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How to Achieve Content Marketing Nirvana

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Presentation from MNSearch in St. Paul, Minnesota - How to Achieve Content Marketing Nirvana. Includes tips for creating a scalable - and amazing - content marketing process.

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How to Achieve Content Marketing Nirvana

  1. 1. How to Achieve Content Marketing Nirvana Ross Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media @RossHudgens http://siegemedia.com
  2. 2. Get the Deck: bit.ly/mn-search
  3. 3. https://moz.com/blog/why-good-unique-content-needs-to-die-whiteboard-friday How can we stop being good and start being 10x?
  4. 4. In the last five years, I’ve learned many of the differences between good and great content – between good and 10x. @ROSSHUDGENS
  5. 5. The answer is rarely simplistically “make it great.” More often, the answer is make it great – and scalable. http://thecooperreview.com/10-tricks-appear-smart-meetings/
  6. 6. Without scalability, greatness is often very hard – and very expensive – to repeat. @ROSSHUDGENS
  7. 7. @ROSSHUDGENS Campaigns strike out at a big cost – a cost that is sometimes the sustainability of the business.
  8. 8. How can we be great with consistency?
  10. 10. Quality has no shortcuts.
  11. 11. Is a lie told by the people who come in second.
  12. 12. Great content templates aren’t everything, but they’re very close. http://siegemedia.com/15-content-templates-to-help-scale-quality
  13. 13. If you aren’t making and using great templates, you’re probably losing. @ROSSHUDGENS
  14. 14. This is not a good content template. Template != good. I think they meant “sleeping bag.”
  15. 15. Doing a city study? Slice, dice and invert one set of data to create 108 posts. @ROSSHUDGENS • Safest Cities in America • Safest Mid-Sized Cities in America • Safest Small Cities in America • Safest Suburbs in America • Safest Cities in STATE – 50x • Most Dangerous Cities in America • Most Dangerous Mid-Sized Cities in America • Most Dangerous Small Cities in America • Most Dangerous Suburbs in America • Most Dangerous Cities in STATE – 50x
  16. 16. KWR can reveal template ideas. Search for add-on words in your space. Example = “With Kids” http://www.semrush.com/info/with%20kids+(full+search)
  17. 17. More examples – “Conference Standings” “Packing List” http://www.semrush.com/info/packing%20list+(full+search)
  18. 18. Infographics can be templates too. Find concepts that can be repeated. This concept could be used for any famous founder. @ROSSHUDGENS
  19. 19. Get the Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/template-ranking Segment templates after research and prioritize based on potential per template.
  20. 20. Once you’ve picked a template, micro-prioritize based on potential/outreach overlap. @ROSSHUDGENS
  21. 21. How to create content that’s better, faster, and costs less:
  22. 22. Buy inexpensive design assets that haven’t been used over and over. http://www.creativemarket.com
  23. 23. Development assets that make high end content – and content templates - inexpensive and quick. http://www.codecanyon.net
  24. 24. Need occasional help? Hire Canadian talent. http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=CAD&view=5Y
  25. 25. You don’t get to 10x better content buying photos on Shutterstock.
  26. 26. Stock photos that don’t suck. http://www.stocksy.com
  27. 27. Free stock photo search engine. http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/stock-up
  28. 28. How to come up with content ideas that consistently succeed:
  29. 29. Start with the S.U.C.C.E.S. framework. http://heathbrothers.com/download/mts-made-to-stick-model.pdf
  30. 30. Add an S. Simple. Unexpected. Credible. Concrete. Emotional. Stories. Shareable.* *Credit @distilled
  31. 31. Crack open a beer with your team. Beer frees up your mind to make deeper connections - and come up with great ideas. http://en.ilovecoffee.jp/posts/view/79
  32. 32. Spend 20 minutes with your team jotting down every idea you’ve got (anonymously) on http://usecandor.com
  33. 33. At the end, vote for the best and talk through your choices to see what’s viable and what isn’t. http://creatingminds.org/tools/brainwriting.htm/
