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Product analysis - Dailyhunt

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product analysis on vernacular news aggregator - dailyhunt

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Product analysis - Dailyhunt

  1. 1. Product Analysis - Dailyhunt Rishabh Srivastava rishabh010189@gmail.com
  2. 2. About Dailyhunt formerly known as Newshunt is a vernacular news aggregator with contents available in 14 different languages as of now. Its huge collection of Publications and daily published articles in local languages is what makes it popular among the 90 million Indians. It is currently available in almost every platform and devices like Symbian(from which it started), Android, iOS, web app, mobile website to name a few. Valued at $310 million, Dailyhunt is managed by its parent company Ver Se Innovations, headed by founder and CEO, Virendra Gupta. Unique Selling proposition (USP) : Wide range of content available in multiple languages to read from, designed in India for The Indians.
  3. 3. About Mission: To become the preferred and largest destination for local language content. Employee Strength : 400+ App Downloads : 125+ Million Monthly Active Users : 31 Million Year Founded : 2007 Headquarters : Bengaluru, Karnataka
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis Direct Competitor : Inshorts is another news aggregator that offers news stories summarised in 60 words. It has recently entered the vernacular market, by making its presence in market for non-English reading audience. It is second in terms of number of downloads, popularity and market share as compared to Dailyhunt, but its growing popularity among youngsters because of its summarised news is what making it a direct threat to Dailyhunt. Unique Selling proposition (USP) : For the fast moving audience who feels the need of getting updated of their surrounding in less than no time, Inshorts is providing them just what they need by summarizing news in 60 words.
  5. 5. Competitor Analysis in detail- Inshorts Founded In Founded in 2013 as News in Shorts, before they re-branded to InShorts. Founder[s] The startup was founded by Azhar Iqubal [CEO], Anunay Arunav, and Deepit Purkayastha. Investors Tiger Global, Rebright Partners, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Ankush Nijhawan, Gaurav Bhatnagar, Manish Dhingra, and Times Internet. Reviews
  6. 6. Competitor Analysis in detail - Inshorts Search Feature Their newly launched Search feature which is still in Beta phase comes quite handy when you want to search topics/ shorts on the app Languages available in • English • Hindi Page Views ~ 1 Billion page views every month Technology Check latest news updates from different news networks then the team verifies the genuinity of each and every news and update it in the database manually. Revenue Model content sharing tie ups (with the original news sources) and advertising channels. Future Initiatives Presently, users get directed to the external news source if they wish to want information beyond 60 words. Going forward, the company will tie up with news websites (from where it presently aggregates content) to ensure that the entire news content resides on the News in Short app. The company is already in talks with few news portals to work out an arrangement.
  7. 7. User Journey map - Dailyhunt User is getting bored and feels to be updated in news, entrainment and sports. About User : A working professional having a busy schedule with spending most of the time in office and commuting gets no time to sit and read newspaper. He is also unaware of the local news of his hometown where his parents are residing. He decides to read news so as to get updated and kill time while travelling. Steps: opens his favourite app- Dailyhunt to see what’s trending Touch Points: mobile phone, Dailyhunt Overall Experience: Good Starts exploring Goals: To read latest news articles. Expectations: To use the platform seamlessly. Steps: Opens the app, selects the category he wishes to read news from, switches to other categories and read more. Touch-points: App, internet connection. Overall Experience: Good Reads news in his local language Goals: Wants to read news in his local language. Expectations: to find abundant and latest news articles in his preferred language . Steps: Goes to settings, selects languages, finds his preferred language he wants to read and that’s it.. voila. Touch points: App, internet connection Overall Experience: Good [Contd...]
  8. 8. User Journey map - Dailyhunt Watch Video News Goals: to watch news presented in video format rather than reading it in plain simple text. Steps: clicks the links that has video content, plugs in the ear phone and enjoys the news Touch Points: App, earphones, internet connection Overall Experience: Good A satisfied Customer Goals: To read/ watch genuine content seamlessly on the App. Expectations: To keep himself fully updated about his surrounding without having to read newspaper or sitting in front of a TV to watch news cannel. Steps: A returning customer also recommends the App to others. Touch points: User reviews, feedbacks. Overall Experience: Good
  9. 9. Product Analysis The Menu option clearly displays all the features which could be needed by a User most frequently without cluttering the limited real estate of the App screen. My Favorites : comes in handy to save the most read newspaper, articles and books. Language & Edition : The simple UI with languages option written in its own fonts makes it fairly easy to find and select. Settings: It lists the most fundamental settings which will be needed by the User like Notification on/ off, Load images, currency selector and Night Mode
  10. 10. Product Analysis The Night Mode feature is an additional advantage for Users who wishes to read at night without straining their eyes. Apart from this dailyhunt also provides the option to increase/ decrease font size and to make text bolder which is currently not present in its competitors. The flag button is a very novel approach to find out the readers concerns and feedbacks.
  11. 11. Product Analysis The Newly added feature – Buzz is the best of trending videos, funny pics, images and memes on the internet curated by Dailyhunt team with help from some of its partners. The number of views and likes on each video tells the users if it really is wort watching or not while the evergreen share option is present to share the most funny videos or memes via social media apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, email etc.
  12. 12. Product Analysis The huge collection of e-books on dailyhunt is the second most liked feature after news and also a major revenue contributor in terms of business value. The downloaded books can be read using the in-built e-reader in the app itself, which provides many useful features like reading in night mode, font size and bookmark which comes in handy.
  13. 13. Product RoadMap According to me there are few things which could be improved/ added in the app to provide an even better user experience and engagement. • Search feature similar to buzz and books section should be provided for news section as well so that the users can directly search for related content instead of going through categories and then manually searching. • A small description about the Author should also be shown on book details page so that the User gains credibility before buying a book thereby improving the conversion rate. • The books should be tagged to specific categories like Biography, Politics, Religion , etc. which makes it easier to select and search. • Searching on the basis of genres and authors should also be provided. • Fast forward/ back when watching video (as in YouTube app) because sometimes it gets difficult to navigate on small screens.
  14. 14. Thank You