? Onceyou click submityour ad should go live straightaway. Pleasenote this method can be used on US classified websites too so you can be very creative with this method. Onceyour ad goes live you startreceiving emails from people along the lines of.. Onceyou startgetting a few emails it is time to direct these people to a FREE CREDIT reportCPA offer. Logging into my affiliate network I can see there are several free credit reports that pay you anything from $2.00 to $17.00. I wantto select the one that is a simple page and which is simple to fill. Here is an example below.
  54. 54. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see this is a simple one page form wherethe user justhas to fill in the page with his/her email address and other information. Onceyour receive a responsefrom theperson in email this is whatyou are going to reply.
  55. 55. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 You can also use this method for real estate/properties. You can postan ad for rentand put up a picture of a an attractiveproperty and price it quite low to receive lots of bids. Onceyou receive emails you reply in the same way as you did for the car ads. The beauty of this method is quite simple – you can get lots of people signing up in numbers to complete the offer and can make lots of money. However, always remember that use the redirect domain feature on the domain. Do not simply go around replying with the affiliate link or you will get banned..:) Or you can use this method with other categories – I.e. mobilephones/cell phones, Televisions, Ipods etc. Useyour creativity and your imagination. “Hello thankyou for showing your interest inthecar. We arecurrently only going to speak to peoplewho have a credit report dueto lotsof fraudulent people making offers for the car. Therefore, if you have a few minutes you can get the report here [[URL LINK]]. Thankyou and sorry for the disruption.”
  56. 56. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Method 4 –How touse thepower of YouTube tomake money with Blackhat techniques One of the best ways to makemoney is by using the power of the popular video sharing websiteYouTube. The best way to make money with YouTube is to use a combinationof Blackhat techniques and I will go through severalones that I use. Again many people haveexplained this method very badly and I havemy own little twist on how to make good money with YouTube. There are severalareas you can exploit in order to make money with Youtube. I will go through them each step-by-stepandI will talk about one of the most amazing Bots I have ever purchased andwhich will guarantee you successwithyour videos. 1 – Music The first area I tend to focus on is music. Now all you have to do first of all is head over to Youtube (the worldwidesection) and click on the Music section and see how many views this category receives.
  57. 57. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see the music videos havea lot of views and this is down to the fact that people are very passionateabout music and simply love music. Therefore, what you can do is take advantageof this and usethe music niche to direct people to CPA ringtoneoffers.Now this method again has been explained very badly and I will give you a simple step-by-step accounton how you can use this to your advantageand
  58. 58. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 how a certain bot can get you at the top of any music video. The firstthing you need to do is find out what's hotin the music market. So I usually head over to the Ringtone section of the Billboard.com websiteand see which ringtones are the mostdownloaded ones. I usually promotemusic videos based on popular the ringtones are. For example, take a look at this page and you will see the top 50 Ringtones. Some of these ringtones arefor old music thats been around since2001.However,peopleare very nostalgic and based on their nostalgia we can promote ringtone offers.
  59. 59. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Let's takean example on how powerfulthis is. For example, takea look at the first video in the list above – Katy Perry – Hot N Cold. If wetype “Katy Perry – Hot N Cold AND Ringtone” you should see the list of results.
  60. 60. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Notice the amountof views for this song and people have used a domain redirection on popular CPA ringtone offers and are using ringtone-related domain names. Therefore, in this case whatyou can do is replicate whatpeople are doing. However,let's firstlook at the typeof Ringtone-related offers availablefrom popular
  61. 61. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CPA affiliate networks. Again for thepurposes of this guideI willfocus on the US offers, although there are lots of ringtone offers for other countries too. Clickbooth Ringtone offers Clickbooth has severalringtone-related offersthat pay well. Here aresomeyou can use. As you can seeClickbooth has very high payouts for its ringtoneoffers.
  62. 62. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 NeverblueadsRingtoneoffers Hereare offers for Neverblueads ringtones.Asyou can seethe payouts arequite high too and there is a wide variety of different ringtone type/sms offers.
  63. 63. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Onceyou haveselected your ringtoneoffer it is time to upload your YoutubeMusic Video. The way I do this is simply use Windows MovieMaker If you already havean MP3 song of the actual video you wish to promote then you can add that on Windows MovieMaker. However, you also havethe option of “ripping” the music video from Youtube. I usehttp://www.downloadyoutubevideos.com/ to do this and it simpletakes a couple of minutes. Onceyou have your music video ready or your song I useWindows MovieMaker to edit a few bits. I am not going to teach you on how to useWindows Movie Maker but I will show you what I do. I usually select a picture that I can use in my Video that attracts attention. For example, if your video is 4.00 long then half way through your video (2.00) your picture is “captured” on the Youtube Search results. This is used by Youtube to captureyour picture for your video. E.g. if your video is 10 seconds long and you have set a picture at 5 seconds then that picture will be captured. So if you are promoting a popular music (I would avoid uploading an entire music video in case of copyrightissues), I would add something like : - “Download Akon Ringtone– [[yourdomain]] as a watermark on thevideo.
