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Sales Email Hacks for Gmail and Salesforce


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Sales Email Hacks for Gmail and Salesforce

  1. 1. About  me:  I  save  bad  outreaches
  2. 2. The  Problem First  7me  outreach  response  is  plumme7ng
  3. 3. Who  is  sharing  my  walk  in  the   woods  today? Poll
  4. 4. 5 Stages of an email Received Viewed Read Enticed Impact
  5. 5. Email stage: Received Received is about having good data When missing emails, use Capture to autofill
  6. 6. Email stage:Viewed
  7. 7. Email stage:Viewed TO:                      example-­‐spam@checker.com   Subject:    TEST  +  (your  subject)      (i.e.)    TEST  Contact  info  for  Donato  @  RingLead Your  TOTAL  SPAM  SCORE  for  your  e-­‐mail  was  0.2.   How  To  Interpret  Your  Score:  The  higher  the  score,  the  more  likely  the  e-­‐mail  will  be  considered   spam  by  ISPs,  which  means  the  more  likely  it  is  to  get  filtered.    Levels...   0.0  -­‐  4.5  -­‐  nice  and  clean,  no  problems  except  7ny  ones  below;  no  ac7on  required   4.6  -­‐  7.0  -­‐  the  strictest  may  object;  clean  up  the  easy-­‐to-­‐find  issues  (below)   7.1  -­‐  10.0  -­‐  ge[ng  into  dangerous  territory;  clean  up  any  big  issues  and  the  easy-­‐to-­‐find  smaller  ones   10.1  -­‐  13.0    likely  over  ISP  limits;  requires  good  review  and  cleaning  up   13.1+  major  problems;  overhaul  needed  -­‐-­‐  systema7cally  clean,  point  by  point  and  then  re-­‐test  (this   may  require  two  or  three  checks).   In  order  of  importance,  here  are  the  mistakes  that  we  found  in  your  e-­‐mail...   (0.1  points)  BODY:  HTML  link  text  says  "click  here"   (0.1  points)  An  exceedingly  large  amount  of  HTML  coding  is  oaen  used  to  disguise  common  spam   phrases.  Consider  reworking  slightly.     (0.0  points)  BODY:  HTML  included  in  message   (0.0  points)  Asks  you  to  click  below
  8. 8. The email squint test Email stage: Read
  9. 9. 1  of  4 Dear Sir, I am Mr. Fred Allen, Director of Project ,Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC. I am making this contact with you based on the need for an individual/company who could assist and back us up in a business transaction.We have an amount of money which represents the balance of a total contract Value executed on behalf of the Department of mineral resources and Energy by a foreign contracting firm, which we the officials over- invoiced deliberately. The actual contract sum has been paid to original contractors who originally executed the project and the contract commissioned on behalf of the petroleum ministry. We want to use your channel to move the over-invoiced amount to a separate account in your region.We are confident that you will work with us, this is why this information is here made known to you as we appreciate your kind gesture by not disclosing detail to any third party.To continue discussion on this matter , email, your full names , address and telephone numbers. I will provide you with more information .Best Regards,Fred Allen.NNPC ,Port Harcourt.
