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  1. 1. Unit 1A.4 Multimedia Technology and Consumption: Research project
  2. 2. Nowadays interactivity is used a lot through apps like Snapchat, Instagram andYouTube. You have your own custom profile and you can upload your own content.An advantage of this is you can write or post about your day and go back to it in a couple years. Personalisation is more common an example is Netflix it recommends what you should watch from what you've watch already and it looks at what type of films/series you would like.An advantage of this is you can watch something you like quickly from suggestions so you don't struggle browsing. Also connectivity is better nowadays since you can talk to someone usingWhatsApp or Skype from across the country. An advantage of this is it is faster and easier to talk to your family or friends. Finally convergence is different is because now you have a camera in your phone so you don't need to buy a camera you could just use your phone.Another example is you don't need a mp3 player anymore because you can listen to music on your phone. an advantage of this is you can save money buy just getting a phone and its easier. A disadvantage is mp3 players or cameras will not be needed anymore.
  3. 3. Interviews What device do you use? 1.Phone laptop IPad 2. Phone computer ps4 tablet Apps/features? 1.Facebook Instagram SnapchatYouTube sound cloud 2.YouTube Instagram SnapchatWhatsApp How often? 1.Daily 2.Daily How important is technology to them? 1.Its very important because it lets me keep in touch with people 2. its very important for socializing and keeping in touch Is digital technology good or bad for them? 1.Good 2. Good
  4. 4. Immediacy -The condition or quality of being immediate. An example is the immediacy of live Television converge.The advantage of immediacy is you can get it straight away but the disadvantage is its about the connection or it could be slow. Convenience -This is being able to proceed something easily. an example is the phones made our life's more convenient. Advantage of this is it makes our life's easier and simple. a disadvantage of this is we may rely on it too much. Access -The access is the ability communicate with people also access to data. An example is Skype I can talk to my friend with out going out. the advantage of this is I have access to talk to my friend on the phone with out going to him/her. disadvantage is you have to charge the device. Portability - is being able to use a device where ever you go. An example is I took my tablet to Paris and used it there. Advantage of this is you can take your device anywhere you want. disadvantage is you have to charge it if it runs out of charge. Connectivity -The ability of the social media to let people explore different activities and platforms. an example is Facebook gives us connectivity with millions of people world wide. Advantage of is you can connect with millions of people. disadvantage is random people you don't know can find you. Definitions