  64. 64. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Youtube also has a special featurewhere youcan find Annotations which lets you add text on your video. Here is an example of someonealready doing that. This is a perfectexample on how you should besetting out your video. As you can see this user has annotated his video with the “Click here to download ringtone” text. However, I would haveput my ringtone-related domain name (usually redirected to my affiliate link). Notice on the description page the user has used tiny URL to hide the affiliate link. Also the user has used a Squidoo landing page. Itis entirely up to you what type of page to use but I personally recommend using a domain redirect page.
  65. 65. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Make sureon your video Title page and tag you include the full name of your video and title of song. Onceyou havedone that you can promote your video in places like Facebook, Yahoo! Answers, StumbleUpon and other social networking sites. However, I will show you later on in this guide how you can usethe power of a Youtube Botto increaseyourvideos viewsand ratings and dominate the Youtube search results.. 2 – Games Another one of my favourite methods is to use the gaming niche/market and direct people to gaming CPA offers. Weall know everyonethesedays has a cell phone and whatbetter way then to promotecell phonegames on Youtube? People simply love playing games on their phone, I know I do and this is one of the best money makers on Youtube.
  66. 66. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Firstly justlook at the gaming Video views on Youtube – you will notice there are tons of people viewing videos related to video games.
  67. 67. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Now we aregoing to look at somegaming CPA offers. Neveblueads Gaming Offers As you can see Neverblue ads has severalcell phonegaming related offers. I would select the one I would feel convert well. Also I would recommend using a game- related domain name and use a domain redirect.
  68. 68. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 CX Digital Gaming Offers There areother affiliate networks withthousands of similar CPAoffersfor cell phone gamers. The above is just an example. Anyway,onceyou havedecided on the CPA offeryou are going to promoteit is time to upload your Youtube gaming video. The best way to do this is to upload a short trailer of a game and upload it. For example, when Grand Theft Auto came out on the PS3 there were lots of videos related to it promoting CPA offers related to GTA game on cell phones.
  69. 69. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see abovethis is an example of a cell phonevideo game trailer. Now the user has used an affiliate link on the description page so that means when people click on the link and “buy” or download this game he/she makes commission. I will soon show you how to get your videos likethis to the top of the Youtube results 3 – Using Controversial Methods... Other than cell phonegames and ringtones there arealso controversial methods you can use by using Youtube. These controversialmethods might offend someand be considered unethical but I can tell you that they can make you lots of money. Using “Sex”To enticepeople Believe it or not one of the mostpopular Blackhat Code methods I have used on
  70. 70. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Youtube is to use“sex” to promote affiliate offers.Now this does not mean start uploading Porn on Youtube – No. This basically means use“sexy” images of women (targetthem at men) to entice the male audience. This would involvethem registering or filling out any offers. Let me firstshow you justhow powerfulthis is. Head over to Youtube and type in “sexy girls”.
  71. 71. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can seeabove these videos generate a lot of views and subscribers in a short spaceof time because the male audience simply love typing things like this. Therefore, whatyou can do is be creative and usea bit of imagination. Here's how... 1. Upload a video of a web cam girl etc. By this I mean an actual web cam girl who has appeared on cam. There arelots of videos on other video sharing sites that you can download. Here is an example of a few “a web cam girl”. Here is an example of a web cam girl. As you can the user of the video is using an affiliate link for his domain name. The link takes the user to Adult website where
  72. 72. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 they can register a profile. A better description would be – “chat to this girl live right now at [[URL LINK]]. As you can see videos like this tend to generate a lot of views. This above video was uploaded 19 hours ago atthe time of writing and already it has generated nearly 100 views. Notice the title of the video –it says “Sexy girl on cam”. This is justoneexample of many ways you canbe creativewith this method. You can also usemany other ways with Youtube but these are the main ones I use to generate good money. Youtube Bot – The one I use Special Complimentary Video
  73. 73. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Method 5 – Blackhat Code Method “Offline” One of the best things about Blackhat methods is that you can use many ways and be as creative as possible. One of the most coolest methods I have tried that has worked is to usean offline blackhat method. This method quite simply involves printing flyersor putting stickers of a specific niche and sticking the flyersor stickers on trees, buses and trains. Take a look at the example below. Single? Lonely? Sick of your marriage? Want to find someone in the Blackburn Area? Head over to [[URL LINK]]
