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Elevating Your Polio Momentum (Handout)

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If you’re looking to elevate your momentum in the fight against polio, this interactive session is for you. Join us as we explain how to create a "bottom-up district polio action plan,” which includes awareness campaigns, advocacy, fundraising, and hands-on work.

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Elevating Your Polio Momentum (Handout)

  1. 1. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION 2019 HAMBURG BREAK OUT SESSION : HOW TO ELEVATE YOUR POLIO MOMENTUM Emma Groenen, PDG & Thierry Reip, DGE RID 1630 FUNDAMENTALS : Team & Plan, guided by Global Polio Eradication Initiative Strategy as Content and R.I.Training Calendar as Timeline PLAN : CONTENT & GOALS GPEI strategy : content Consult websites eg: polioeradication.org; who.int; unicef.org; Rotary.org PLAN : TIMELINE Step 1: January: International Assembly & DTTS DGE: Goal #1 Polio Eradication DTTS : Polio Chair & team Step 2: February: District PETS DGE : R.I. & district goals Polio Team Goals & Strategy: pitch talk PE’s: Best ideas: post it’s Step 3: April: District Training Assembly Polio Team : reduction of all ideas collected at PETS DGE : motivation of club presidents & members, 25$ contribution. PE’s : mark preferences Step 4: June: District Conference Polio Team: TOP 1 in each category DGE and Polio Chair present : Selected Actions Call to attend district Polio Day Conference in October Step 5: July 1st : start of the new Rotary Year District Polio Team in the Backoffice: HARD WORK 😊 • Start execution of the 4 actions/goals: sensibilization, fundraising, advocacy, hands on N.I.D. • Prep of Polio Day: venue, speakers, presentations, catering, hand out, VR goggles etc • Prep press release for World Polio Day for Clubs
  2. 2. to be published in their local newspaper and FB banner Step 6: October: Polio Day WORLD POLIO DAY, October 24th : call for an event by clubs on World Polio Day DISTRICT Polio Day: objectives: • inform on the current status of polio eradication • Inform on the GPEI goals, to raise awareness • to KICK OFF the new ‘polio year’ • to highlight fundraising actions & call for club contributions Take home message & press release for clubs on World Polio Day, Oct 24th Step 7: January: Polio National Immunisation Days, Delhi, India Offer possibility to participate in the NID • inform about programme, participation at own expense • inform about the WHY rotarians participate Step 8: February : P.E.T.S. : Take Action! Do it! Repeat the messages: sensibilisation, advocacy, fundraising, hands on N.I.D. Motivate! Go see actions! Be enthusiastic! Be grateful! Step 9: April: District Training Assembly: Take Action! Do it! Go to events, Motivate Share on FB Step 10: June: District Conference DG & Polio Team : Share the successes Be thankful ! TO TAKE HOME TO YOUR DISTRICT: 1. You have never done any district POLIO action? WHICH ACTION DO YOU SELECT ? 2. You have organized actions in the past ? A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN based on the input & involvement of the club presidents, based on GPEI content, based on the training schedule timeline will bring all actions together in 4 strategic categories: 1. Sensibilisation/awareness 2. Advocacy 3. Fundraising 4. Hands On : N.I.D. TOGETHER WE WILL ERADICATE POLIO! DROP TO ZERO! PEOPLE of ACTION!