  10. 10. 2  of  4 Dear Donato Diorio, I hope you are fine.As an introduction, I am XXXXX,AVP(Software Sales – Europe ,Asia Pacific) with XXXXX Technologies. Indusa Technologies is a global organization headquartered in Illinois USA with branches and sales offices in major cities in USA and offshore software development centre located in Ahmedabad, India. I would like to know if there could be opportunities where we could work together and be your IT Solutions partner. Please advise if this is something that you would like to consider. Please find below a detailed profile of Indusa Technologies for your reference. 1. 18+Years of Industry experience as a premier software vendor and solutions provider 2. SEI CMM Level 4, ISO 9000:2001, 27001 Certified Software Development & IT Consulting Company 3. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Sun Associate Partner, Oracle Partner & IBM Partner World Member 4. 350+ skilled IT talent pool consisting of domain experts , techno commercial profiles , popular technology evangelists , niche technology consultants 5. Some of the distinguished names in our client list are CISCO , Capegemini , Deloitte , HP , IBM , ORACLE , Merrill Lynch , Kellogs 6. In-depth and Skilled Expertise available at competitive rates of 16-18 USD per hour Hence it would be great if you can indicate a date and time when we can discuss your requirements elaborately and take quick next steps in fulfilling them and adding value to your organization Warm Regards XXXXX.K.Sen AVP - Software Sales bbbbbbbg@uuuuuusa.com Mobile : +91 9555555555 Skype : XXXXXX
  11. 11. Donato, I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is (or is not) a need for a more cost effective conference call service. Could you please help me by pointing me to the best person there for this short discussion? I will call you to follow up shortly. Thank you for your help. Tony Smith Managing Director 925-784-1835 Tony@choicesystems.com www.choicesystems.com Guaranteed Lowest Pricing! 3  of  4
  12. 12. 4  of  4 Dear Donato, My name is NNNNN and I am responsible for our organization’s business development initiatives in the US. Nous has been successfully assisting several solution providers like yours in the areas of Application Development, Maintenance, Migration, and IndependentValidation &Verification. At Nous, we have a dedicated team of developers, with quality expertise in developing industry standard Recruitment software for our customers in the US, in the following areas: 1. Multi location and Multi lingual 2. Interface that can be customized based on users needs 3. End to End Contact management 4. Application wide Free text search 5. Organizer capability 6. Automated CV reader 7. Extensive and Customizable reports 8. Web based and Desktop based software Through our customer oriented business models, we ensure that our clients can save the costs related to IT.This enables you to have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your products, and hence you can focus on your core activities and client acquisitions. Nous would work as an extended engineering arm for your organization in the product/application development, maintenance, testing and remote support space. I would appreciate if we could have a short call or a meeting which would help us to put things in perspective and share couple of our client successes with you.This would also help us to give you a brief about our company and discuss the industry pain points with you. Look forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards, NNNNN XXXXX Business Development Web: www.XXXXXXXsystems.com
  13. 13. Which email was NOT spam? 
 A. #1 B. #2
 C. #3
 D. #4
  14. 14. •Is your email interesting? •Are you targeting the right demographic •Did you segment your messaging? •Does it assert influence? Email stage: Entice
  15. 15. •Activity is not a success factor •Sales qualified: yes •Marketing qualified: yes •Open rates: No •Built off metrics •Track it over the long term •Must be measured, not assumed •Numbers go in reports, not explanations Email stage: Impact
  16. 16. Do  you  take  7me  to  (1)  craa,  (2)   A/B  test  (3)  score  and  (4)  peer   review  your  standard  outreach? Poll
