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Anúncio E-business Summary

  1. An E-business Summary Presented by: Rohan Raj Mudvari Sarthak Shrestha Sanam Shrestha Saru Mangrati Sijen Dangol Sameep Monsoon Rana
  2. What is E-Business  E-business (electronic business) is the conduct of online business processes on the web, internet, extranet or a combination thereof.  is one of the early companies which started performing E-business operations.
  3. History  Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994 by Jeff Bezos.  It started it’s E-business through selling books online in 1998.  The following year, it began selling music, video games, consumer electronics, home improvement items, software, games, and toys.
  4.  Nowadays, people could find and discover anything they might like to buy online through  currently has 13% market share of all the e-commerce players in the market.
  5. Business patterns of
  6. How does Amazon achieve Long-Tail pattern?  Amazon has no storage costs i.e. it connects seller and buyer directly.  It has many different products for may different niches.
  7. FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon)  Amazon uses its own warehouse management software to help with optimizing the third-party seller’s warehouse.  While third-party sellers will take care of the inventory of their own products, Amazon is in charge of picking up orders from the seller’s warehouse.
  8. What happens when you Click Buy Button?  Receiving Products  Storing of Items  Picking Orders  Quality Assurance  Packing Orders  Delivering Orders
  9. How Amazon Maintains Customer Value?  Range  Availability  Price  Customer Experience
  10. Amazon Channels  Internet ( Website, Mobile Application)
  11. Customer Relationships  Return Policy  Automated-Service  Trust  Transparency
  12. Amazon Revenue Streams  Retail Sales  Commission on Reseller Sales  Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions
  13. Conclusion  Amazon’s intention is to reach everyone in every place, with wide variety of products.  With it’s business model, makes “Less of More.”
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