Psycho pedagogical approach

Research Project em ROLE
8 de Jul de 2010

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Psycho pedagogical approach

  1. SRL-2: self-monitoring
  2. SRL-3: self-evaluation
  3. SRL-4: task strategies
  4. SRL-5: help seeking
  5. 8LEM-2: receiving
  6. 8LEM-3: exercising
  7. 8LEM-4: exploring
  8. 8LEM-5: experimenting
  9. 8LEM-6: creating
  10. 8LEM-7: self-reflecting
  11. Recommendation algorithm: including context and user profile, community, other strategies; providing guidance for SRL; integrating strategies
  12. Monitoring, (self-)assessment, self-evaluation,
  13. SRL process model: detailed elaboration, design of navigation and SRL tools

Notas do Editor

  1. Some comments:- Recommendations can be made regarding learning activities, learning tools, peers (learning network), learning material (content)Recommendations are based on preferences, skills (different types of skills), context variables (learning situation) personalisation of „controlling the own learning process“ will be the focus of our research, recommendations regarding „acquiring domain knowledge“ is partly state-of-the-art (but not regarding learning tools) we have two differnt types ot tools (tools for obtaining domain knowledge and for controlling the own learning process (SRL Tools, e.g. Goal setting tool)Not only the content, but the whole learning processs is personalisedNot the system adapts the learnign process, but the learner – however this adaptation is based on recommendationsThe learner adapts the own learning process on differnent levels: deciding how much support (recommendation) is needed and on which level; deciding on SRL activities (e.g. Goal setting, self-reflection); deciding on tools to be used; deciding on content; deciding on peers;