  17. 17. The  BIG  Idea •90%  of  1st  Ome  VM  are  never  returned   •95%  of  cold  emails  are  never  read   •You  must  be  good  at  voicemail  &  email  outreach   •It  can  be  measurable,coached,  improved Email  &  Voicemail  is  here  to  stay “the glengarry leads”
  18. 18. Reality Check It’s  about  a  decision  point.    You  can’t  conOnue  to   fail  at  an  essenOal  part  of  the  recruiOng  process 1st place: Cadillac 2nd place: Steak knives 3rd place: your fired
  19. 19. Email  Lab
  20. 20. Email writing shorthand Allows  for  a  more  dynamic  emails   Makes  peer  review  easier   Quicker  to  modify   Not  boring.    Allow  for  many  factors  in  creaOvity  
  21. 21. The  Instruc7ons
  22. 22. Outreach  test:  Instruc7ons In  front  of  you  is  a  ficOonal  Dossier  on  a  prospect.  You  have  5   minutes  to  review  it.    At  the  end  of  the  5  minutes  send  me  an  email   and  call  my  line  and  leave  me  a  voicemail  as  if  I  am  that  person.     Assume  all  content  is  from  today.    You  only  get  one  try. 1:1  mee7ng  with  each  person   Do  not  give  advanced  no7ce  for  the  test   Do  not  do  it  in  a  group  (favors  people  who  are  last)   Measure  all  people  as  quickly  as  possible     Give  wriden  instruc7ons:
  23. 23. The  Recording
  24. 24. Why  record  it?   Don’t  get  caught  into  “I  did  say”  or  “did  not   say”  something.      Audio  doesn’t  lie.   Remember:  we  want  a  real  world   simula7on   You  will  need  the  recording  for  “The   Mee7ng” Outreach  test:  The  Capture
  25. 25. The  Dossier
  26. 26. Tossing  a  football  back  and  forth   does  not  prepare  you  to  take  a  hit We  need  a  real  world  test
  27. 27. Prospect’s  Bio
  28. 28. Company
  29. 29. Bill went to Penn State
  30. 30. Wikipedia
  31. 31. News
  32. 32. The  Measure
  33. 33. The Eight C’s •Clear   •Concise   •ConversaOonal     •Credible   •Cadence    (voicemail)   •Consistent   •Customized     •Compelling  
  34. 34. The Coaching / Pitch Meeting
  35. 35. •ConvenOonal  wisdom  for  peer  influencers  is   a  myth.      Leveraging  a  second  point  of   contact  into  an  organizaOon  does  not  double   your  success.   •It  triples  your  success   •Each  addiOonal  point  of  contact  mulOples   your  chances  by  3.    Having  and  leveraging  3   points  of  contact  in  an  organizaOon  yields  a   9X  success  factor Peer  influence  myths  vs.  metrics
  36. 36. Think:  Have  you  been  more  likely   to  return  an  email/call  if   someone  has  “done  their   homework”  and  displays  a   knowledge  about  you,  your   interests,  your  peers  and  your   Poll
  37. 37. 4  Spheres  of  Influence Contact
 venues: Peer
 influence: Industry
 knowledge: Prospect
 knowledge: # 1 2 3 4 affect 1 2 3 4 # 1 2 3 4 affect 1 16 24 ? percenOle 20 40 60 80 100 affect 2 4 6 8 10 percenOle 20 40 60 80 100 affect 2 4 6 8 10
  38. 38. Phone  call +1 AddiOonal  contact  venues,  each +1 Prospect  knowledge  or  Industry  knowledge 0-­‐10 SOcky 0-­‐5 Leave  contact  informaOon  2x 0-­‐2 Peer  influencers,  leveraged  (minimum  2) x8 Clear 0-­‐8 Concise  (within  Ome  limit)                               0-­‐8 ConversaOonal 0-­‐4 Credible 0-­‐4 Cadence 0-­‐4 Consistent 0-­‐4 Customized 0-­‐4 Compelling 0-­‐4 Passion   0-­‐15 Fillers,    er,  um,  ahh,  your  know -­‐5  per Weakeners:    “I’m  just”,  “I  wanted” -­‐5  per 40 15 Max 100 Outreach  score  sheet:   24 17 4 Score
  39. 39. Outreach  effec7veness: Captures   aden7on   (Shock  and  Awe) Mul7ple   touches Message   quality Impact   messaging Random   success Without  a  mulOple  touches   you  do  not  moOvate  people   to  act  by  building  your  brand   and  messaging Brand   failure Without  a   message  quality   you  don’t  get  a   second  chance   and  do  a   disservice  to  your   brand Your  message  can   be  tremendous...   but  if  it  is  never   captures  their   anenOon  it  is  “lost   in  the  ocean”  of   outreaches Lost  in   the  ocean
  40. 40. Outreach  Measure Minimum  
 competency Average   outreach Standard
 scripts SOI
  41. 41. Why  sales  missed  this... • No  measurement  on  outreach   data  points   • No  scoring  on  outreach   • No  metrics  on  outreach  process   • No  standardiza7on  on  outreach   messaging   • No  coaching  system  on  outreach
  42. 42. hnp://ringlead.com/Capture