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Towards self-regulated workplace learning

Towards self-regulated workplace learning. Full paper, EDULEARN Conference 2012, Barcelona, Spain.
Authors: D. Dikke, D. Dahrendorf, N. Mueller (IMC)
Presentation: D. Dikke (IMC)

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Towards self-regulated workplace learning

  1. 1. Towards self-regulated workplace learningD. Dikke, D. Dahrendorf, N. Müllerinformation multimedia communication (imc) AG © www.role-project.eu
  2. 2. Agenda1. Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE)2. Personal Learning Environment (PLE)3. Personal Learning Management System (PLMS)4. Mobile Learning Environment (MLE)5. Summary02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  3. 3. Responsive Open Learning Environments Web-based Personal LMS OpenSocial LMS (PLMS) PLE Mobile LMS Mobile PLMS Mobile PLE (mLMS) (mPLMS) (mPLE) Mobile Learning Environments02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  4. 4. Personal Learning Environment02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  5. 5. Personal Learning Environment • Informal/ Self-regulated learning • Personalised tools and resources • User: full control of the own learning process and progress • Orga: no control of the learning process and results • WPL: only in parallel with LMS02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  6. 6. Personal Learning Management System02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  7. 7. Personal Learning Management System • Curriculum-based/ Self-regulated learning • Standard and personalised tools and content • User: additional tools and content • Orga: control of the learning environment and resources • WPL: combination of LMS and PLE02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  8. 8. Mobile Learning Environment02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  9. 9. Mobile Learning Environment • Informal/ Self-regulated learning • Personalised tools and resources • User: independency in terms of time and place • Orga: high flexibility and individualisation • WPL: only in parallel with LMS or mobile LMS02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  10. 10. Summary Personal • Informal learning Learning • Highly personalised Environment • WPL only in parallel with LMS • Combination of LMS and PLE Personal • Curriculum-based + SRL Learning • Standard content + additional resources Management System • Organisation keeps control of the LE • Personalised learning environment Mobile • Independency in terms of time and place Learning • High flexibility and personalisation Environment • WPL in parallel with (m)LMS02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!02.07.2012 © www.role-project.eu