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O futuro da caixa de entrada: como consumidores, profissionais e empresas estão usando ferramentas que transformam a caixa de entrada. Saiba quais são essas ferramentas, e descubra as 3 coisas que podem ajudar sua empresa a se beneficiar e se preparar para o inbox do futuro!

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  • THE INBOX OF THE FUTURE IS DIFFERENTHow users are changing emailand what it means to your business
  • Long ago the inbox was where people went to read and send email.That was a long, long, long time ago…
  • That was a long, long, long time ago… some of you might remember when that was.
  • Today people want morefrom the inbox...
  • Tomorrow’s inbox will create order from chaos by turning its contents into tools
  • Consumers, professionals, and businesses are already using tools to change the inbox.
  • Consumers are changing the inbox of the future into…a shopping engine
  • Consumers are using [mo.b]to track their packagesand track their spending Description:mo.barranges your emails into a searchable catalog of purchases, analyzes your spending, tracks shipments, and protects your privacy by providing a @motleyb.com email to use instead of your personal address.
  • Consumers are using Slice to find out when prices fall and products get recalledDescription:Slice sorts your purchases, tracks shipments, organizes your receipts, tells you when prices drop for products you buy, and alerts you to product recalls
  • Consumers are changing the inbox of the future into…a privacy shield
  • Consumers are usingBurn Note to send self-destructing emailsDescription:Burn Note sends self-destructing emails that automatically delete after a set timeframe, can’t be copied – even with screenshot
  • Consumers are using parley to encrypt all of their messagesDescription:Parley allows users to send encrypted emails from their existing accounts, so that even the NSA can’t decode messages
  • Consumers are changing the inbox of the future into…a clutter-free environment
  • Consumers are usingUnsubscriber to easily stop unwanted emailsDescription:Unsubscriber allows users on any platform to mark which emails they don’t want, then Unsubscriber manages every part of the unsubscribe process.
  • Consumers are usingmailstrom to methodically reach Inbox ZeroDescription:Mailstrom learns to sort your mailbox in groups of similar messages, helping you quickly triage your email based on your unique approach to cleaning out the inbox
  • Consumers are usingInbox Pause to controlwhen they get mailDescription:Inbox Pause protects your productivity by keepingemail from distracting you at critical times. Users can suspend all incoming messages and schedule them for delivery when it’s more convenient.
  • Consumers are using Organizer because it automatically sorts their mail by category …Description:Organizer automatically categorizes email in to inbox folders and gives you a daily summary of who sent what
  • … … which is the reason Gmail developed the tabbed inbox, which automatically sorts incoming email
  • Professionals are changing the inbox of the future into…personal assistants
  • Professionals are using tempo to add driving directions, attachments, and attendee profiles to meeting invitationsDescription:Tempo connects your meetings and events to related emails, attendee contact information, and location information. Platforms: iPhone
  • Professionals are using Boomerang to schedule group meetings from a single messageDescription:Boomerang allows users to schedule when they want to send emails; when they should follow up with selected messages, and when they would like reminders about messages – plus it lets
  • Consumers are using Airseed to check-in for their flights without leaving the inboxDescription:Airseed, like Slice and Motley Bunch, helps track package shipments and organizes & analyze purchase histories, but also recognizes flight check-in messages and automates the check-in.
  • Profissionals are using rapportive to add contacts’ social data to their address booksDescription:Rapportive appends social media profiles to your contacts’ information in the address book to build complete records of the people you’re connected to
  • Professionals are using Contactually to remind them how and when to reach out to maintain their relationshipsDescription:Contactually unifies contact information from address books, CRM systems, and social media, and organizes reminders based on profiles (birthdays, business events) to help you reach out to people at important times
  • Professionals are using evercontact to automatically update contact informationDescription:Evercontact scans incoming messages for changes or additions to contact records in your address book or your CRM, and can automatically update records – even retroactively, by parsing archived messages.
  • Businesses are changing the inbox of the future into…CRM Solutions
  • Businesses are using Streak to manage their sales pipelines from the inboxDescription:Streak lets you share and save email conversations with permissioned account owners and managers, maintains status and details of sales relationships – with reporting capabilities, and lets you schedule outbound messages to clients.
  • Businesses are using yesware to see when prospects open messages and update CRM records from the inboxDescription:Yesware connects your Gmail account to your CRM system to allow you to update records from the inbox including who opened your messages, when, and on what device.
  • Businesses are using RelateIQ to see sales communications histories and assign follow up across teamsDescription:RelateIQ integrates communication histories with your clients or prospects, tying Gmail messages, call logs on your iPhone or Android phone, and meeting invitations into a unified record.
  • Businesses are changing the inbox of the future into…customer support systems
  • Businesses are usingSnappy to track who’s responding to support ticketsDescription:Snappy sorts messages related to customer support tickets to show you which ones are waiting for responses, who’s working on live tickets, and what their status is.
  • Businesses are using HelpSpot to run email helpdesks from the inboxDescription:HelpSpot customer support software integrates with existing email systems to allow customer service reps and their managers to handle support queues, responses, and reporting directly from the inbox.
  • As the inbox of the future approaches, three things can help your business make the most of it
  • Knowing who’s in there with youYou compete for attention with everything else in the inbox.The chaos of inbox information won’t go away in the future – all that information will be just under the surface. Just like today, marketing messages will compete against each other for attention, but also against social media updates, news. You need to know who your REAL competition is.
