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Clever Thinking, Clever Design, CLICKWALL brings Slat Wall into the 21st Century.

Are you looking for a new innovative display or storage solution?

One that you can custom brand to bring your next product launch to live. One with lots and lots of ready made display accessories that you can use as standard, is affordable, re-usable and re-configureable in a matter of minutes.

Stop looking CLICKWALL is here.

Call Progress Display today on +44 (0)1423 701124 or Visit www.progressdisplay.co.uk for more details.

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  2. 2. Clever Thinking Progress Display would like to Introduce CLICKWALL the incredible new modular display system that is poised to bring Slatwall into the 21st Century. Since the mid 60s Slatwall has been a popular building material used in shopfitting for wall coverings or for display fixtures. It consists of panels, usually 4 ft by 8 ft, made with horizontal grooves that are configured to accept a variety of merchandising accessories. The Concept has stood the test of time. As the original inventors of Slatwall state; ‘We’re not good because we’re old - We’re old because we’re good!’ However the panels are typically made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which over recent years has had health and safety issued raised about its use. Slatwall has also had the reputation of being just plain boring! ENTER CLICKWALL With the advancement in manufacturing technology Progress Display has developed Clickwall, a modular display system with all the benefits of Slatwall, (lots and lots of affordable accessories). But with major new twist. Clickwall is quick and easy be installed. It is reusable, reconfigurable and can be re-branded in a mater of minutes. Front panels just ‘CLICK’ into baseboard panles. The baseboards are your building blocks, which allow you to build your display wall. They also act as the foundation for a wide range of accessories. The front panel is your wallpaper or decoration. Face panels are available in 4 different sizes options as standard, with a wide verity of standard colours and textures. The standard face panels can be mix and matched or supplied in custom sizes and custom print finishes for that truly bespoke one off installation. Clickwall is made from durable PC-ABS, it provides excellent impact strength compared to other engineering plastics and it sustains a wide temperature range. It can also be recycled and re-used in the production of new panels.
  3. 3. CLICKWALL INSTALLATION - EASY AS 1234 1 MEASURE The first step is deciding where and how many base boards you want to install. Simply map out your vision of the space, measure the vertical and horizontal length to calculate how many baseboards are needed. 2 FIX Step two is just as easy. Position your baseboard panel in your desired space, use a screwdriver and the included screws to affix the baseboards to your sub-wall surface. 3 CLICK Now that the baseboards are affixed, you’re ready to add the front panels. Connect the front panels to your baseboards. They’ll snap right into place & when applied correctly you will hear the ‘CLICK’ 4 ACCESSORISE In the last step all you have to do is add the accessories and components you want to make Clickwall perfect for you. Clickwall is compatible with many other manufacturer’s accessories.
  4. 4. GET CREATIVE Our front panels are the component of the system that allows you to get creative. Choose your favorite colours, textures, and designed patterns – or mix and match the combinations. The Clickwall has plenty of unique choices and options to help you transform your space. Play with colour Concrete Colours are a good way to start your space transformation. These are our standard solid colour palette. Go with your favorite colour or take a unique approach and create a custom array using a choice of colours and sizes that will accent your space. Available it in a matte or glossy finish. It’s all up to you! Play with patterns Designed Patterns are another way you can customize your space with the Clickwall. Choose from an array of pre-designed patterns. We are always working to increase our offerings and customer options with new and refreshing designs.
  5. 5. FORM, FUNCTION OR BOTH YOU DECIDE One of the amazing things about Clickwall is its ability to function as both an innovative product storage system and brand display system at the same time. Imagine taking your brand logo or hero picture from your latest collection and being able to print this direct to the wall right beside your products. No need to use paper or vinyl, just high quality print direct to the wall panels. No more torn posters, no more missing tags. All the product information can be now UV printed direct to the Clickwall front panels and replaced in a matter of minutes if you decide to make future changes. With The Graphic system, we will create custom panels for you, from whatever ideas you have. If you don’t want to use personal art, pictures or logos, let us handle the design for you. Choose from our vast stock library and custom display ideas. The Graphics System also works with other front panels like our standard concrete colours, pre-designed patterns, or our Nature’s Way designs. All of the Graphics System panels are fully supported by all of the Clickwall components and accessories. Whatever creative idea you have Progress Display will help you with you transform your space with Clickwall. Play with Graphics
  6. 6. Clickwall Progress Display Southfield Stataion Parade Harrogate HG1 1EP Tel: 0044 (0)1423 704124 email: info@progressdisplay.co.uk www.clickwall.co.uk info@clickwall.co.uk © clickwall 2016, all rights reserved