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Institutionalised Organisational Excellence

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Institutionalised Organisational Excellence

  1. 1. Institutionalised Organisational Excellence Organisational Dynamics and HRM
  2. 2. What is ‘organisational excellence’? o Excellence - surpassing or outstanding achievement o Leadership and organizational excellence are inextricably linked o Leadership - doing the right things o Organizational excellence - doing the right things right
  3. 3. An excellent organisation o o o o o o o o o o o many functional parts work together achieve a central mission continuing to grow and evolve meet new challenges have a vision streamlined business practices integrated information sharing motivated workforces a distinct and positive culture high levels of performance
  4. 4. Types of Organisational Excellence o o o o o o Competetive organizational excellence Rejuvenatory organizational excellence Institutionalised organizational excellence Creative organizational excellence Missionary organizational excellence Versatile organizational excellence
  5. 5. “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Aristotle We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”
  6. 6. Institutionalised Organisational Excellence o a sustainable competitive advantage o enables the business to survive against competition over a long period of time o involves sustaining high achievement on important performance parameters o even when there is little pressure , by way of competition
  7. 7. Organisations showing institutionlised excellence o FMCG > Proctor and Gamble o Conglomerate > Tatas o Automobiles > General Motors o Entertainment > Yash Raj Films, Disney o Education > Harvard o Media > BBC o Food > Coke o Power and energy > NTPC
  8. 8. The TATA Group o IOE has been embedded in Tata through processes and methodologies o enable Tatas to continually improve operations and achieve the world-class marquee o known not only for their continuous achievements in the business sector, but also for their integrity and values o brand value is ever increasing, along with its diverse market share o high focus, not only on financial profits, but also has a wide commitment to their people, and to the community o this implementation of has kept its promise of a true triple bottom line o the employees o the shareholders o the customers
  9. 9. The TATA Group o Founded in 1868 o 140 years of successful existence, with a distinguished track record o Pioneering initiatives in India - o Established the first steel plant o Introduced labour welfare benefits long before they were enacted by law o first power plant o pioneered civil aviation o brought insurance to the country o country’s first chain of luxury hotels o led commercial vehicle production o pioneered software development o country’s first indigenous passenger car, the Indica o affordable, innovative and inclusive solutions such as the Tata Nano, Tata o Swach water purifier and Shubha Griha housing
  10. 10. The TATA Group o changed its identity from a dominant domestic player, to a regional player, to an upcoming Global company, to having it’s companies in the list of the esteemed Fortune 500 o The statistics and figures of Tata Group speak for themselves o Group Revenues $100.09 billion (around Rs475,721 crore) o This is equal to over 3% of India’s GDP o shareholder base: 3.8 Million o over 100 operating companies o international presence in over 80 countries o international revenues: $51.5 Billion o about 450.000 employees o Tata motors and Tata Communications listed on NYSE o exports products and services to 140 nations
  11. 11. The TATA Group Leadership o Tata Steel Among the top ten steelmakers in the world o Tata Motors Among the top five commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world o Tata Global Beverages Second-largest player in tea in the world o Tata Chemicals World’s second-largest manufacturer of soda ash o Tata Communications One of the world's largest wholesale voice carriers
  12. 12. National Thermal Power Corporation o set up in the mid-seventies by the Government of India o to speed up the generation of thermal power in the country o between 1982 and 1990, NTPC increased its power generating capacity nearly ten times o accounted for nearly half the increase in thermal power generation in India o The numbers talk for NTPC o profits in 1989-90 were over 100 times its profits in 1982-83 o 1983-84 onwards , NTPC consistently observed consistent growth o in comparison, most of the electricity boards owned by various state or provincial governments in India made loses during the eighties
  13. 13. The End