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Dendistry best main lesson

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Dendistry best main lesson

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Dendistry best main lesson

  1. 1. MAIN LESSON UNITS What is a Main Lesson Unit? A Main Lesson Unit is a book that students create to show what they have studied. It is something that they have made with their hands; they’ve drawn the pictures and written on the pages. To create a good main lesson page, it takes about two or three days. By creating these pages,the unit of study is experienced and remembered. EACH MAIN LESSON UNIT IS UNIQUELY INDIVIDUAL Main Lesson Unit Cover Making a textbook
  2. 2. Study in Depth: Uniquely Individual — A Good Way to Learn “During development, neurons in both hemispheres must compete for synaptic sites, so the type of input growing brains receive is undoubtedly important for its final hemispheric balance. Learning that builds both analytic and holistic abilities is doubtless good for the brain, but many schools, unfortunately, focus heavily on stuffing in fragments of information at the expense of more general comprehension.” 127