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International case study presentation

This is a comparative study between two international business - Honda and Harley - Davidson Motorcycle Company adapted from the text book: Bed, K. (2006). Quality Management. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

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International case study presentation

  1. 1. • Established in the year 1903 • Monopoly company – after World War II - motorbikes market • Competitor: Honda
  2. 2. • - market share and production • Quality of the product became a secondary consideration • Turnover of inventory 4 times • 1978 – implement the quality circles concepts
  3. 3. • Honda entering the marketing and cutting into its market shares. • Quality of product of Honda was better: manufacture quality motorbikes at a much lesser cost. • 3 reasons for their success: - kaizen, just – in – time, and extensive use of statistical methods to measure quality. • JIT – turning its inventory 20 – 30 times
  4. 4. • Quality of product was not of customers expectation • Employee involvement was less
  5. 5. • Focused on quality • Avoid sending rigid rules and regulations • Increased employee – involvement: employee involvement groups (EIG)
  6. 6. • Harley – Davidson is a full – fledged employee involvement programme • Does not quantify the cost benefits • Financial recovery and manufacturing improvements
  7. 7. • Proper total quality management is important since it contributes majorly to the success of the business. • Employee involvement is another one of the major contributing factors of the success of a company whether big or small.