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Dendistry paint through writing

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Dendistry paint through writing

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Dendistry paint through writing

  1. 1. The Sense of Artistry These are the projects that require watercolor paints: Main Lesson Covers Main Lesson Pages Journal Covers Thank You Cards Practice Seasonal Decorations Beauty Michael Sherer 4th Grade
  2. 2. Painting When I first came to the Stehekin School in ‘97, something I looked forward to every week was painting with watercolor. I can remember painting a fair painting and then trying to make it the best painting in the class with a wonderful silhouette. I would try to make the silhouette by copying a picture from the copy machine and then cutting that picture out and taking all the credit for the wonderful silhouette. It never worked because Mr. Scutt always caught me. Now, I always have to draw my silhouettes and I have been able to make better drawings and silhouettes. Jud Sanders