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StreetWise 2016 Tips on Staying Safer

  1. STREET SMART PC Alan Bartlett 8860 53 Division Toronto Police Service
  2. Defining Differences Canadian Criminal Code 322. Every one commits theft who ... takes ... anything ... with intent to deprive, temporarily or absolutely, the owner of it, or a person who has a special property or interest in it, of the thing or of his property or interest in it. Canadian Criminal Code 343. Every one commits robbery who steals, and for the purpose of extorting whatever is stolen or to prevent or overcome resistance to the stealing, uses violence or threats of violence to a person or property.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings 
  4. It can happen anywhere On the subway and at subway stations Around bus stations At cash machines In parking lots and garages
  5. TIPS Follow the safest route possible, avoid short cuts and deserted areas. Walk with a purpose, when using a portable audio device, be aware, you may not hear trouble approaching. Avoid flashing cash, electronics or jewellery, keep their use discreet.
  6. A few more… Avoid walking and texting, remain alert to what is happening around you. If you feel you are being followed, make your way to a well lit and populated area. If still being followed, consider the following;
  7. Wanting what you have Those committing thefts and robberies want what you have… they just don’t want to pay for it. Popular items include;
  8. Cash
  9. Jewellery
  10. Clothing
  11. Tablets
  12. Cell phones
  13. STREET SMART Cell phones are more expensive than ever!!!
  14. What do we need our phones for?
  15. Protect Your Cell Physical Protection Case Screen Protector Button covers
  16. Protect Your Cell Intelligent Protection Password / Code Personal Background Insurance Tracking Program
  17. Self Portrait Fail February 2013
  18. Calling The Shots
  19. IMEI Numbers
  20. Reality Check IMEI # International Mobile Equipment Identity Number It’s a unique identification or serial number that all mobile phones and smartphones have. It is normally 15 digits long. You can display the IMEI# by entering *#06# on your device
  21. For Instance
  22. Be safe Your safety is more important than any possession. Never chase or follow a suspect.
  24. BEHAVIOUR OF ROBBERS Most robbers are only interested in obtaining money and not in physically attacking their victims. They often use threats in order to frighten; then they complete the robbery and escape. Their behavior may include: loud, foul and obscene language quiet demands threats with a weapon
  25. COMMON REACTIONS OF VICTIMS  Many of your reactions during a robbery will be automatic. You may not be conscious of what you are doing. Events may seem to be in slow motion. Several minutes may seem like an hour. You may focus exclusively on one or two aspects of what is happening and not notice other events, which are occurring.  These reactions are common:  fear for one's personal safety or the safety of colleagues  helplessness about being unable to do anything  confusion about what to do or how to respond to the robbers' demands  anger at having to surrender money or goods
  26. FEELINGS TO FOLLOW MAY INCLUDE Anger at having to go through a robbery at the robbers because they got away at having to give up cash
  27. CONTINUED Helplessness that you could do nothing during the robbery that you have been victimized
  28. CONTINUED Guilt that you did not behave properly during the robbery that you could have prevented it that you should have remembered details of the robbery Frustration because you could not remember details of the robbery
  29. WHO CAN HELP? CALL THE POLICE Victims often feel that they should be able to cope on their own. Only "weak" people obtain professional help. This is an incorrect assumption. It is important for victims to receive assurance that it is the robbery, not them, which caused their distress. Have someone call the police on your behalf Call a friend and remain in a well lit, populated place until they arrive.
  30. CONTINUED When report to police try to note the following; Description of suspect(s) Direction of travel Time of robbery Any weapons If a vehicle was used, the make, model, plate

