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  1. Robert Joy (0) 414 472 026 International + 61 GMT + 10
  2. I create distinctive content for clever people and businesses to convey information and encourage action through rich media, concise copy and digital delivery. My approach to content combines substance and style to achieve engagement in an increasingly noisy environment.
  3. SPECIALTIES I work with your subject matter experts to capture that most valuable of assets; intellectual property. I’m mindful of your people’s commitments and devise ways to secure the value without unnecessary distractions. CAPTURING THE IP
  4. SPECIALTIES I work with your team to draw out the benefits of the solution. Refining the focus from features towards advantages and benefits guides the development of collateral to support the sales process. DEFINING THE VALUE PROPOSITION
  5. SPECIALTIES I use the leading digital tools combined with visual design and rich-media to create content that clears the barriers to business-to- business communication. USING ALL THE ADVANTAGES
  6. MY APPROACH DEFINE THE MESSAGE Be clear about the purpose Identify the audience and the context Adopt the user’s perspective Present the action required Provide the means to perform
  7. MY APPROACH DISTIL THE MESSAGE Include all that is relevant Use concise familiar terms. Exclude all that is superfluous. Structure content logical to the user. Use rich media and visual communication to concentrate the message.
  8. MY APPROACH DELIVER THE MESSAGE Ensure ease of access to media Support navigation and review Design content for a variety of devices and playback. Be mindful of the environment in which content is accessed
  9. DELIVER THE MESSAGE Robert Joy (0) 414 472 026 International + 61 GMT + 10 Thanks for stopping by. Contact me here