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Measuring What Matters (Kristin Wisnewski at DesignOps Summit 2019)

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Kristin Wisnewski: “Measuring What Matters”
DesignOps Summit 2019 • October 23-24, 2019 • New York, NY, USA

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Measuring What Matters (Kristin Wisnewski at DesignOps Summit 2019)

  1. 1. CIO Design Team IT Department (CIO)
  2. 2. Did you know? Cleveland, Ohio USA*And +25 other countries! Iceland
  3. 3. 51%30%
  4. 4. The CIO Mission
  5. 5. The state of IT is a daily reflection of what IBM about its employees thinks & feels
  6. 6. Any given day, hundreds of thousands of IBMers around the globe… Book and expenses travel Seek help with a device Upgrade a mobile device Attend meetings Share or collaborate on a document Search for an answer ? Respond to emails
  7. 7. IT pyramid of pain Tasks Applications End-to-End Processes Technical Underpinning The user experience for any task is impacted by layers of technology and decisions.
  8. 8. Direct to the CIO, with the mandate to grow • Small team • Narrow tool set • Assigning work was simple • Communication was frequent and easy • Measurement was high- level • Reach was limited
  9. 9. What we do User Experience Design Visual Design User Research & Analytics Multimedia design Agile Coaching & Facilitation Content & Communication Design & Business Strategy Design Operations
  10. 10. CIO Design impacts every aspect of the work experience of IBMers Physical environment Tone & Culture Tools & Applications
  11. 11. What do we measure?
  12. 12. Monthly metrics at a glance
  13. 13. Year-to-date research metrics
  14. 14. 1H Mailer metrics
  15. 15. Reactive Example application measures Proactive • Net Promoter Score (NPS) • Satisfaction • Ease & Capabilities (UMUX-Lite) • Goal completion • # of help tickets • Employee workplace preferences Example experiential measures Across end-to-end processes that: • are founded by years of findings • are cross-domain, cross-application • incorporate visionary ideas from our team • provide huge time and cost savings
  16. 16. Happiness User Goal completion Productivity Retention Engagement Research operations model
  17. 17. Voice of the Employee program (VotE)
  18. 18. Library of User Experience (LUX)
  19. 19. The primary issue is that we usually have very tight deadlines to get something done. If we expand the schedule to include more user research, there will be pushback. ProductOwner, IBM ” ”Before LUX
  20. 20. LUX metrics: NPS
  21. 21. LUX metrics: Goal completion
  22. 22. LUX metrics: Ease & capabilities
  23. 23. LUX metrics: Scorecard
  24. 24. LUX metrics: Comments
  25. 25. LUX metrics: Detailed comments
  26. 26. You've helped us understand that our visitors are a rich source of information, and that they can also provide the kinds of insight you simply cannot get anywhere else. We've learned to always be testing versus always be guessing. ProductOwner, IBM ” ”After LUX
  27. 27. LUX Research
  28. 28. “Every minute spent struggling with an IT system is a minute of time not spent on delivering value for IBM and our clients. Fletcher Previn CIO, IBM ”
  29. 29. Some examples of research- driven improvements to the IBMer experience
  30. 30. Employee directory After Before
  31. 31. Employee directory After Before I love BluePages! It makes it easy to see contacts and also reporting chains. It's the go-to tool for employee information. ” ” IBMer
  32. 32. Help system After Before
  33. 33. Help system After Before I love this site. The information, format, and delivery is exponentially better in the last year or two. I use it constantly to find answers for myself, my team members, and my peers. ” ” IBMer
  34. 34. Corporate intranet After Before
  35. 35. Corporate intranet After Before It looks so fresh, so organic, so intuitive. It’s the best version of [our intranet] I have seen so far. ” ” IBMer
  36. 36. Workstation refresh program New workstation every 4 years! All employees eligible to upgrade But, only 30% accepted…
  37. 37. Different needs, different system status Azin | Mobile Developer Azin is frustrated that she has to use “old” technology. A new machine every 2 years would enhance her productivity and engagement. Claude | HR Partner Claude doesn’t need the latest and greatest – his 5 year old MacBook is working just fine for him and he’d wait another few years to upgrade. Soo Yun | Client Rep Soo Yun is a road warrior who puts many miles on her machine – she’s in no hurry to upgrade, but has no idea that her 3 year old PC is about to fail....
  38. 38. Measurement is not without its challenges.
  39. 39. Don't try to control it, or force it to say what you want. The real goal is for data to help you make the right decision; not to support the decision you’ve already made. Let the insights help guide you to your next set of questions. Mark Malatesta DataAnalytics Strategist,CIO Design ” ”
  40. 40. NPS for altered version +25.5 NPS for standard version -9.3
  41. 41. We are the… Arbiters of truth Uncoverers of scandal Validators of fact Defenders of the user experience Unbiased third party
  42. 42. Our DesignOps journey Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 2015 The need for DesignOps 2016-2018 The start of DesignOps Now Maturing DesignOps 2020+ Mastering DesignOps