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Solving the mystery of sourcing in code repositories, dev sites, and tech communities

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We know it's time...
You have a hankering only a dose of Tools, Tips, and Tricks with Dean Da Costa can fix, right?
Sourcing is a sly game, after all.

Information overload, countless hours spent grueling over questionable extensions, finding free tools that are actually useful, and searching for something - anything - that will make your life easier.  

Oh yeah, and finding candidates.  That part is pretty darn important, too.

Lucky for you, we have just what you need.
A secret sourcer, who is (NOT) Dean Da Costa, has offered up 60 minutes of his extremely valuable time.

We're not sure who the fellow in the picture above is...
...but he's got fantastic facial hair, and he promises to show you how to Solve the Mystery of Sourcing in Code Repositories, Dev Sites, and Tech Communities.

At first, we weren't sure if we should carry on without The Master Dean, but this guy seems legit.

He's got a seriously impressive bag of tricks.
And an even more extensive answer book in case you mustache him a question as he guides you through the mysterious underworld of head hunting.

So tell us, are you ready to unveil the secrets (Not) Dean has to share?
Or are you happy sourcing in the dark?  For the rest. of. your. life.

You have to click to get the real down low, but we'll give you one clue:

It actually is Dean Da Costa - we put a cartoon mustache on him.  We're not sure why.

Almost got you, didn't we?

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Solving the mystery of sourcing in code repositories, dev sites, and tech communities

  1. 1. Dean Da Costa I August 13th I 2 pm EST
  2. 2. THE PLAN
  4. 4. Use the bar in your side panel to submit questions.Q&A
  5. 5. WHAT WE COVERED Rockstar https://www.gitrecruit.co/ Rubygems.org http://picdeer.com/ Google groups Github trick Bitbucket trick Stackoverflow NPM Codepen Cocoapods Dev.io