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The Four Pillars of Education (UPDATED VERSION)

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Introducing the UNESCO's Four Pillars of Education. These principles are meant to guide educators all around the world in their approaches toward their subject matter being taught, their learners and teaching, in general. This presentation includes additional facts and details to guide your presentation. Like or comment for suggestions. Thank you. Ignite and inspire your learners. NAMASTE.

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The Four Pillars of Education (UPDATED VERSION)

  1. 1. F o u r of
  2. 2. ` unesco
  3. 3. Learning to know The mastering of the instruments of knowledge
  4. 4. Wide general education
  5. 5. Deepen knowledge in selected subjects
  6. 6. Support the appetite to learn
  7. 7. Learning to do A shift from skill to competence
  8. 8. Learning to work in a team
  9. 9. Opportunities to try out and develop skills
  10. 10. Work experience and community work
  11. 11. Mixture of education and experience
  12. 12. LEARNING TO Discovery of others and on another
  13. 13. LEARNING TO Experience of shared purpose in life
  14. 14. New awareness, based on understanding of growing interdependence
  15. 15. Joint analysis of future risks and challenges
  16. 16. Joint projects
  17. 17. Joint solving conflicts in an intelligent and peaceful way
  18. 18. Learning to be The aim of development is the complete fulfillment of man
  19. 19. Hidden talents must be uncovered
  20. 20. E n D us The
  21. 21. F o u r of
  22. 22. F o u r Learning to Know
  23. 23. F o u r Learning to Do
  24. 24. F o u r Learning to Live Together
  25. 25. F o u r Learning to Be
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