  • Find out:your overlap ratesyour relative list sizeYou can get these today: The percentage of your customers you share with any other sender, and the size of your list compared to other senders
  • Knowing who your customers loveReaching the inbox is not your goal – engaging people is.Customers’ love is fickle. They might choose to read your message instead of your competitor’s, but then ignore both of you when Wal-Mart shows up. If you understand which brands, offers, and approaches inspire your customers to read messages, you can create email marketing that people love.
  • Find out:everyone’s read rateseveryone’s delete-without-reading ratesYou can get these today: The percentage of customers that read your messages – and your competitors’ messages; and the percentage of customers that ignore them.
  • Knowing how to protect yourselfWhen so much about you lands in the inbox, it contains your reputation.Because other channels are becoming part of the inbox, it includes more than your email marketing: Statements, receipts, product reviews, user reviews, advertising… When it also includes fraudulent messages sent under your name, your entire brand is at risk. You can block a high percentage of these criminal attacks. For free.
  • Find out:your authentication statushow to block suspicious messagesYou can get these today: The percentage of customers that read your messages – and your competitors’ messages; and the percentage of customers that ignore them.
  • O Futuro da Caixa de Entrada - Matt Blumberg

    1. 1. O Futuro da Caixa de Entrada Matt Blumberg CEO, Return Path Connections LATAM 2014 March, 12th
    2. 2. O FUTURO DA CAIXA DE ENTRADA É DIFERENTE Como usuários estão mudando o email e o que isso significa para seus negócios
    3. 3. Há muito tempo, as pessoas usavam a caixa de entrada para ler e enviar email.
    4. 4. 2012
    5. 5. Hoje as pessoas querem mais da caixa de entrada...
    6. 6. order from chaos
    7. 7. A caixa de entrada do futuro criará ordem a partir do caos ao converter conteúdo em ferramentas
    8. 8. Consumidores, profissionais e empresas já estão usando ferramentas para mudar a caixa de entrada.
    9. 9. Consumidores estão transformando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… um mecanismo de compras
    10. 10. Consumidores estão usando [mo.b] Para rastrear suas compras e seus gastos
    11. 11. Consumidores estão usando Slice para saber quando preços baixam ou produtos têm recall
    12. 12. Consumidores estão transformando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… um refúgio com privacidade
    13. 13. Consumidores estão usando o Burn Note para enviar emails auto-destrutíveis
    14. 14. Consumidores estão usando o Parley para criptografar todas suas mensagens
    15. 15. Consumidores estão transformando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… um ambiente livre de confusão
    16. 16. Consumidores estão usando o Unsubscriber para não receber mais emails indesejados
    17. 17. Consumidores estão usando mailstrom para metodicamente atingir o Inbox Zero
    18. 18. Consumidores estão usando Inbox Pause para controlar quando querem receber o email
    19. 19. Consumidores estão usando Organizer pois automaticamente busca emails por categoria… Organizer
    20. 20. … o que levou o Gmail a desenvolver as Guias na Caixa de Entrada, que automaticamente organiza emails que chegam
    21. 21. Profissionais estão usando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… assistentes pessoais
    22. 22. Profissionais estão usando tempo para adicionar mapas, anexos e perfil de participantes aos convites de reunião
    23. 23. Profissionais estão usando Boomerang para agendar reuniões de grupos a partir de uma mensagem única
    24. 24. Consumidores estão usando Airseed para fazer check-in em seus voos sem sair da caixa de entrada
    25. 25. Profissionais estão usando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… gerenciadores de contatos
    26. 26. Profissionais estão usando rapportive para adicionar dados de redes sociais dos contatos à seus catálogos de endereço
    27. 27. Profissionais estão usando Contactually como lembrete de quando e como entrar em contato para manter seus relacionamentos
    28. 28. Profissionais estão usando evercontact para atualizar informações de contato automaticamente
    29. 29. Empresas estão usando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… Soluções de CRM
    30. 30. Empresas estão usando Streak para gerenciar seu pipeline de vendas a partir da caixa de entrada
    31. 31. Empresas estão usando yesware para ver quando prospects abrem mensagens e atualizam registros no CRM a partir da caixa de entrada
    32. 32. Empresas estão usando RelateIQ para ver históricos de conversações de vendas e atribuir follow-up a diversas equipes
    33. 33. Empresas estão usando as caixas de entrada do futuro em… sistemas de atendimento ao cliente
    34. 34. Empresas estão usando Snappy para rastrear quem está respondendo aos tickets de suporte
    35. 35. Empresas estão usando HelpSpot para fazer da caixa de entrada um helpdesk
    36. 36. Ao nos aproximarmos da caixa de entrada do futuro, 3 itens podem ajudar sua empresa a extrair o melhor dela
    37. 37. Saiba com quem está dividindo espaço na caixa de entrada Você compete por atenção com TUDO na caixa de entrada.
    38. 38. Descubra: suas taxas de overlap o tamanho relativo de seu mailing
    39. 39. Saiba quem seus consumidores adoram Seu objetivo não é chegar na caixa de entrada, é engajar as pessoas.
    40. 40. Descubra: taxas de leitura de todos taxas de deletar-sem-leitura de todos
    41. 41. Saiba como se proteger Há muito sobre sua empresa na caixa de entrada, inclusive sua reputação.
    42. 42. Descubra: o status de sua autenticação como bloquear mensagens suspeitas
    43. 43. O FUTURO DA CAIXA DE ENTRADA É DIFERENTE Você está preparado?
    44. 44. Obrigado! Matt Blumberg, CEO rpinfo-brazil@returnpath.com +55 11 3740.8300 br.returnpath.com @ReturnPath_BR