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  1. 1. CollectiveIntelligence: EnhancingResults,EnrichingLives®
  2. 2. TIGER 21 is North America’s premier peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth investors. TIGER 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century) is the premier peer-to-peer learning network for high net worth investors. TIGER 21’s 225 Members collectively manage approximately $20 billion in investable assets. Members are entrepreneurs, CEOs, inventors and top executives with backgrounds in financial services, real estate, industrial and consumer goods, legal services, entertainment and medicine. The TIGER 21 experience centers on improving the Members’ investment acumen through critique and coaching, as well as exploring common issues of wealth preservation, estate planning and family dynamics.
  3. 3. Our success is built upon our Members’ willingness to share their best thinking, experience, curiosity, and integrity with their fellow Group Members, as well as the entire TIGER 21 community. The core of the TIGER 21 experience is the Group meetings, which consist of 10-15 Members. They are completely confidential and managed by professional facilitators. TIGER 21 meetings provide a unique forum for candid discussions and peer-to- peer relationships among individuals facing similar challenges and opportunities in managing their wealth. Members, who have risen to exceptional heights within corporations or as entrepreneurs and have built and sold successful businesses, join TIGER 21 because they recognize these same business skills do not always translate into successfully managing one’s personal assets. The range of expertise and investment styles among Members, shared in a confidential and intimate environment of trust and transparency, offers Members unique insights and immeasurable value not found anywhere else. Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 is headquartered in New York City and has groups in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Palm Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tysons Corner, VA, and Washington, DC as well as Canadian groups in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.
  4. 4. TIGER 21 is a unique community of wealth creators. Each Group is defined by its Members, who are diverse in terms of age, prior business experience, and net worth. All have been successful in their chosen fields and have a minimum of $10 million in assets to invest. Our Members come from all segments of industry: some are entrepreneurs who have created, built and sold their own businesses. Others are Wall Street executives, CEOs of major companies, and real estate investors. Some find value in TIGER 21 while continuing to be immersed in their jobs, while others have exited their careers and are managing their wealth full time. The TIGER 21 Group environment provides a safe, confidential, no-pitch environment for Members to explore ideas without feeling exposed or sold. The dialogue is confidential, vigorous, candid, helpful and fun. Through their Groups, TIGER 21 Members have access to a unique community of individuals who have thought about, been exposed to, or experienced similar issues and circumstances. TIGER 21 is not for everyone. Members must be willing to invest their time and be open and honest in their Groups. The benefits accrue over months and years through unbiased, knowledgeable, insightful advice from high-net-worth people in comparable situations.
  5. 5. Collective Intelligence® Share market insights and discuss how others are allocating assets in response to market conditions “The value of TIGER 21 is access -- access to the best minds and opportunities in the financial world and to a smart and accomplished membership base. Through TIGER 21, I’ve had a leading chief investment officer critique my portfolio, a highly successful entrepreneur share with me his approach to investing in businesses, and a sounding board of smart and accomplished Members share their best investments and horror stories with me. You can’t get that elsewhere.” – SOCIAL MEDIA ENTREPRENEUR Peer Community Build trusted relationships with others who’ve dealt with similar issues “One of the great things about joining TIGER 21 has been interacting with people who are in the same boat I’m in. It is comforting to be able to talk about my fears with peers who weren’t trying to sell me anything. My TIGER 21 group is the only place where I can be completely open about my wealth and how I am investing it. The Members of my group truly care about one another and exchange feedback – but not judgment – on many personal and financial topics. I truly look forward to our monthly meetings.” – ENTREPRENEUR Risk Management Identify and reduce portfolio risk to preserve wealth “The portfolio defense process has forced me to develop my own investment approach to the point where I have a long-term written investment policy, which guides all of my investment activity. Having a plan I am comfortable with has simplified an area of my life where I was wasting a huge amount of time dealing with uncertainty and complexity. It’s very helpful to have frank discussions about investments, advisors and other issues with a group of people you know well who are smart, have your best interest at heart but have no financial stake in what you decide. I find that I often learn the most from hearing about mistakes others have made – we are all very comfortable telling the group what we did wrong and why.” – RETIRED HEDGE FUND MANAGER
  6. 6. Investments Meet innovative asset managers, share strategies and deal flow, and access favorable investments “I told myself in joining that if TIGER 21 could provide me with one investment insight a year, it would pay for itself. I’m already years ahead. This has become the place for me to exchange moneymaking ideas. Our group meetings have an atmosphere of openness and camaraderie, very conducive to honest analysis and revealing dialogue. Members inject their unique experiences and expertise into each discussion. Their idea generation and analytical firepower is impressive.” – INVESTMENT MANAGER AND PRIVATE INVESTOR Legacy Integrate timely opportunities in estate planning and philanthropy into a long-term plan “The Members of my group genuinely like and trust one another. As a result, we feel very comfortable sharing sensitive information and discussing our personal dilemmas. I have also received some very caring and insightful advice from other Members regarding my family dynamics and estate planning questions that I simply would never have received from a paid ‘wealth advisor.’” – ENTREPRENEUR AND PRIVATE INVESTOR The TIGER 21 experience provides Members with access to their specific Group meetings as well as the chance to visit other TIGER 21 Groups across North America. Additionally, Members benefit from headliner presentations, unique social events, and exclusive access to luxury partner offerings. TIGER 21 DEFINES ITS CORE DELIVERABLES TO ITS MEMBERS AS: • High-energy, confidential, peer-to-peer group meetings • Diverse opportunities to improve investment acumen • Access to a unique community of peers • Headliner events featuring the best and brightest speakers • Conference calls with prominent business leaders, philanthropists and financial professionals • An annual conference held at a world-class resort • TIGER 21 private-member website providing extensive content • Special member-focused social events • Access to Magnolia Lifestyle + Benefits
  7. 7. TIGER 21 began recruiting in Chicago in December 2013, and already there are ten Members and many candidates who are considering membership. Members and Candidates come from a wide range of backgrounds including energy, real estate, trading, government contracting, and consumer products. Richard D. Harig, Chair of Chicago TIGER 21 is the founder of Legacy Resources, a financial and legacy planning firm specializing in the artful blending of financial and estate design with the challenges of living a legacy, and leaving one of significance. Rick’s journey to this unique niche began during his years in Austria. Following his employ with Boise Cascade, Rick enrolled at the University of Vienna, and gave tours of Central Europe to support himself. He was a guide and scout then; he’s still one, now. In 1994, Rick recognized a gap in the wealth advisory industry and created a new category of advisor called The Legacy Strategist™. This is a professional, schooled in the art and science of financial planning, who assists clients in the survey of their lives, and with the search for legacy clues to the larger purpose for themselves and their resources. In 2002, a client and TIGER member introduced Rick to TIGER 21. His presentation expanded the wealth conversation beyond investments, taxes, and cash flow, to that of meaning, impact, and legacy. Since then, Rick has invested himself in many lives. He looks forward to assisting TIGER members in the next leg of their journey. For some, the next leg calls for growing or acquiring a business or expanding their philanthropies. As a strategist, Rick has responded to both needs for creating a larger future, in order to live a larger life. From 2007 through 2012, Rick led a business development effort for a hedge fund manager in the family office space, dramatically increasing the assets under management. If you would like to learn more about TIGER 21, please email or call Rick at: RICK HARIG Email: rick.harig@tiger21.com Phone: (847) 509-9868