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Caregiver services ashoknagar

  1. Ritecare Healthcare @ Home.... We Provide 24/7 Healthcare Services at your door steps. Visit Us:-
  2.  About Us: RiteCare – Healthcare @Home is an Indo-American enterprise in premium home-based personal, nursing, and physiotherapy care. With our highly skilled and efficient staff comprising of nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, and hospice care providers, RiteCare seeks to redefine home health by delivering precise, hospital-standard care right in the comfort and convenience of our patients' homes. The coronavirus pandemic has proved that going to a hospital is riskier than ever while the need for medical care continued to increase. RiteCare seeks to balance this, by bringing the required nursing and medical care right to your doorstep!
  3.  Our Services: LabTests Doctor Consultancy Physiotherapy Services Nursing Services Caregiver Services
  4. Our Nursing Services: Our Nursing Services offer assistance in Senior Care (Eldercare), and the specific care and management of health conditions such as Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and Diabetes. RiteCare brings to you a comprehensive healthcare solution for all ageing needs. Our Care Plans are specially crafted in catering to individual healthcare needs. With a dedicated Health Manager, who ensures all your healthcare needs are taken care of, be rest assured. Being a family Nurse is challenging, but it can also be rewarding. There are many different strategies and resources you can use to ensure the best quality of life possible for your loved one and you. RiteCare offers professional nurses who are specialized in those services at Ritecare.
  5. Our Caregiver Services: RiteCare is committed to providing caregiver services to families that need our services. Our network of caregivers is committed to providing the best possible in- home care services to bedridden patients. We partner with qualified and professional caregivers who are trained in providing care to elder family members and infants with compassion, respect, and dignity. The caregivers will be available on a daily/weekly / monthly basis both during weekdays and weekends. Additionally, the caregivers will deliver care that will be based on the care plan developed by our partnering physicians. Our attendants are experienced caregivers & can assist with patient’s mobility, maintaining hygiene, feeding, helping in exercise, and other nursing care specialization.
  6.  Our Nursing Services: With a special focus on understanding your needs, RiteCare’s highly qualified physiotherapists help diagnose, manage and treat physical ailments that might interfere with your everyday life, all within the safety and privacy of your home. RiteCare partners with skilled and certified physiotherapists to provide high-quality physiotherapy and relief from chronic pain to patients of all ages. Our physiotherapy services are targeted towards alleviating acute pain such as knee pain, neck pain, and lower back pain, providing post-surgery recovery or recovery from accident-related injuries. Our physiotherapists will work with the patient to evaluate their pain and develop their care plan. The physiotherapists will be available on a daily/weekly / monthly basis both during weekdays and weekends.
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  8.  Get in Touch.... Contact Us: +91-9115789789 Mail Us: Visit Us: Flat No: #5E, Dutt's Island, Siripuram Junction, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh- 530003.