  74. 74. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see abovethis is an example of a typical poster you can use to stick on a tree. Itis attention grabbing, shortand sweetand the domain name you can useis a domain redirect one. When people go to the domain name they will be taken to the affiliate link page. The best places to stick these posters is parks, and areas where there are not many houses butlots of traffic like cars and buses. You might even wantto putthis on bus stops so when the bus stops curious people will always be willing to look. These curious people will end up going onto the website and registering. You might also wantto put these posters on benches, lamp posts – anywhere that you can find which is not necessarily going to get you in trouble but will be looked at by lots of people. This is a a very unique method. Next time you go out make sureyou havea flyer printed and ready to be stuck...who knows how much this can make you – target the males ;)
  75. 75. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Method6 – Entice people by using FREE sites andFREEGifts This method is justbrilliant. Plain and simplegenius. Imaginehaving lots and lots of people completing offers for you and making you lots of cash! For this method I recommend you follow theinstructionsstep-by-steptoeffectively make lots of money. The method in a nutshell is plain and simple. You are going to be promoting a simple Wordpress site, or a Squidoo page or even a normal one page which will havesome free offer for the person. For example, free Ipods, freeIphones, FreeAdword Codes etc. People like FREE stuff on the Internetand therefore, one of the best ways to entice them with free gifts is to give them something in return for their completion of a CPA offer. Now ALL affiliate companies are always looking to ban people who entice people to “complete offers” for non- incentivised offers (I.e. user cannot give a person an incentive to complete something) as opposed to an incentivised offer. I haveused this method successfully myself to makeup to $500 in just a day. The secretlies in how you promoteyour offer to people and how you are able to stay under the radar. So the firstthing I recommend is to firstly look for any CPA affiliate offers that pay good money for simple one page “leads”. There are lots of insurancecompanies, freecredit reportpages or any other ones you can use.
  76. 76. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next head over to http://wordpress.com/ and click thesign up button to starta “free blog” The reason weare going to usea Wordpress blog is simply –these are ranked very high on Google You can starta wordpressblog todayand in just48 hours youcan beranked high for your keyword, with justa few backlinks.
  77. 77. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next sign up for a FREE wordpress blog account(your blog willbe hosted on their servers)
  78. 78. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next justfill in all the relevant information for your Wordpressaccount.Hereis a tip : - We aregoing to be focusing on creating a wordpress sitefor FREEthings I.e. people type things like “free Adwords codes” on Google all the time. I usethis tool from Wordtracker to help me find out what people are actually typing on Google.
  79. 79. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 FreeKeywordSuggestionTool
  80. 80. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see from the aboveresults thereare literally hundreds of different“free” searches people are typing on Google. Let's pick one at random. For example, “freeItunescodes” is a popular search phraseaccording to WordTracker. If welook at the competition on Google you will see there areover a million results
  81. 81. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 and it would be fairly easy to be able to rank on the firstpage. Competition for the phrase “free itunes codes” As you can see fromthis competition there is not that much competition for this keyphrase.Therefore,sticking to our example lets starta simplewordpress blogone “Free Itunes Codes”. For the purposes of this example, I am going to register the blog and set it up and then leave the username and password for anyonewho wants to own it :) Here is the link to our example page
  82. 82. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see on the above page that is a typical example of a simple Wordpress page. Notice I haveincluded the main keyword phraseon the title of the site itself and the header. The concept is simple. People who want“free Itunes codes” will come on this website, follow the simple instructions and then complete the offer. This is a greatway to 'entice' the personto fill the offer. However,NEVEREVER show this link to your Affiliate company or your managers or they will ban you :)
  83. 83. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 The usernamefor the abovelink is freeitunescodes and thepassword is spiderman999. However wantsthis they can do so. Firstcomefirstserved :) You can do this sameconceptwith other “free” phrasespeople aresearchingfor. For example, free movies, free movie downloads. Basically anything you can think of that something people would want. And the beauty of this method is that it will never get saturated as long as you are within the radar and are careful. Notice on Google you can see severalresults wherepeople are actually typing things like “Wherecan I find free Itunes codes”. I would go to sites such as Yahoo! Answers and other forums and justtype a few lines and get a few backlinks. Here aresome other niches/markets you can exploit with this method. Free Movie Downloads Free Adwords Vouchers Free DVD Horror movies Freee-books!(this musthavebeen saturated to death!) Free Game cheats on any game! FreeAkon,Eminem (New)Album Free Mp3 songs There are simply tons and tons of markets you can exploit. You can also useSquidoo for this or even weebly This is whereyour creativity comes into play. You can alter the design of your site,
  84. 84. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 blog, page or whatever. As long as you areusing redirect domain and hiding or “masking” your affiliate link then you should be alright. You can promotethis method on places likeYoutube, Yahoo! Answers,andother social networking sites. Please watch the complimentary video whereI explain how I usedthe Youtube Spinner Bot to generate up to $600 a day with this method.