Notas do Editor

  1. *Ask Audience* How many people here have cell phones? *Ask Audience* How many people paid for them with their own money? *Ask Audience* How many people pay their own cell phone bill? So really, if someone steals from you, you’re looking at having to afford a new one on your own, or wait til your parents set you up again. Think you’ll get the exact same phone again, if they have to pay full price for it?
  2. Does anyone know the difference between a Theft and a Robbery? *Ask Audience* Theft *CLICK* Robbery *CLICK* It’s important to know the difference between these terms. It means a lot to police, and even more to the person being victimized.
  3. So because you have a cell phone, you could be a target *CLICK*. You could have a nice phone, or not so nice, maybe it just get does the basics, text, calls. Maybe more, Facebook, Pics, Twitter, Video, check check check.
  4. Why is your phone THAT important that ? (*Ask Audience* the question, get responses if you have time, or *CLICK* for chart) To maintain connections To keep peoples BBM’s, phone numbers, emails etc. To remember your schedule It’s all you can afford – can’t buy another one It’s a great device, you like it It’s has all your pics and videos on it Okay, so what are you doing to protect it?
  5. Ways to protect your phone – cause we’ve established, its important, so you should be protecting it. Physical Protection How many people have or know someone who has damaged their phone to the point it couldn’t be used anymore? (bring up instances of dropping in a sink full of dishes, or out of pockets onto concrete etc.) Water damage Breaking Cracking / scratches on the screen Buttons wearing or falling off Once you cover these basics, you can look at
  6. Anyone here own a house? Or a store? Or car? (said in jest) Have you heard of people putting stickers on their doors from security companies, without actually having security from that company? Or people installing little blinking lights in their car to mimic a security system? What do we call this? *Ask Audience* A deterrent. Someone will think twice before committing a crime if there are obvious signs of security or ways for them to get caught. Apply this to your phone. How can you deter a thief? Make sure you have a password or passcode on your phone, and don’t give it out Personalize the background, so it is obviously your phone – some iPhone apps allow you to add a name or email to the lockscreen image, incase you lose your phone or to deter someone from taking it, cause it’d obviously not be theirs with your name on it. Michael B (refering to picture) obviously values his iPhone A LOT with a $5000 reward on it – perhaps just your email would suffice? Get insurance – companies like Bell actually have insurance programs for lost or stolen devices, but you can include your phone in many other insurance policies. Install a tracking program, it uses the GPS connection in your phone to track its location. This is not precise, but can help in finding your stolen or lost device. These are not available for all devices, check online for options.
  7. The benefits of having a tracking program installed can lead to instances like this ... Just when you thought security cameras were limited to elevators or the TTC, some security programs are using your phones camera and photos to track down thieves. Paragraph reads: A group of thieves are currently being tracked thanks to a Sprint store who had GadgetTrak Mobile Security installed on their demo units. Several phones were stolen from the store on Saturday, but the store managers activated GadgetTrak and were able to start tracking location. In addition to location we were able to pull photos of the suspects from the phone. One image we collected even had a clear image of a temporary trip permit in the back window. Investigators were able to track the location of the phone to an apartment complex and found the car with the trip permit. Busted!
  8. If your phone does get stolen, what will the phone company do? *Ask Audience* Let’s go through the process... You report the phone lost/stolen ASAP, as any call made before reported, you will be charged for. The cell phone company will shutdown your account – phone can’t be used with your account/SIM card, therefore you will not be charged for any usage at that point. Make sure this happens immediately, and doesn’t take time to take effect. When the phone is confirmed stolen, or permanently lost, they will shutdown full function on the phone by blacklisting the IMEI#. This disables the phone from being used with any SIM card from your same network. Did you sign a contract? Whether you replace your phone or not, if you have time left on your contract, you have to pay for that – 2 years at $60/month = $1440 Will you have to buy a new device? If you already have a contract, then you have to pay full price for that device – since you can’t get the sign-up deal (aka. Sign for 3 years, phone is free!) Cell phone companies may negotiate with you, but you are on the hook for remaining months in your contract, and the cost of a new device - potentially hundreds of dollars.
  9. Have you heard of the IMEI #? Anyone know what it is? *Ask Audience* IMEI # International Mobile Equipment Identity Number It’s a unique identification or serial number that mobile phones and smartphones have – like a licence plate for your phone. Every single phone has its own unique number. It is normally 15 digits long. You can display the IMEI# by entering *#06# on your device – or looking at the back, in or around your battery. It’s important because it is used by your network provider to identify your exact device, and can be used to disable your device from ever being used again, by anyone. You can also report your IMEI# to different ‘stolen phone’ directories which are used as a reference by certain companies. (NOTE for Presenter: When is phone is jailbroke, the IMEI is disassociated with it, and thus the phone has no overall defence.)
  10. For instance, this is a site that buys your used mobile devices from you. Nice bonus, if your phone is legit, you can sell it when you want a new one. *CLICK* The check the IMEI# through stolen phone directories, before accepting it.