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Rumble Lights Pitch Deck

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This is the pitch deck for Rumble Lights: Rumble Helmet product.

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Rumble Lights Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Rumble Lights
  2. 2. Retrofit light system that attaches to your OWN helmet to improve visibility. Rumble Lights
  3. 3. Problem worth solving The problem is cyclists' safety and visibility especially under circumstances of poor ambient illumination. The cyclists often communicate their intended direction of travel using conventional hand signals which are not enough to keep them safe. Rumble Lights
  4. 4. Our solution Universal product that can be attached to any bicycle or scooter helmet to increase cyclists visibility and convey better communication with other road users in order to prevent getting into an accident. Rumble Lights
  5. 5. Target market Rumble Lights Prospects 75 Market size Bicycle Commuters Scooter Commuters Security Workers Delivery Cyclists Pedicab Cyclists $1.1B
  6. 6. Competitors How our solution is better Smart Bicycle Helmet Affordable, light weight, and patented Lights on Helmets It has turn signals and brake light Lights on the bike Eye level for better visibility & safety Competitive landscape Rumble Lights
  7. 7. Funding needed Rumble Lights Molds development. Production of the 1st 20K units. Packaging. Shipping. Liability insurance. Safety certifications. Website dev. Marketing. $500K
  8. 8. Sales channels ▪ Online through our website ▪ Online through Amazon ▪ Retail bike shops ▪ Retail chain stores ▪ B2B: bike sharing, insurance, schools... Rumble Lights
  9. 9. Marketing activities ▪ Participation in bicycling events ▪ Participation in CE shows ▪ Digital marketing & online promotion ▪ Influencer marketing ▪ Partnership with bicycle organization Rumble Lights
  10. 10. Financial Projections Rumble Lights
  11. 11. Due Date Milestone August 2, 2019 Receive Prototypes August 9, 2019 Prototypes Testing August 19, 2019 Tooling November 17, 2019 Mass Production December 6, 2019 Products Ready for Pickup Milestones Rumble Lights
  12. 12. Team and Key Roles Rumble Lights Dr. Reem J Alattas Founder & CEO Rob Wilder Global Sourcing Manager