  85. 85. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 How to drive traffic to your CPA Offers Now I havehad many people always ask me this question. Whatis the bestway to drivetraffic to your CPA pages/landing pages etc? Well becausethis guide only deals with BLACKHAT techniques I will be talking about a range of blackhat and white hat techniques to drivetraffic to your pages. I use these techniques myself and they work wonders. 1. DrivingTraffic usingYoutube This is one of my favouritemethods and I have donea special video for this so please click here to watch the video in regards to this. I also talk about the Youtube Bot which I use to drive hoards of traffic.
  86. 86. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 2. DrivingTrafficusing Yahoo! Answers Yahoo! Answersisa greatwayto drivetrafficto yourCPA Offers.Forexample, consider our example question. “Where can I get free Itunes codes?” If wetypein the Phrase“FreeItunes codes Yahoo Answers” on Googlewecan see that there are lots of people asking this question. Take a look atthe screenshotbelow.
  87. 87. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 “Hi, you can obtain freeItunescode fromthissite http://freeitunescodes.wordpress.com/ You will need to completea simpleoffer and then you can get your free codes. I have used thissite myself and it works”. As you can see from the screenshotabovethereare lots of people out there who are looking for answers to their problems. So for example, if you go to Yahoo! Answers you can put down an answer like this. An answerlike that can help you drive lots of traffic to your page and will give you backlinks too. You can give this answer to other similar questions too and you will soon find traffic will start to increase for your CPA page. 3. StumbleUpon This is another great websiteto drivetraffic. I haveused StumbleUpon myself to drivehoards of traffic to my CPA page. StumbleUpon is good for “viral traffic” becausethe people who are browsing are“channelsurfing” these websites and if they find something interesting they will “stumble” your site for you. Obviously themorestumbles you havethe moretraffic your page will receive.
  88. 88. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see StumbleUpon has lot of different categories and different niches. 4. Digg Oneof my favouriteblackhattechniques to drivetraffic is to useDigg This little trick was explained on various places butlet me shareit with you guys. Now we all know DIGG is a high PR ranked websiteand the more diggs you have the moretraffic you have. Anyway, this method can easily increaseyour websites traffic and also give you good PR backlinks.
  89. 89. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 a) The firstthing you need to do is head over to Digg.com and click the link that says 365 days. We aregoing to be adding comments to posts thatare a year old. b) Onceyou havedone that you should see all the differentarticles and posts that are a year old.
  90. 90. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Next you will see a bunch of stories. Thesestories havehigh PR – PR 4, 5 6+. What you simply need to do is click the comments section of one story and then log in and scrollat the bottom of the story has shown below.
  91. 91. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Click “SaveComment”
  92. 92. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 5. Facebook FanPages/Groups–CPA AtIts Best This is one of my favouritemethods and is it so powerfulthat I am shocked many people are not using this already! This method involvesthe popular socialnetworkingsite Facebook and involves simply creating celebrity fansitegroups and directing people to CPA Offers. For example, lets say you create a fansiteon a rising music celebrity in the media. Here is an example. Let's say wewantto make a fansiteon the music band Pink Floyd. Whatyou can do is create a fansite dedicated to the band and link yourCPA offers, such as ringtones, and merchandisefor people.
  93. 93. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 As you can see Facebook group allow anyoneto create groups or fansites for anything or anyone. Italso lets you put your URL link and other things. You can experiment with CPA ringtoneoffersthis way and get people to “downloadmusic ringtones”.This is another greatway to drive trafficto your pages and it can work wonders if you havelots of friends on Facebook whom you can target.
  94. 94. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Final thoughts.. I hopeyou enjoyed reading Blackhat Code and can benefit morefrom this. Just a final note coming from the video on Youtube bot – If you would like to purchase 1000 YoutubeAccounts then please let me know and I can refer you to someone who charges just$30 for 1000 Youtubeaccounts. I hope you apply all of my secret methods andstrategies and startthinking about the creative side of Blackhat Marketing. The methods in this guide can easily make you up to $500 ina day or even$1000 if done right. Justmakesureyou always stay under theradar and have a great relationship with your Affiliate Manager – as you can always get a good rise inyour payouts. For example, if you are doing well for a certain CPA offer then you can ask for a rise. And remember...staysafe...andundertheradar...my name is Imran Naseem and I am now going into hiding..until next time!
  95. 95. Copyright© ImranNaseem–All RightsReserved2008 Learnmore my method toearn first 5000$ 12,000 $$$ Get Paid Uploading Documents Download 107 EasyWays to Make First 5,000$ ForBeginner Email MasterClass 780.09$ in 24Hours Click and earn 458.97$ I've Been Able To Make Over $1.58 MILLION Dollars Online... Sleep Twitter Money Make 100,000 with Instagram Easy Step to Earn 1,201$ with Clickbank Think out of the box, Get out of the crowd, be the different and let the world know about you! TAKE ACTION!