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Building Peace With Economic Development

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Building Peace With Economic Development at the 2015 Rotary International Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Building Peace With Economic Development

  1. 1. 2015 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Break the silence Harnessing the power of the social business model as a bridge to peacebuilding.
  2. 2. #ricon15 Sustainable profits. From activity to impact. Find meaning in your work. Develop new business models. Social Enterprise: building change
  3. 3. #ricon15 The scale of silence: the problem 626 million people with hearing loss and 2/3 in developing countries 9 million hearing aids are manufactured a year Average price of hearing aid in USA is $1,800 Price of one battery is $2 and need is 1 a week Dearth of professionals 50% hearing loss can be prevented 181 million children with a hearing loss 70% of USA and 88% of developing countries are underserved
  4. 4. #ricon15 Our business model We are a sustainable social business manufacturing solar powered hearing aids by people who are deaf for people with a hearing loss
  5. 5. #ricon15 What We Do Our products provide a child the ability to learn to develop speech therefore an opportunity to go to a public school.
  6. 6. #ricon15 Solar Ear’s mission: M 8 goals 1) Millennium goals but for people with disability. 2) Offer training and employment to young people who are deaf, especially women. 3) Provide education programs on issues of HIV-AIDS and maternal health programs. 4) Showing society the special abilities of people with a disability. 5) Develop new methods for people in conflict to find common ground.
  7. 7. #ricon15 Solar Ear throughout the world Botswana, 2002 HIV-Aids Education for children Brazil, 2006 Free therapy for 5,000 children a year China, 2012 Change public policy Palestine-Israel, 2015 Peace building India, 2016 Peace Building First Nations- Native Americans, 2015 Cross border cultural leadership training 10 more places in next 5 years 10 more social missions
  8. 8. #ricon15 Invented by people who are deaf. Maintains capability or capacity for 2-3 years. Can be used in 80% of 50 million hearing aids on the market today. Can be charged via sun, household light or using Nokia cell phone plug. Three-month break even for consumer. Environmental Savings : 200,000,000 disposable batteries used per year. First rechargeable hearing aid battery
  9. 9. #ricon15 Solar Ear Awards Ashoka Fellowship Lemelson Foundation Fellowship Tech Award Economic Empowerment American Academy of Audiology Humanitarian Award Marion Downs - Souring Heights - China Alex Graham Bell Museum Permanent exhibit Smithsonian Museum Design for the other 90%
  10. 10. #ricon15 Solar Ear in the media
  11. 11. Teachers from Solar Ear from go to new Solar Ear Center Select employees to be trained Invent common language Inspire the new workers by showing them that a person can do anything, and go anywhere Teach HIV- AIDS South to South Training
  12. 12. #ricon15 Improving Health and Education Outcomes VIRTOUS CYCLE VICIOUS CYCLE
  13. 13. #ricon15 Kahlil Gibran once said: “ When you work, you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns into music. To love life through labor is to be intimate with life's inmost secret. All work is empty save when there is love made visible."
  14. 14. Impacts Increased wealth of population due to more children going to school and more adults being employable Reduced social and economic costs Self-sustaining Solar Ear programs Changed civil society perception about the skills of people. Programs can be scaled to other countries and other health problems, e.g. diabetes, dyslexia. Peace- Building
  15. 15. #ricon15 howard@solarear.com.br