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Arduino UNO R3 Board - Robomart

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Arduino UNO R3 Board - Robomart

  2. 2. ABOUT ARDUINO UNO R3 BOARD  The Arduino Uno R3 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 ."Uno" means one in Italian and is named to mark the upcoming release of Arduino 1.0. It has 14 digital input/output pins, 6 analog inputs, A16 MHz ceramic resonator, A USB connection, A power jack, An ICSP header and a reset button.  The Arduino UNO can be powered via the USB connection or with an external power supply. The power source is selected automatically. External (non- USB) power can come either from an AC-to-DC adapter (wall-wart) or battery. The recommended range is 5v to 12v for Arduino Uno.
  3. 3. HOW IT LOOKS
  4. 4. Features of Arduino Uno  Microcontroller: ATmeg328.  Operating Voltage: 5V.  Input Voltage: 7-12V.  Digital I/O Pins: 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output).  Analog Input Pins: 6.  DC Current: 40 mA.  DC Current: 50 mA.  Flash Memory: 32 KB.  SRAM: 2 KB.  EEPROM: 1 KB.  Clock Speed: 16 MHz.
  5. 5. Applications of Arduino Uno  DIY project prototyping.  Developing varied varieties of projects that require a code based control.  Automation System development.  Learning AVR programming.  Entry level circuit designing.
  6. 6. Contact us B5, C-Block, Above IOB Bank, Sec-31, Noida- 201301(UP) India  0120-4317229  +91-8744000555  admin@robomart.com  www.robomart.com
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