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Media 7

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Media 7

  1. 1. Preliminary  re+lection  
  2. 2. Planning  Our  planning  improved  a  lot  when  planning  for  our  film  opening  using  a  storyboard   •  It  was  more  detailed   •  It  was  more  thought  through   •  It  was  more  clearer  –  explana<ons  and  sketches     •  We  planned  our  <tles  as  well   •  We  had  a  longer  <me  to  plan   •  We  planned  our  mise  en  scene    
  3. 3. Prelim  Story  board  vs  +ilm  opening  storyboard   When  comparing  the  two,  you  can  see  that  the  opening  film  story  board  is  more  detailed.  Also,   the  sketches  made  us  have  a  more  clearer  image  and  idea  than  just  s<ll  shots  because  you   could  annotate  and  edit  (rubber)  around  them.  We  also  got  to  plan  our  <tles  on  our  film   opening  story  board  which  we  didn’t  do  with  our  prelim  story  board.  
  4. 4. Mise  En  scene  •  When  making  our  prelim  we  were  limited  when  thinking  about  our  mise  en   scene.  However  when  making  our  film  opening  we  could  use  literally  anything   for  our  mise  en  scene.  We  decided  to  use  the  barbican  center  and  Jurys  inn   hotel  whereas  in  our  prelim  we  only  used  one  simple  loca<on.    
  5. 5. Camera  skills  •  When  making  our  prelim  we  learned  useful  skills  such  as  the  180  degree  rule  when  in   conversa<on  using  match  cuts,  and  the  rule  of  thirds.  My  skills  improved  majorly  because  for   example,  we  had  to  shoot  the  180  degree  rule  scene  about  5<mes  as  we  got  confused  but  with   our  film  opening  we  only  had  to  shoot  it  about  3  <mes  –  and  that  was  because  of  things  like   messing  up  lines  and  performance.  Here  are  some  examples:   This  is  proof  of  our  camera  skills  improvds  as  we   Prelim   done  all  different  types  of  shots  such  as  an  extreme   close  up  ,  close  ups  and  mid-­‐shots  whilst  keeping   the  180  degree  rule  whereas  in  our  prelim  we  only   had  one  type  of  camera  shot  
  6. 6. Camera  skills   •  Here  are  some  exclusive  shots  from  our  film.  Since  we  were  on  many   different  loca<ons  we  could  experiment  more  with  our  camera  shots.   Establishing  shot  with  the  correct   Worms  eye  view  shot  of  feet.  You     rule  of  3rds  framing   Can  also  see  that  we  learned  how   To  use  the  focus,  which  we  didn’t  know   How  to  do  in  our  prelim,  adding  a     more  realis<c/cinema<c  feelto  our   opening.   High  angle  shot  combined  with  a  long  shot   and    an  over  the  shoulder  shot  
  7. 7. Editing   Film  opening   Prelim  Our  edi<ng  was  way  more  advance  when  making  our  film  opening.  This  is  one  example  of  how;    Before,  I  didnt  know  how  to  add  an  actual  produc<on  ident  so  I  had  to  create  my  own  using    Simple  text.  By  using  an  actual  produc<on  ident  it  made  our  film  seem  way  more  realis<c  and    professional  .    When  making  our  prelim  it  was  our  first  <me  using  final  cut  and  soundtrack  pro,  so  when  it  came  t  our  film  Opening  we  were  more  advanced  and  knew  what  specific  sounds  to  add  to  make  it  perfect.    We  added  Foley  sound  in  our  film  opening  which  we  did  not  do  in  our  prelim.  We  also  used    More,  and  beer  sound  effects  to  create  suspense  and  tension.  We  added  effects  such  as  slow    Mo<on  too  –  our  prelim  had  no  special  effects.  
  8. 8. Team  work  •  Our  team  work  improved  massively  a]er  our  prelim.  This  was  because  a]er  the   prelim  everyone  found  out  their  strengths  and  weakness’s  whether  it  was  to  do  with   camera  work,  edi<ng  etc.  Since  everyone  discovered  their  strength  and  weaknesses,   everyone  was  allocated  separate  roles.  This  saved  a  lot  of  <me  so  we  could  make  our   opening  for  our  deadline.  Here  are  some  examples:   Me  and  Emadul’s   strengths  were  working   Javayl’s  was  with  the  ligh<ng   with  the  camera