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Pizza Hut value chain analysis
Pizza Hut value chain analysis
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value chain analysis kfc vs mcdonalds



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we had been to made a ppt in only 4 slides and we made that.trust me people its most diffcult work

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value chain analysis kfc vs mcdonalds

  2. 2. Primary activities Inbound logistic- 1.Sesame seeds (Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh) 2.Veg patty (kiran foods taloja Maharashtra) 3.Cheddar cheese (Maharashtra 4.Fresh iceberg lettuce (talegaon Maharashtra) 5.Buns (KHOPOLI MAHARASTRA) _FOOD LAND operation 1.Morning Working station-20% Cold storage -80% 2.Evening Working station-70% Cold storege- 30% 3. franchisees must take supply from mcde Outbound logistics- Distributor agreements 1. Quality control 2. Freight truck inspections 3. random audits Just in time order and delivery 4. Ensuring freshness 5 on time delivery Service 1.Macdelivery 11am-1am 2.Birthday parties-prior information 3.Free wifi 4.Fast food service . Marketing and sales 1.Happy meal for kids-16 kids books (panda)free 2.Birthday party 3.Free recharge and macaloo tikki-shop 300 online Support activities Technology development 1. Just in time delivery 2. Wireless headsets Procurement 1.Franchisee purchase Agreement 2 corp. guideline for farmers Firm infrastructure 1.Intellectual Properties HRM 1.flexible schedule 2double payment on public holidays, night allowance, provident fund, medical fund, free meal on your break, 22 days Annual Leave and 13th salary. MARGIN (Value Created and Captured – Cost of Creating that Value)
  3. 3. Operation-fried work 1.station - material like( wings ,fiery grilled, popcorn chicken) prepared and stored in oven . 2.Morning 10- 15 % 3.Evening 50-60% Outbound logistics 1. Quality control 2. Freight truck inspections 3.On time delivery (dist) KFC Service 1.Free wifi 2.Free home delivery 3.Free tour to kfc kitchen Marketing and sales 1.Kfc wed- 6pc hot crispy free with 6pc order 2.branded prepaid coupons- 350 shop free inox ticket Technology development 1. Just in time delivery 2. . Support activities Procurement Chicken-weekly purchase Vegetables-after every three days Firm infrastructure 1.All prime location store own by kfc itself 2.Outside metro are own by franchisees 3.Malaysian ,jordan ,devyani HRM Live video at official site of people having work experience 2. Education grant programme- 2000$ scholarship Primary activities Inbound logistics- Chicken – (godrej (taloja) Frozen chicken from (venkies- Pune) Vegetables from- ESSAR (Agnotec pune) spices - Vallbhai spices Dist –food land MARGIN (Value Created and Captured – Cost of Creating that Value)
  4. 4. KFC McDonalds Spicy Product less spicy Indian people like spicy products instead of Burger and French Friesboiled food Arabian Rice and Zinger Burger Big Mac Free Delivery Charges for home delivery Chicken is eaten by every community Local Staff and Highly Qualified because Its Staff consist of simple Graduates local staff can better deal with the and give them training customers. DIFFRENCE