  34. 34. Have your team assess outreach potential after the meeting before formally greenlighting ideas.
  35. 35. Quick hack for outreach potential – what’s the DA of site ranking #1 for “KEYWORD blog/news”?
  36. 36. Make arguments not to rank for a single KW, but a wide set of KWs using the page ranking #1 for your main term in SEMRush. http://bit.ly/parenting-sem
  37. 37. Want (almost) guaranteed success? Find visual content with social proof and replace the subject/add an adjective. Recreate it. Win.
  38. 38. General language flowchart. Any other popular show/movie filming locations with foreign destinations. /r/infographics/
  39. 39. Insert new group passionate about themselves. Insert anything that’s changed over the years. Buzzsumo DesignTaxi: http://bit.ly/taxi-inspire
  40. 40. Replace with thing that changes/is niche. Insert any relevant food “around the world.”
  41. 41. http://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/ Other places to look for replicable content ideas:
  42. 42. BuzzSumo Infographics: http://bit.ly/buzz-infographic
  44. 44. @ROSSHUDGENS Effective relationship building = creating promotable content while doing so.
  45. 45. Survey your target linking audience via email outreach for a content idea. Let them know when the post is live – get shares and links easily. Leverage that communication for promoting your next piece not involving them. @ROSSHUDGENS
  46. 46. The process in action.
  47. 47. We surveyed ~100 bloggers to find out how far in advance bloggers schedule their content – so ours can be included. This is what we found.
  48. 48. The average lifestyle blogger plans their editorial calendar 28 days in advance of publishing.* You might be able to jam your way in there, but it’s not optimal for anything event based.
  49. 49. When scheduling content based around holidays (4th of July, Mother’s Day etc), bloggers schedule 37 days out on average. Big events/holidays mean prep and pitch your content early.
  50. 50. When scheduling holiday content, bloggers plan their content calendar 54 days out on average. November/December means you need to be far far on top of it, or face distribution difficulties.
  51. 51. We improved our process, created good content, and now have relationships to leverage.
  52. 52. Content marketing tactics we’re loving:
  53. 53. Get aggressive submitting infographics to Reddit by hosting them on IMGUR. @ROSSHUDGENS
  54. 54. Submit high-authority publications who cover your content instead of yourself for additional traction/trust. @ROSSHUDGENS Also good for multiple bursts of traffic from the same subreddit over time.
  55. 55. @ROSSHUDGENS Private message Reddit power users to QA and then potentially share your content once live.
  56. 56. Submit at the optimal times to Reddit to maximize views. http://www.siegemedia.com/reddit-submission-time
  57. 57. Find your most shared content using Buzzsumo and submit to Reddit (if it hasn’t been shared already). @ROSSHUDGENS
  58. 58. Search “in the moment” queries to find targeted prospects. @ROSSHUDGENS
  59. 59. Reach out to people who commented on other blogs covering your content – they are often warm prospects. @ROSSHUDGENS
  60. 60. @ROSSHUDGENS Include polls on “best of X” posts to incentivize mentioned to link/share with their audience to vote.
  61. 61. Before creating a listacle based on a search term, research SERP and get to a # higher than others for CTR boost.
  62. 62. @ROSSHUDGENS Send pitch templates and outreach possibilities to your team to improve your approach every time out.
  63. 63. What’s content marketing nirvana?
  64. 64. 1. Build survey content through outreach using your target market. @ROSSHUDGENS Generate links/shares.
  65. 65. 2. Create top-of-the- funnel content with search potential using templates.
  66. 66. @ROSSHUDGENS 3. Leverage survey relationships to distribute content templates with ease/get them ranking.
  67. 67. 1. Build survey content through outreach using your target market. Generate links/shares. 2. Create top-of-the- funnel content with search potential using templates. @ROSSHUDGENS 3. Leverage survey relationships to distribute content templates with ease/get them ranking.
  68. 68. Kurt would be proud. @ROSSHUDGENS
  69. 69. bit.ly/mn-search Ross Hudgens, Founder, Siege Media @RossHudgens http://siegemedia.com