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Gamstop Self-Exclude Scheme and Your Marketing Channels

With the introduction of Gamstop betting operators must adjust their marketing performance targets. This presentation highlights key areas Marketing Managers should consider.

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Gamstop Self-Exclude Scheme and Your Marketing Channels

  1. 1. this is the unit.com Gamstop - How it will affect your Marketing Channels
  2. 2. this is the unit.com A Watershed Moment - iGaming Marketing Gamstop - Online multi-operator self-exclusion scheme
  3. 3. this is the unit.com Your Marketing KPIs are going to take a wobble… In the SHORT TERM.
  4. 4. this is the unit.com But in the LONG TERM your business will be better off
  5. 5. this is the unit.com So what do you mean by “take a wobble”
  6. 6. this is the unit.com Affiliates Customers not getting past KYC Monthly Actives Customer Acquisition (Paid placements/tenancies and homepage takeovers will be affected the most)
  7. 7. this is the unit.com Conversion Rates PPCCPA Monthly Actives (CPC, Target CPA and Target ROAS will need to be adjusted)
  8. 8. this is the unit.com CRM Active Days Customer Lists Churn Rate (Database for marketable customers will shrink. Customer segmentation may need to be adjusted.)
  9. 9. this is the unit.com Brand Awareness among RECREATIONAL punters will become the most important marketing metric! Brand (ATL) (Megaphoning your brand identity is key in the post Gamstop age)
  10. 10. this is the unit.com Social (You custom audiences should be pruned in line with your CRM lists.) Your CUSTOM AUDIENCES should be updated. Also, RETARGETING (cookied) and LOOKALIKE campaigns will see a drop in performance
  11. 11. this is the unit.com LONG TERM BENEFITS > Less drop off after month 1 - better churn rates > Overall a more sustainable customer base > Can adjust channel strategies with a more consistent customer cohort > Better retention rates in the long term > Less problem gambling
  12. 12. this is the unit.com HOW TO DEAL WITH SHORT TERM WOBBLE > Keep an eye on paid placements and CPC/CPM channels (Display/PPC) - Maybe hold back and recalculate targets based on new data. > Move your Homepage takeovers back a few weeks. Don’t be a guinea pig.
  13. 13. this is the unit.com HOW TO DEAL WITH SHORT TERM WOBBLE > Call a board meeting with the CEO and CFO and explain the possible impact on your marketing budget. >Adjust your marketing budget/targets if needed.
  14. 14. this is the unit.com “If you want to have a chat about how Gamstop may affect your marketing targets. Give us a shout. We can can help with Affiliates, PPC, Social, CRM and Programmatic” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit. Drop us a line